NASA Makes Earth’s Oceans Look like Van Gogh’s Starry Night


This incredible visualization of the Earth and its oceans was created by the Scientific Visualization Studio at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. It’s called Perpetual Ocean and allows the visualization of the surface of the oceans over a 30-month period, between June 2005 and December 2007.

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Cicadas Might Have Given Rise to a Form of Batesian Mimicry in Citheronia Azteca

Automeris egeus moth displays its eye spots

Periodical invasions of cicadas are common across the eastern United States and giant silk moths (Citheronia azteca) might have evolved to resemble cicadas as a form of Batesian mimicry in order to make them less appealing to predators.

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Mutated Protein Allows Flu’s Lethality in Some Patients


The flu can be lethal in some patients, but benign in others. The reason that this is the way that flu infections work might be the cause of a protein, which might be mutated in patients who are more easily affected by the flu than others.

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My Daily Tweets 03-25-12

  • 2m 45-Foot-Long Paper Airplane Needed a Helicopter to be Launched
  • 4m Robot USB Hub: No Transformer But Still Cooler than Yours
  • 16m Mad Men 8-Bit YouTube Game: NintenDo-nDraper
  • 18m Space Timeders iOS Clock App and Game: Shoot Some Aliens in Bed
  • 3h Definitely just spilled make up in my coffee. Mmmmm, tastes likes pretty.
  • 10h It’s unfortunate we don’t recognize how innovative Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow from GI Joe were. They were wearing Vibram 5 Fingers 25 yrs ago
  • 9h Spain prostitution ring tattooed women with bar codes (via @acervus) Ugh.
  • 5h I’ll sleep when I’m dead. sleep is for the weak
  • 28m @yiiee I eat them all the time at a Vietnamese place near my house. They are very tasty
  • 3h @asimone mediocre work of nihilism. the worst kind.
  • 3h The Muppets: bad film or great work of nihilism?
  • 24 Mar I live n a country where a chick that threw flour on Kim Kardashian was arrested on site But the man who KILLED Trayvon Martin is still free
  • 13h I’ve squashed so many wasps with my post-it. Somewhere, down the bathroom sink, a wasp colony is sacrificing pathogens to pacify me.
  • 13h In God we trust
  • 13h Taking my own advice and listening to some German horspiele #TKKG. Brings back memories of Deutschland
  • 13h Was walking Spike when I realized that I had forgotten My keys. Thankfully I came back in time to get them
  • 13h THE HUNGER GAMES raked in $155 million in its debut, breaking the record for non-sequels. Hooray, books! (
  • 13h More species should have gotten together and voted for the mandatory use of pants.
  • 13h Same building at night
  • 14h “No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”
  • 16h #BestChildhoodMemory Falling asleep on the couch, And then magically waking up in your bed.
  • 14h @CatherineShu but it’s going to air in about 10 hours, so just go to bed and when you wake up you’ll be good.
  • 15h Yoda has taken Spike’s place and she’s sleeping next to me
  • 15h @lindymei holy crap
  • 25 Mar Calling 1(781) 452-4077 will actually put you through to the Hogwarts Hotline, where you can learn more information about the school.
  • 25 Mar Anatidaephobia is the fear, that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.
  • 15h Spike is having a super-wank #LifewithaFrenche
  • 16h I also need to block the drawers of my Jonas desk now, bc the cat can open them by herself. She manages to get both open. WTF.
  • 16h I towel dry him for a couple of minutes and he’s ready to go. Important to do that before you leave the bathroom, or he’ll just make it wet
  • 16h It’s what I always do. get him wet, lather him up w dog shampoo, let it sit for 10 min while I take my shower. Rinse him out when I’m done.
  • 16h Instead of going to the dog groomer, I once again washed Spike at home. It’s easy bc he’s a small dog. I took him into the shower w me.
  • 17h The #HungerGames was pretty good. The whole time in the arena passed really quickly. Faithful to the book and fun. No vamps included
  • 20h A kick in the balls is above 9000 del (units) of pain which is similar to giving birth to 160 kids & breaking up to 3200 bones at a time.
  • 17h I love this cover to the German edition of Rolling Stone, with Leonard Cohen.
  • 17h Let sleeping dogs lie
  • 18h Teaser for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. Looks devilishly disturbed. Even with Robert Pattinson in the lead.
  • 17h Spike found a good sleeping position in the crook of my knees
  • 17h Here’s a couple posts that I took something away from last week
  • 24 Mar If an employer asked for my password to FB or anywhere else, I’d ask the executives of the company for theirs, or no deal
  • 19h They had fresh spring rolls at the Vietnamese place. Bought 3 packets of 3 just to be sure I wouldn’t run out
  • 19h I’m hungry, time for some Hunger Games.
  • 19h So that Frenchie puppy makes me want to get another Frenchie…
  • 20h Vietnamese place I’m addicted to
  • 20h Hipster He-Man and friends.
  • 20h Building that was half torn down for parking
  • 20h Sunset at the park
  • 20h His name is Didi and he’s from Kaohsiung
  • 20h Spike w a frenchie friend
  • 20h Another day another pic of this building
  • 21h Ok 4 posts down, 12 more to write? More like 16. Time to walk Spike and eat something.
  • 21h My old phone was 5 years old. It lasted a long time.
  • 21h I’ve got one number saved on my new phone and I got it on Friday. Got a spam call a couple of minutes ago. FML
  • 22h Somehow, people that keep posting happy tweets are annoying.
  • 22h Don’t shoot me! #hxppiness via @nevverdaily
  • 22h In the places I grew up, Germany, France and Quebec, guns were rare. I never came across them & the only people who had them were the police
  • 22h There are many other places in the world where this is true, but the US is just so big and there are just so many guns.
  • 22h The problem is too many guns in the hands of stupid people.
  • 22h It’s Woody Allen went about and studied how annoying people can annoy you and put it all into 1 character #MidnightinParis
  • 22h Hipster fashion photos by Jens Ingvarsson
  • 22h Also, Rachel McAdams has got a killer bum #MignightinParis. Her annoying friend was really annoying.
  • 22h I watched half of #MinightinParis and I was a bit annoyed at all of the icons that Gil met when he went back in time.
  • 22h @UnlikelyWords Then what’s tweeting, smearing the walls with feces like a monkey?
  • 22h My Daily Tweets 03-24-12

