My Daily Tweets 05-08-12

  • 9m Gravity LCD Watch Concept: The Time is Falling
  • 11m Text-Enabled Espresso Machine Prints Your Number on Foam
  • 9h @sock_girl the cock-juggling thundercunt, that’s the one I hate.
  • 9h @sock_girl Nothing against strippers in general, just one in particular.
  • 9h @sock_girl Just watched a #HannibalKing supercut from #BladeTrinity. Made me want to watch cock juggling thundercunts again.
  • 9h @sock_girl i hate cock-juggling thundercunts like her. And yes, she’s a stripper now for realz.
  • 9h @sock_girl I’ve got a Totoro decal for my MacBook. Haven’t seen #Pompoko in years. Think I might have to again.
  • 9h @sock_girl well, I can think of my stripper whore of an ex, the term probably applies to her.
  • 9h @sock_girl I always wanted to use cock juggling thunder cunt, but never could really.
  • 10h @sock_girl I think u don’t swear enough, thundercunt.
  • 10h We’ve shared a variety of situations, #HouseMD to Chase upon his departure.
  • 10h “It was confusing, perfunctory, a little bit sad, but exactly what I needed” Wilson about his threesome #HouseMD
  • 10h Huge thanks to my 12th grade AP English teacher that taught me how to give a proper blowjob. Teachers rule!
  • 10h If we had a phone, you’d be making calls, downloading porn and playing Angry Birds #HouseMD
  • 11h Je me fiche aussi de vos plan nuptiaux. La pute qui etais mon ex s’est chargee de ca.
  • 11h Je dois dire que desfois je me fiche de voir les photos de vos enfants.
  • 11h Think the dog park people called an ambulance for that drunk that had just lain down nearby.
  • 11h Midnight smoothie coz it’s so hot
  • 11h Zu dem zeige ich noch mein Messer, der Landhai #kloschen #TKKG #dieweisserschmugglerjacht
  • 12h Just got rained on heavily, now it’s doing this
  • 11h Incredibly hot outside, so much that I made myself an orange smoothie=OJ+ice blended
  • 11h Drunk dude just laid down on the ground
  • 12h This is the time of year that I turn into Mr. Freeze
  • 12h Building on a sweltering hot night 5/8
  • 12h 11:30pm and it’s 30C #summer #Taipei
  • 13h Maurice Sendak has died at 83. #RIP
  • 13h RIP Maurice Sendak. “Rumpus! Rumpus! Rumpus!”
  • 15h Hospitals are basically airports for bacteria.
  • 15h Just gave a caramel sundae oral sex & then deep throated a cheese burger.
  • 16h Comparative Planetology, an interview with ( scifi author ) Kim S. Robinson by the incomparable @bldgblog
  • 16h May 8, 2012. Afternoon in Paris. I have microwaved my socks.
  • 14h NYTimes: Maurice Sendak, Children’s Author Who Upended Tradition, Dies at 83
  • 15h NYT NEWS ALERT: Maurice Sendak, Author of ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ Dies at 83
  • 15h RIP, Maurice Sendak. The Wild Rumpus now pauses for a moment of silence.
  • 16h “utopia as a form is not the representation of radical alternatives; it is rather simply the imperative to imagine them.”
  • 16h Girls are worried that they are wasting my minutes. I tell them that I had to pay for about 1.5 years of service in advance so I don’t care.
  • 16h Slow down on the road, not the shower. #tiredtweets
  • 16h Took body gel for shower gel, at least it’s something that I can still use.
  • 16h 2nd shower of the day. Cops everywhere, don’t know why, but it made me slow down.
  • 16h @hungryintaipei Is this at Taipei 101? Did the PageOne move somewhere else or just close?
  • 16h On the way home by scooter
  • 16h Dusk
  • 19h If ‘Glee’ is what happens when we give gay people too much power, then maybe we need to rethink this whole marriage equality thing.
  • 19h This girl doesn’t speak much English and I actually like that coz it will force me to speak mandarin.
  • 19h Managed to schedule a date on Sunday afternoon WTF?
  • 19h @grum: @metao why not? true friends watch Avengers porn together.” Agreed.
  • 20h Pink towers in xinjhuang
  • 20h Girls near my age are laser focused on settling down. Younger girls have trouble figuring out what they want. I’d prefer a middle ground.
  • 20h 2nd floor of this Starbucks has no 3G service
  • 20h A busy intersection in Xinjhuang
  • 20h Cops at all intersections in Taipei and Taipei county
  • 21h I find it ironic when a self-proclaimed “social media networker” refuses to follow anyone on Twitter who aren’t his/her BBFs.
  • 20h @jesswu720 @yiiee cool beans. You’ll have fun
  • 22h My neighbor is sun drying chilies
  • 22h Another hot day in Taipei 5/8
  • 23h My Daily Tweets 05-07-12

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