My Daily Tweets 04-09-12

  • 3m Embroidered Space Invaders Mouse Pad: Cross-Stitch Invaders
  • 6m Sony SmartWatch: Look Ma, No Hands on My Smartphone
  • 11m Star Wars Easter Eggs: The Eggpire Strikes Back
  • 5h Facebook is terrified of mobile.
  • 5h Google bought video on the web for $1.65B (1.3% of its market cap). Facebook bought photos on mobile for $1B (1% of its market cap).
  • 5h I’m super excited to announce that Instapaper has agreed to be acquired by nobody today, although @Pinboard‘s tweet made me want coffee.
  • 8h Remember this day. 551-day-old Instagram is worth $1 billion. 116-year-old New York Times Co.: $967 million.
  • 7h @lindymei Ive been waiting my whole life for a boy like you 😉
  • 6h let me redo that math. Facebook pays $33/per instagram user. Facebook IPO might value users at $100/per Facebook user. thanks @kfury.
  • 6h right palm and shoulder are hurting a bit from the accident, but nothing major and I’m fine. Freaking narrow lanes in Taipei. Hate them.
  • 6h Even though my #Instagram are already backed up on my iOS devices and my MBP17, think I’ll Instaport them as well.
  • 7h I smell like a 5ft 8in walking, talking Dior fragrance display at Debenhams.
  • 7h Can someone please buy LinkedIn for $1bn and close the bastard down.
  • 7h Entomologists Recreate Colony Collapse Disorder That Affects Bee Populations Worldwide
  • 7h Last week the Zuckerberg’s girlfriend said “Instagram is sorta cool, I guess.”
  • 7h You know what a death rattle sounds like? This:
  • 7h Thanks @instagram for making me want to put my head through a wall
  • 7h Cretaceous Period Sankofa Pyrenaica Fossilized Eggs Are Unusually Shaped
  • 10h I’m not saying she is a slut, but her vagina volunteers a lot.
  • 7h Aw, crap. Now that computers are reading Shakespeare, it’s only a matter of time before Skynet’s self-aware. (
  • 7h @BBCBreaking: Facebook to pay $1bn (£630m) to buy the photo-sharing application Instagram” oh joy. More stupid complexity, bad design etc.
  • 7h @asimone Yeah, but I used the Hefe filter when I typed it out, so we’re cool.
  • 7h I wondered when this would happen. Hopefully a clone will appear that’s not managed by #facebook #instagram
  • 8h I’m weak for neck kissing and lip biting 😉
  • 8h Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion …how long before Facebook ruins it?
  • 8h Just what we need from a social networks merger: Instagrandma
  • 8h should add a $5 fee, and have the best day ever.
  • 8h Il n’empêche : Instagram = 1 milliard de dollars de valeur, 6 employés en tout. #menubestofstockoptions #maxisiouplait
  • 8h Ça y est, l’interface d’Instagram va changer aux six mois.
  • 8h $1 billion for an app that sepia-tones everything. ZUCKY U MAD BRO?
  • 8h Dear Zuck, don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed –
  • 8h Facebook goes into a bar. Then, the bar was ruined.
  • 8h A six-person team bought by an Internet giant. Does that story ever end well?
  • 8h Facebook to pay $1bn (£630m) to buy the photo-sharing application Instagram
  • 8h Facebook is why we can’t have nice things.
  • 8h Hey, look on the bright side, guys. Now, it’ll be easier than ever to get desaturated photos of a sandwich on your “Wall.”
  • 8h Yes, I refuse to use any sort of ‘Log-in with Facebook’ shortcut. I’d rather fill out 8-pages of forms blindfolded than succumb to that shit
  • 8h Well, it looks like it’s time to review Instagram’s privacy policy.
  • 8h Facebook buys instagram. Finally, some news that affects white people.
  • 8h Holy Crap: Techcrunch is reporting that Facebook is buying Instagram for $1 billion.
  • 8h Why does the big blue corporation have to stick its nose into everything that’s good? Piss off, Facebook.
  • 8h Breaking: Facebook to Acquire Instagram for $1 Billion
  • 8h Source on $1 billion price for Instagram + Facebook deal:
  • 8h @lindymei i wouldnt mind getting mine wet too 😛
  • 8h @lindymei really, that’s a new one Lindy
  • 8h A billion dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A free photo app that allows users to apply filters to photos and share them online.
