Awake Kate Is Enough S01E04 (NBC)

Awake inter title, via Wikipedia

Awake is a new police procedural drama on NBC, that was initially green lit as a mid-season replacement. The show seems straightforward, but it isn’t because there is a twist. Britten awakes after a traumatic accident that leaves him torn between two realities. In one, his son is alive. In the other, his wife is alive. To differentiate between the two, the filmography is slightly tinged for green and red for the different realities. Jason Isaacs also wears a rubber band that’s either red or green to help him keep track where he is.

The premise is quite interesting, but if I were Britten, I wouldn’t confide in shrinks about what was going on. That’s just a way to get locked up in the loony bin, especially since Britten is a detective. In this episode, Britten and his shrinks wonder why one person could be so different in the two realities. Everyone has got a theory, but if this is an alternate universe, it’s just part of the equation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Rex gets in a fight and ends up hitting Tara, who tried to break things up. A kid borrowed and broke his racket. His dad is called in.

In the other reality, Annie Yang dived into the water from a stateroom. They recovered the body. There was a party on board a fancy yacht. There were lots of underwear models aboard as well. Some tech guys owns the yacht.

Yang was sleeping with the guy Cameron who was engaged to the underwear model.

Britten meets Katie, Rex’s babysitter. Katie is an investment banker working out of NYC.

In the other reality, the dead guy is Charlie Simmons. He had some broken fingers and a safe was cracked.

His ex-girlfriend is Amber, an actress living in Hollywood. Amber is Katie.

Both therapists have different ideas why Kate popped up in reality and in the dream.

Britten’s wife tells him that Kate’s sister died in a freak surfing accident in Mexico.

They question the step-brother. He got cut off when the step-dad died and tried to sue Charlie. That didn’t work out and in the case of Charlie’s death, he stands to inherit some money. It looks suspicious since he doesn’t have an alibi.

Annie had a large amount of prescription drugs in her system. They couldn’t find any evidence of Annie having an affair with her boss. In the papers, her boss’ affair split up his engagement. It looks like someone was trying to make them believe that she was having an affair when she wasn’t.

At her place, Britten finds men’s shaving cream. Inside the case, they find some keys. It’s for a safety deposit box. Inside, they find some research documents. They involve material science, to make silicon chips cheaper. It would have been bad for the company if everyone found this out. Maybe for some financial leverage or something like that.

The wine on Kate’s dress was laced with benzodiazapan, the drug found in Annie’s system. It was splashed on her dress by the other partner in the company, Darren.

Cameron tells Britten the plan that Darren had hatched to get rid of Annie. Darren gets arrested in the red reality.

The surveillance footage catches Kate’s car arriving and leaving after the murder. They question her. This is in the green reality, where she’s drug addict. She gave the code to some guy named Liam to get the cash because she wanted a hit.

Kate credits her mom with helping her out when her sister died and she was ready to give up on life.

Rex was annoyed with his friend because the racket belonged to his mom.

* * * * *

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