Magnetic Disturbances Sent Massive Solar Wind Earthward


Powerful magnetic disturbances in Sol’s corona have hurled a large burst of charged particles into space on March 4th. The solar storm erupted from the sunspot AR 1429 at 11:13PM and according to NASA, it should hit Earth on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

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Giant Oligocene Kairuku Penguins Stood Nearly Five Feet Tall


Paleontologists have reconstructed a model of the Kairuku penguin that stood almost 4 feet 6 inches in height in what’s now New Zealand. The Kairuku penguin lived approximately 25 million years ago, in the Oligocene epoch, in the Chattian age.

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Jurassic Period Super-Sized Fleas Had Armored Mouthparts to Attack the Thick Hide of Dinosaurs


The primitive ancestors of modern day fleas were built to drain the blood of dinosaurs, more than 150 million years ago, during the Jurassic period. This potential host-parasite relationship was recently uncovered thanks to a set of preserved fossils found in China.

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X-Babies: Before They Were X-Men

I don’t remember the exact issue in which the X-Men became babies, but I seem to remember seeing them as such, for a short while at least. Regardless, illustrator Skottie Young had his own vision of the super-powered tots and redesigned some of the classic X-Men as babies.

x men x babies

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My Daily Tweets 03-04-12

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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel by Gerard Stricher

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My Daily Tweets 03-03-12

  • 5h I will have sex in a car, I will have sex in a bar, I will have sex in a box, I will have sex wearing socks. #theEnd #poem #upstatebitch
  • 10h dave the drummer, cristian varela, chris liberator, marco bailey, usual suspects…
  • 10h Ok, that’s enough hard techno for one night. Have downloaded quite a few new tracks for a set.
  • 10h Liking this track. Part of my new set? Marco Bailey – The Lion (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics] by @marcobailey
  • 10h @RacyZephyr hey I saw chicks shufflin’ w heels, so you’re not allowed to break any ankles while looking hot.
  • 11h @RacyZephyr yep mos def the white ones. If you wear only that and a bikini on the beach, that would rock.
  • 11h @RacyZephyr fan of the white ones.
  • 11h Calvin Harris – Bounce (Instrumental) Prefer the instrumental mix a lot more than the radio edit via @youtube
  • 11h @RacyZephyr that’s hot
  • 12h Second pair of heels in bed!! Love love love 💜💜💜
  • 15h Taking the scooter out again, it’s going to be a fun ride back.
  • 16h That macchiato worked good. Wide awake.
  • 16h Just put on some contacts, I forgot how clear the world seems through them.
  • 16h Saw 2 Japanese dudes discussing personal grooming in the shaving section at the Watson’s nearby.
  • 16h You know that you shouldn’t trust a character who doesn’t use personal pronouns.
  • 16h I like Amy Price-Francis in #King.
  • 16h I need something w a bit of a kick. energy drink didn’t do it, so it’s a macchiato. Going to leave in about 30 min or so, after I walk Spike
  • 16h Seems like a bad idea to drink a macchiato this late, it’s 10:30PM.
  • 17h The other, larger Gucci ones offer a much wider view than these ones. It’s between contacts or the glasses.
  • 17h Feels strange wearing the thinner Gucci glasses that I have. I haven’t worn them in a year or more.
  • 17h Room 18 tonight, I guess it’s time to start w the energy drinks.
  • 17h I’ll put about 12TB of storage in the Drobo, so I’ll have plenty of storage.
  • 17h Ordered a ACD27, bluetooth keyboard, magic trackpad and Drobo. Getting 20% off, which is cool beans. New affordable workstation.
  • 17h Getting sleepy
  • 17h Looking cute.
  • 17h Both pets joined me on the sofa.
  • 17h Spike on a throne of cushions.
  • 18h One Day, One Deliveryman, $40 in Tips (fascinating map showing bike delivery routes)… via @tyahma
  • 18h I still have 8 or so books to finish. I’ve started well this year in books.
  • 18h Then went on to #TheStarsMyDestination. Finished those very quickly. Now back to #SolarisRising anthology.
  • 18h Most of the other Mankell books aren’t as good as #Wallander. I tried 3 and then started reading #DemolishedMan by Alfred Bester.
  • 18h I’ve been trying to find some green geeky glasses for a while. I’ll give it another go. Near Taipei Main station, there are a lot of stores
  • 18h I couldn’t find any other geeky glasses at the optometrist in my neighborhood, might have to head to Taipei to get some super geeky ones.
  • 18h Stuck w my old Gucci ones, they are pretty normal which I don’t like all that much. At least it’s only for a couple of days.
  • 18h Super geeky Gucci glasses are at the optometrist for new lenses, the old ones are all scratched up and they need to be off center
  • 18h @Tortue pensais q cetait une recommendation local. No problemo, je morganise.
  • 3 Mar Reflections… via @BostonUpdate
  • 3 Mar Tornadoes Rip Through the Midwest and South… via @BostonUpdate
  • 3 Mar My Daily Tweets 03-02-12

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My Daily Tweets 03-02-12

  • 2m  Catching up on the 3000 unread items in Greader. 3 days of not opening it have bloated it beyond reason.
  • 4h Pic de chix dans le mirroir, sans la pose sexy et sans le duck face.
  • 2 Mar Le douloureux sentiment de la solitude amoureuse nocturne.
  • 2 Mar I’ve eaten more chocolate and candy in the last 24 hours than anyone should eat, ever.
  • 2 Mar Canon 5D MKIII announced – my thoughts on the camera:
  • 17h Co-worker is back so I can get back to my usual schedule. Was exhausting but made good money
  • 17h @Tortue file moi les infos. Jen Ai de besoin pour la semaine prochaine
  • 17h @andyweak another year or 2. Graduating w a masters in math this year. Starting a doctorate 2 NTU in sept. hoping 2 complete classes by 2013
  • 2 Mar Al right, time to get to work. Not sure what I’m doing tonight after even more work, since even if it’s a make-up day, I can sleep in
  • 2 Mar…
  • 2 Mar If I get about 20 posts written today, that would be swell. I haven’t written any since earlier this week.
  • 2 Mar That leaves me tonight and tomorrow all day to catch up on writing. I have lots of posts to write.
  • 2 Mar And even if tomorrow is a make-up day in Taiwan, I’m only teaching 3hrs instead of 10. Thank God for that.
  • 2 Mar I’m alive again, co-worker is back at work, so I’m no longer working 14 hours a day.
  • 2 Mar My Daily Tweets 02.27.12-03-01-12

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My Daily Tweets 02.27.12-03-01-12

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Survivor One World Is Out the Window S24E03 (CBS)

Survivor One World

This season starts out with two surprises. Well, not really, but two changes to the game. The first thing is that the two tribes will be living in the same camp. The other thing is that it’s men vs women, kind of like on The Apprentice. Good or bad? In my opinion, it’s mostly good. A bunch of women together is a recipe for disaster. They will immediately start bickering, infighting and just making things go wrong. This is what happens with the ladies.

From the beginning of this episode, it looked like the women were heading down the spiral, but they managed to pull off two wins over the boys, allowing them to skip tribal council. Their camp is still in shatters and they continually beg for stuff from the boys without giving anything back, and that’s starting to piss them off. I don’t think that they will continue to give them embers and fire.

In the men’s camp, we finally get to meet some of the characters. I hadn’t realized how stupid Bill was, and this was nicely pointed out by Colton. He’s an imbecile, kind of like Kat. Actually, he’s probably worse because he’s very loud. Matt thought that he had the game under control, but that didn’t last long, as everyone not included in his alliance decided to get rid of him. Even some of his own alliance voted against him.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

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