Instagram & My 4 KM Night Run

The bridge to infinity

I came home at about 22:30 and on the ride, I wondered what I’d do. When I came home, I decided that I would skip working late and go out for a run. Once I was out, I immediately felt last night’s run in my legs. That’s to be expected. It also was harder than before, and took more effort to keep going. I was hoping to improve my slow pace from yesterday, but I managed to run the same distance in almost exactly the same time. I ran 4 km in 33:31. My average pace was 8:10min/km. Highest BPM was 193 and my average was 157.

Road to nowhere

I felt quite slow. It’s hard to describe, but I have flashbacks of when I used to run every day and it felt a lot faster than what I did tonight. Nevertheless, I soldiered on. I took quite a few breaks as well. It’s the first couple of weeks of training that are always hard. Once you get past those, and make it regular, it gets easier and a lot more fun because you can push yourself to increase your numbers. There’s lots of fun events to take part in in Taipei. I hope to get as fit as possible and see in which I’ll participate. I’m lucky that I have a friend in my neighborhood who also runs.

My first few runs will be alone, but we’ll probably end up going out for runs as well. I’m also thinking about taking my bike out when I have the time. There are plenty of new cycling paths that I haven’t been on around the riverside park. I want to get into Sanchong and Xinjhuang using the bike. They have renovated a lot of the riverside park and there are plenty of new things to see and explore.

Photos were taken with my iPhone 4S in HDR mode then ported over into Instagram.

* * * * *

Lonely underpass


weekly km count: 8
monthly km count: 8
yearly km count: 22.51


weekly km count: 0
monthly km count: 0
yearly km count: 0

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