My Daily Tweets 03-25-12

  • 2m 45-Foot-Long Paper Airplane Needed a Helicopter to be Launched
  • 4m Robot USB Hub: No Transformer But Still Cooler than Yours
  • 16m Mad Men 8-Bit YouTube Game: NintenDo-nDraper
  • 18m Space Timeders iOS Clock App and Game: Shoot Some Aliens in Bed
  • 3h Definitely just spilled make up in my coffee. Mmmmm, tastes likes pretty.
  • 10h It’s unfortunate we don’t recognize how innovative Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow from GI Joe were. They were wearing Vibram 5 Fingers 25 yrs ago
  • 9h Spain prostitution ring tattooed women with bar codes (via @acervus) Ugh.
  • 5h I’ll sleep when I’m dead. sleep is for the weak
  • 28m @yiiee I eat them all the time at a Vietnamese place near my house. They are very tasty
  • 3h @asimone mediocre work of nihilism. the worst kind.
  • 3h The Muppets: bad film or great work of nihilism?
  • 24 Mar I live n a country where a chick that threw flour on Kim Kardashian was arrested on site But the man who KILLED Trayvon Martin is still free
  • 13h I’ve squashed so many wasps with my post-it. Somewhere, down the bathroom sink, a wasp colony is sacrificing pathogens to pacify me.
  • 13h In God we trust
  • 13h Taking my own advice and listening to some German horspiele #TKKG. Brings back memories of Deutschland
  • 13h Was walking Spike when I realized that I had forgotten My keys. Thankfully I came back in time to get them
  • 13h THE HUNGER GAMES raked in $155 million in its debut, breaking the record for non-sequels. Hooray, books! (
  • 13h More species should have gotten together and voted for the mandatory use of pants.
  • 13h Same building at night
  • 14h “No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”
  • 16h #BestChildhoodMemory Falling asleep on the couch, And then magically waking up in your bed.
  • 14h @CatherineShu but it’s going to air in about 10 hours, so just go to bed and when you wake up you’ll be good.
  • 15h Yoda has taken Spike’s place and she’s sleeping next to me
  • 15h @lindymei holy crap
  • 25 Mar Calling 1(781) 452-4077 will actually put you through to the Hogwarts Hotline, where you can learn more information about the school.
  • 25 Mar Anatidaephobia is the fear, that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.
  • 15h Spike is having a super-wank #LifewithaFrenche
  • 16h I also need to block the drawers of my Jonas desk now, bc the cat can open them by herself. She manages to get both open. WTF.
  • 16h I towel dry him for a couple of minutes and he’s ready to go. Important to do that before you leave the bathroom, or he’ll just make it wet
  • 16h It’s what I always do. get him wet, lather him up w dog shampoo, let it sit for 10 min while I take my shower. Rinse him out when I’m done.
  • 16h Instead of going to the dog groomer, I once again washed Spike at home. It’s easy bc he’s a small dog. I took him into the shower w me.
  • 17h The #HungerGames was pretty good. The whole time in the arena passed really quickly. Faithful to the book and fun. No vamps included
  • 20h A kick in the balls is above 9000 del (units) of pain which is similar to giving birth to 160 kids & breaking up to 3200 bones at a time.
  • 17h I love this cover to the German edition of Rolling Stone, with Leonard Cohen.
  • 17h Let sleeping dogs lie
  • 18h Teaser for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. Looks devilishly disturbed. Even with Robert Pattinson in the lead.
  • 17h Spike found a good sleeping position in the crook of my knees
  • 17h Here’s a couple posts that I took something away from last week
  • 24 Mar If an employer asked for my password to FB or anywhere else, I’d ask the executives of the company for theirs, or no deal
  • 19h They had fresh spring rolls at the Vietnamese place. Bought 3 packets of 3 just to be sure I wouldn’t run out
  • 19h I’m hungry, time for some Hunger Games.
  • 19h So that Frenchie puppy makes me want to get another Frenchie…
  • 20h Vietnamese place I’m addicted to
  • 20h Hipster He-Man and friends.
  • 20h Building that was half torn down for parking
  • 20h Sunset at the park
  • 20h His name is Didi and he’s from Kaohsiung
  • 20h Spike w a frenchie friend
  • 20h Another day another pic of this building
  • 21h Ok 4 posts down, 12 more to write? More like 16. Time to walk Spike and eat something.
  • 21h My old phone was 5 years old. It lasted a long time.
  • 21h I’ve got one number saved on my new phone and I got it on Friday. Got a spam call a couple of minutes ago. FML
  • 22h Somehow, people that keep posting happy tweets are annoying.
  • 22h Don’t shoot me! #hxppiness via @nevverdaily
  • 22h In the places I grew up, Germany, France and Quebec, guns were rare. I never came across them & the only people who had them were the police
  • 22h There are many other places in the world where this is true, but the US is just so big and there are just so many guns.
  • 22h The problem is too many guns in the hands of stupid people.
  • 22h It’s Woody Allen went about and studied how annoying people can annoy you and put it all into 1 character #MidnightinParis
  • 22h Hipster fashion photos by Jens Ingvarsson
  • 22h Also, Rachel McAdams has got a killer bum #MignightinParis. Her annoying friend was really annoying.
  • 22h I watched half of #MinightinParis and I was a bit annoyed at all of the icons that Gil met when he went back in time.
  • 22h @UnlikelyWords Then what’s tweeting, smearing the walls with feces like a monkey?
  • 22h My Daily Tweets 03-24-12

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