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45-Foot-Long Paper Airplane Needed a Helicopter to be Launched

What’s the biggest paper airplane you’ve launched? I’ve noticed that they tend to get a bit flabby when you use bigger sheets of paper, but that didn’t stop the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, from trying to fly a 45-foot-long paper airplane.

paper airplane helicopter

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Robot USB Hub: No Transformer But Still Cooler than Yours

USB hubs can be slightly boring, especially when you go through them quickly. It’s one of those pieces of hardware that easily breaks down due to either cheap construction, the constant plugging and unplugging of devices, or both. That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun the next time you replace yours. Here’s a Robot USB Hub that might make you chuckle a bit while you plug in your peripherals.

Robot Hub sitting down

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Mad Men 8-Bit YouTube Game: NintenDo-nDraper

This interactive 8-bit-style YouTube game uses the choose-your-own-adventure ethos to prepare you for the next season of Mad Men. It was created by The Fine Brothers with music and animation by pixel artist Doctor Octoroc (Levi Buffum).

interactive mad men game

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Space Timeders iOS Clock App and Game: Shoot Some Aliens in Bed

Space Invaders never seems to get old, as proven by this clock app and game for iOS devices. Space Timeders will let you waste good time before going to bed. The game is fun and the idea is pretty cool.

space timeders

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My Daily Tweets 03-24-12

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Star Wars Continuous-Line Drawings: The Pen is Mightier than the Lightsaber

You’ve probably done doodles with a single continuous line while talking to someone on the phone, but Star Wars geek Sam Hallows took it to a whole other level by crafting these intricate drawings of Star Wars, each with a single line.

sam hallows continuous star wars line

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