Survivor One World Never Say Die S24E11 (CBS)

Survivor One World

This season starts out with two surprises. Well, not really, but two changes to the game. The first thing is that the two tribes will be living in the same camp. The other thing is that it’s men vs women, kind of like on The Apprentice. Good or bad? In my opinion, it’s mostly good. A bunch of women together is a recipe for disaster. They will immediately start bickering, infighting and just making things go wrong. This is what happens with the ladies.

The shit was supposed to hit the fan, but it didn’t really. Kim goes to a reward challenge and chooses Alyysddfa and Chelsea to go with her, after having promised Kat she’d take her. It makes Kat angry and Troy tries to exploit this, but it’s to no avail. At least Tarzan voted with Troy for this vote. Too bad Christina didn’t vote for herself. Kat voted for Troy, the way her alliance wanted to. Now, it’s going to get interesting. From the previews, it looks like either Sabrina or Kat will be voted out next. This could mean that they are planning on taking Tarzan to the final three.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Tarzan says that he doesn’t want to risk being exposed by aligning himself with Troy. That’s stupid, because he’s probably going to be the next one out.

Kim didn’t want to be a threat this early on, but that’s what’s happening. She thinks that this tribal sealed the deal on the women’s alliance.

The tribe gets tree mail. The clue says that there is a reward and that they will be going away. Kat thinks that she deserves to win and to go. She has some cockamamie plan with Kim.

For the reward, they have to guess what the group says as a whole, which differs from what each member of the tribe things individually. Each time they get one right, they get to chop a cog in a rope of somebody else. I know that neither Tarzan or Troy will be going on this reward. Simple mathematics, because they are playing against the whole group. Once they are eliminated, it will get interesting. The winner will be taken via helicopter to an island where they will enjoy a picnic.

The first question is about who shouldn’t be here anymore. The consensus is that Christina shouldn’t be here. Troy chops Kat, Kim chops Troy and Chelsea hits Tarzan. Christian, Chelsea and Alytha get it right. Christina chops Chelsea, Chelsea hits Troy, and Alyssha finishes Troy off. He’s gone.

Everybody says that Kat needs a wake up call in life. All of the girls get a chop including Tarzan. Kim finishes Tarzan off. Chelsea is out. Everybody thinks that Troyzan is the biggest poser. Sabrina gets a second hit. Kim gets her first hit. Alyssha gets another hit.

Sabrina does the least in camp. Christina and Alyccia knock Kat out. Kim takes Sabrina out. Alyssha and Kim go after Christina. She’s out. Kim wins the challenge. Alyssa is out. Kim chooses Alyttha. She chooses Chelsea. Kat is pissed. Troy says that the top dogs are leaving the island and the bottom dogs are staying here.

This wasn’t a good move by Kim. It was a bit stupid actually, because she left all of the vulnerable people in her alliance on the island. They have fun but Kim regrets it when they are eating.

Back at camp, Kat is venting. Troy is trying to explain the situation to Kat. She’s too stupid to understand what just happened. Sabrina tries to make Kim feel better, then she starts to cry. Sabrina is trying to get stuff out of Troy to know his plan for her alliance.

Kim comes back and Kat doesn’t want to talk about it. Kim forces her. Kat is furious. Kim is trying to smooth ruffled feathers. It’s not really working. In a VT, Kim says that this was probably her one non-strategic move and it blew up in her face.

It starts to rain. There is a wild pig nearby. Alusha wants to stake it so that they can eat it. The tribe gets all excited. They fail miserably at catching it.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They have to slide down a long mat, grab a ring and land it on a hook. First up, it’s Chealsea vs Alyysa. Both of them get lubed up and fail to make it to the ring. Chelsea lands it and Alysaa is out. It’s Kat vs Sabrina. Kat lands it and she moves on. She does a stupid dance.

It’s Tarzan vs Troy. Tarzan takes out Troy. Troy is out so this means that he’s going on. The girls celebrate. It’s Christina vs Kim. Kim takes out Christina easily. She didn’t make it to the end of the mat.

Chelsea takes on Kat. They have to land 2 rings. Chelsea takes out Kat. Chelsea is in the final. Kim lands both rings before Tarzan can launch one. It’s Chelsea vs Kim. Chelsea lands her first. Kim hooks her first and second. Kim wins immunity. It was interesting how decisively she won this.

Back at camp, Kim wants to split the votes between Troy and Christina. This rubs Christina the wrong way.

I handle Christina as one of my special ed students.

Christina talks with Kim, and then later talks with Troy. She tells him to vote for Chelsea. Troy thinks that no one will vote for Chelsea, so he’s got to figure out how they are going to split the vote and vote for that person, hoping that will be enough to tie or to vote the other person off. Christina tells him that they will split the vote on her. Troy needs three people to vote for Christina and then she would be gone.

Kim plans on giving 5 votes to Troy and 2 for Christina.

It’s time for tribal council. Alyssah goes out of her way to hurt Christina’s feelings. The people in the game don’t think that Christina deserves to be here. Alysa continues to peck at Christina. Troy says that Christina is at the bottom of her alliance. Then, they start talking about the reward challenge and Kim’s choice.

Votes to Evict

Aluyysa Troy
Chelsea Troy
Christina Chelsea
Kat Troy
Kim Troy
Sabrina Christina
Tarzan Christina
Troy Christina

Troy is voted out by a 4-3-1 (Troy, Christina, Chelsea)

* * * * *

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28 thoughts on “Survivor One World Never Say Die S24E11 (CBS)”

  1. ha ha, I already know the outcome of this week’s episode because I watched it first before I came over here to comment. I walked in the door just in time for the episode to start.

    As for last week, or this recap, I was sorry to see Troy go. He is the only one making sense out of all of them. The women’s alliance is a snooze fest. All of them trying to be nice to one another until they have to feed on their own and then it will get ugly real fast.

    I don’t have anyone now that I really want to win. I was hoping Troy would stick it out, but that’s not going to happen. I really don’t like any of those women except many Christina, and that’s because she had to endure all of that bullying earlier in the season and she’s still there fighting for survival. I like that.

    1. I agree it’s become a bit of a snooze fest. I don’t like Kim or Chelsea, or any of the other ones left. Kim has got this smug look on her face most of the time, I’m hoping that someone gets rid of her.

      Yeah, it’s too bad Troy got voted out but unlike Terry, in the first season of Survivor, he couldn’t win immunity every time to stay in the game.

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