CommBot Is Your Wi-Fi Extending Robot!

Have you ever gotten annoyed at the range of your Wi-Fi network? There always seems to be a place in your house where Wi-Fi doesn’t really come in all that well. CommBot comes to the rescue, allowing you to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network, in a nice, compact package.

commbot wifi extending robot

CommBot was built by a group of students from Northwestern University, from scratch! This Wi-Fi extending ‘bot is almost entirely made up from billet aluminum. Naturally, being a Wi-Fi extending robot, it makes sense that it’s also controlled via Wi-Fi! It’s controlled via a custom tablet UI on Linux and will deploy Wi-Fi repeater nodes wherever they are needed.

If you’ve got a big property and want CommBot to work for you, then you’ll probably have to get in line, because I’m sure that many people would like this ‘bot to extend their networks!

[via Make:]

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