  • 8h Novelists secrete a certain B.O. which only other novelists detect. – Walker Percy
  • 8h I can’t remember the last time I had so much contact with single, available women.
  • 8h Facebook acquired Instagram. The Silicon Valley Post-Empire begins.
  • 8h Instagram has generated $1,814,882 in value every day since its launch 551 days ago. That’s $1,260 per minute.
  • 9h A pile of authors discuss the books they “regularly reread” and “are desperate to unlock the secrets of.” (
  • 8h 0302
  • 10h “More than a thousand false proofs [of Fermat’s Last Theorem] were published between 1908 and 1912 alone”
  • 10h Don’t use Marriot hotels’ sleazy Wi-Fi
  • 12h “Google pageranks our searches by calculating the largest eigenvalue of the largest matrix the world has ever known.
  • 8h Wet square at the park
  • 8h Rain abated. Everything is wet 4/9
  • 11h The eye of the spike
  • 15h Shit hole central here I com
  • 15h Cat is lying next to me making wheezy snoring noises while I watch Paranormal Activity 2. Way to freak me out, Mimsy.
  • 11h Snobby McSnobsters #TheAmazingRace
  • 11h Americans are big on confrontations. Asians are big on avoiding confrontations. #PerfectMatch ?
  • 12h ugh, the rain is really making me drowsy. Time to eat something and relax.
  • 12h “Instead of rarifying a cosmic vision of his own, Erickson takes on the exoteric mysteries of self, home, and family.”
  • 12h was about to quite while I was ahead, but had an idea for another post so I wrote it up.
  • 12h I despise the expression “my heart goes out to xxx” WTF
  • 12h “Stay away from the word depression”: Mike Wallace on the affliction that didn’t kill him. #mikewallace starts 5:00
  • 12h I’ve always learned to quite while I’m ahead. Otherwise, you just get messed up.
  • 13h Slightly more efficient, and I can do it anywhere. Took about 40 min or so to catch up on 2 days worth of feeds.
  • 13h I think I prefer to go through my feeds in Flipboard on iOS devices, star what’s important, then come back home to work on the starred items
  • 13h McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: FDA-Approved Patient Information for Catrecil.: via @AddThis
  • 13h got offered a new class that’s only 2h a week, but close to work and 30% more money. I think I’ll take it.
  • 14h Barbara di Creddo by Gustavo Marx for Cake Magazine via @fashgonerogue
  • 14h Yoda the cat
  • 14h The lanes are too tight in some areas in Taipei.
  • 14h Saw a couple of bad accidents on the roads today. After my fender bender, I took it slower than usual.
  • 14h I caught up on probably 800 unread items in my Greader on my iPhone 4S during a break at work. #GTD
  • 14h @yiiee I had heard about them before, but I was reticent to try them. Some of these books are all the same. But #TheSongofFireandIce is diff
  • 14h @yiiee I also went a bit nutty and read almost everything that George RR Martin wrote in the Song of Fire and Ice.
  • 14h @yiiee I read them in ebook format though.
  • 14h @yiiee I thought the temps of Game of Thrones was too slow, so I started reading the books to find out what was going to happen.
  • 14h @yiiee those books are super thick, especially Storm of Swords. Took me a bit of time to get through them but they were great.
  • 16h @yiiee I started reading the books during the first season of GoT. Breezed through them but it took a couple of weeks
  • 16h Had a tiny fender bender w a bicycle in the shida market area. No one was hurt. Made me more cautious. I don’t like those small lanes
  • 17h Ya une boite ici a Taipei qui veux embaucher une personne (bac+2/3 ca suffit) parlant FR et Arabe. Belle oportunite. PV moi avec mail (+RT!)
  • 16h @lindymei yes for coffee
  • 16h @yiiee @tortue the books are way better but they can take a while to read
  • 16h @yiiee awesome sauce = game of thrones
  • 21h Building 4/9
  • 21h I think I got nabbed again yesterday when I came back from Gongguan.
  • 21h Freaking rain, hate being on the roads while it’s raining. Before I leave, I’ll investigate a suspected speed cam near my house.
  • 22h Je viens de me mettre plein de post-it “Arrete d’utiliser le mot “Mongolien”. Franchement je crains des fois.
  • 21h My Daily Tweets 04-08-12

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