Survivor One World Perception Is Not Always Reality S24E14 (CBS)

Survivor One World

This season starts out with two surprises. Well, not really, but two changes to the game. The first thing is that the two tribes will be living in the same camp. The other thing is that it’s men vs women, kind of like on The Apprentice. Good or bad? In my opinion, it’s mostly good. A bunch of women together is a recipe for disaster. They will immediately start bickering, infighting and just making things go wrong. This is what happens with the ladies.

I’m sort of annoyed that Kim won, but she definitely outplayed everyone else. By the time the boys realized what was up, it was too late and most of them were gone. I found it really pathetic how some of the survivors were crying during the jury questions. WTF, it’s a game. I can understand Kim’s smug face, but I still disliked her most of the time. It’s strange that no one thought of evicting her when she didn’t have the immunity necklace, even though she had an immunity idol. Anyway, this season was a bit of a wash towards the end. I’m pretty happy that Aliahsa didn’t get far. She’s a real bitch that one.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

It comes to no surprise that Tarzan is gone. The women are jubilating at camp. They are happy.

Alua is going on about how she got rid of Tarzan. Whatever, she didn’t do much. Kim and Sabrina are talking about who to get rid of next. Kim says that Chelsea should go next. Sabrina thinks that Aliiea should go. This is because of the number of votes they will get. It surprised Sabrina. Alia is also thinking about evicting Chelsea. She’s a marked woman.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race across a balance beam maze. Then they will traverse a giant rope net to collect five puzzle bags. Then, they will assemble a puzzle. The puzzle gives clues to some numbers. The numbers will open a combination lock. Christina and Kim are the first ones on the maze. All of them quickly get on. Christina falls off and has to restart. Kim falls off. Chelsea and Aluaca are close to the end. They get onto the net. Sabrina joins them. Aliarsa unties a couple of bags from other people. Chelesa is in the lead. Kim and Alsra follow. Chelsea is still in the lead. Sabrina is in the back as well as Christina.

It’s now between Kim and Chelsea. Kim solves it first. That was impressive. She made up a lot of time. Aliasfa has got her puzzle completed. Kim tries to open her lock but fails. Chelsea finishes her puzzle. Alals goes up and fails. Kim goes back down. So does Aliaia. Chelsea comes up to try. Kim wins immunity. Christina and Sabrina weren’t even in the competition. They were out of it.

Chelsea tries to talk to Kim to get rid of Aliia. Kim’s other option is to take out Chelsea. Chelsea expects her to play the idol for her. Kim isn’t sure. Later, Sabrina says that she talked with Alianisdf and Kim says that she wants Alalisa gone. Kim tells Christina and Alaka that Chelsea is going home.

It’s time for tribal. I hate Kim’s smug face. I hope she doesn’t win, but if she makes it into the final three, she will probably win unless the jury really hates her. Tribal was all about Kim. It’s funny how the other women are letting the others are letting Kim lead the game. It’s a losing strategy.

Votes to Evict

Alaisdfs Chelsea
Chelsea ASajka
Christina Chelsea
Kim Akjwis
Sabrina Adfska

Aliais is voted out by a 3-2 vote.

I gave up my power by voting out Tarzan.
Alaka making no sense

Christina is having a pity party. Nobody at camp cares.

OMG, it’s the stupid tribute part of the show. Fast forwarding now. Why do they always have that fake part?

It’s time for the final immunity challenge. If Kim doesn’t win, they should vote her out but she’s got them all wrapped around her fingers.

They will maneuver a small, wooden bowl through a channel. The structure sits on the spring, which wobbles when it is touched. They have to stack 10 bowls.

Kim has her first bowl through. Chelsea and Christina have their first. Kim has her second. Sabrina stacks her first. Kim has a good lead. Kim drops a bowl. Christina could catch up. Chelsea places her second bowl. Sabrina is falling out. Kim and Kim place their 3rd bowls. Chelsea drops her bowl. Christina’s stack looks more stable. Kim’s is wobbling a lot. Kim and Christina are even up to their eighth bowl. Chelsea is on her 7th. Kim takes the lead. She’s working on her final bowl. Her stack looks like it will topple soon. Christina slowed down. Kim wins the final immunity. She took some risks and it paid off.

So it’s either Chelsea or Christina who are heading home tonight. Kim tells Christina that she’s probably going home. In Kim’s VT, she says that she’s sending Sabrina home.

Tribal is all about how Christina didn’t do much to stay in the game. Kim says that things aren’t always as clear as they seem.

Votes to Evict

Chelsea Christina
Christina Sabrina
Kim Christina
Sabrina Christina

Christina was evicted by a 3-1 vote. Another unsurprising vote.

The next day, Sabrina has a little cry. The three girls have a nice breakfast.

It’s time for the final three to make their statements and answer the questions of the jury. I’m not really impressed by Chelsea’s opening statement. Kim made the best one. No one really cares what Sabrina has got to say.

Jonas asks them for the game-changing move they made. Chelsea says that it was her idea to take out Kat. Jonas asks Kim why she decided to evict Christina. Christina asks her who she would take out. Kim says Chelsea. Christina asks Chelsea why she hates people. Chelsea says that she took her heart of the game. Mike says that Kim was stupid for taking all of the heat of all of the blindsides.

Tarzan talks about his wife. Leif has a cry and talks how hard it was to get evicted. Aliahsa doesn’t make much sense. Troy asks Kim when she made the move to get him out. She says that she got Jonas out. Kat says that they all hurt her badly. Kat talks about her childhood and has a cry. No one cares!

Votes to Win

Alsdkfjsl Kim
Christina Kim
Jay Kim
Jonas Kim
Kat Kim
Leif Sabrina
Mike Kim
Tarzan Kim
Troy Sabrina

Kim is the sole survivor by a 7-2. Chelsea didn’t get any votes.

* * * * *

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24 thoughts on “Survivor One World Perception Is Not Always Reality S24E14 (CBS)”

  1. It’s funny that I don’t even remember who the last winner was on Survivor. It’s been awhile since anyone really stood out as memorable. I think, recently, only Russell Hantz has achieved that recognition.

    So, here it is -another season! I was hoping that guy they voted out would be the first one going home. I’m happy that Russell (not Hantz, but Swan) stayed. I’d like to see him get a real second chance.

    1. I didn’t remember who won Survivor last season either. Too bad that Zane got voted out. His cerebral play backfired. Russell is a disaster. It won’t take long before he implodes or gets voted out. Funny how injury-prone Michael is.

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