Survivor Philippines Don’t Be Blinded By the Headlights S25E02 (CBS)

Religious girl isn’t happy that Angie and Malcolm are cuddling for warmth. She wants one of them evicted. Previously, Russ said that he will step back from the leader role because he almost got evicted tonight. Where have I heard that before?

RC discovers the clue in the rice sack in Tandang. She shows it to Abi-Maria, who starts getting paranoid when she sees RC talking with Mike. She has a little hissy fit. RC thinks that Abi-Maria is flaky.

The weather is getting to everyone. It’s raining a lot. Jeff is still nursing a knee injury that he got at the beginning of the game. They play games at Kalabaw, which annoys Penner who just wants to search the camp for the idol. When they leave for the cave to tend the fire, Penner goes bonkers. He finally finds it on top of the rice chest.

Roxy tells Russ that she wants Angie gone because she’s cuddling with Malcolm. She tells Denise. Malcolm notices the strange vibe.

Lisa leaves camp often, and arises suspicion. Her tribe thinks that she is looking for the idol. She has a little cry at the well.

At Matsing, everyone notices that Roxy isn’t doing much at camp. Religious girl freaks out. She prays out loud. Denise thinks that she is speaking in tongues.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Two members from each tribe will pull a sled to collect bundles filled with puzzle pieces. Another pair can go get bundles when one pair returns. The final pair works on the puzzle. A caller helps the two tribemembers solve a giant puzzle.

They are playing for ropes, blankets, pillows and a tarp. The second tribe gets rope and a tarp. Abi-Maria and Dawson sit the challenge out.

Tandang is in the lead. Russ and Angie are last. Tandang is back at the start, followed by Kalabaw. Matsing makes up a lot of time. Lisa is the caller for Tandang. Denise is for Matsing. Tattooed girl calls for Kalabaw. They complete their puzzle first, followed by Tandang. Matsing isn’t far behind. Tandang finishes their 2nd puzzle. Matsing is right behind them. Kalabaw is now working on the third puzzle. Tandang finishes first and wins reward! Kalabaw wins immunity and gets a tarp. Matsing goes back to tribal. Russ has a little freak out right at the challenge.

Russ wants to keep Roxy around because she keeps him informed about what happens in the group. If it weren’t for that, Russ would want her gone because she didn’t do much again. So the target is on Angie. Malcolm is nervous when he sees Roxy and Russ talking.

Russ talks with Denise. She’s in the middle of it but she doesn’t trust Roxy.

It’s time for tribal. Roxy calls Malcolm and Angie out for cuddling. Malcolm talks about mutual warmth.

Cookies would be good!
Angie at tribal

God bless you and shut up.

Votes for Evict

Russ Roxy
Roxy Angie
Denise Roxy
Malcolm Roxy
Angie Roxy

Well, that wasn’t really surprising. The slacker got evicted.

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