Survivor Philippines This Isn’t A We Game S25E03 (CBS)

Russell believes 100% that Angie and Malcolm are a pair.

At Tandang, Abi twisted her knee and doesn’t want to look for the idol with RC. Abi’s paranoia is getting to RC and she leaves her alone after a little tiff. Abi is totally flaky.

Abi tells Peter about the immunity idol. She now wants to find the idol before RC. Pete tells Lisa that they want to get rid of her first. In order for her to stay in, they have to get rid of someone. He wants to get rid of Mike. Lisa accepts his terms.

Dana and Jeff notice that the emblem on top of the rice box is gone. Penner took it. It was the immunity idol. Jeff tells the others that it might have been the idol. Jeff is pissed.

At Matsing, they notice that their raft is gone.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The tribes are on a pontoon in the bay. They have to dive down to release puzzle wheels. They have to collect 8. They need to solve a word puzzle. First tribe to finish gets a fishing kit and a canoe. Second tribe gets a smaller fishing kit.

Immediately, Angie runs intro problems trying to retrieve the first puzzle wheel. Kalabaw is in the lead. Tandang is second. Mike is bleeding from the face. The mask shattered on his way into the water. What a klutz.

RC goes back twice to get other wheels. She goes back for a third. Wow, that girl is hot and in shape. Russell can’t make it down and comes back. Penner is doing well. Russell can barely get up the ladder. Kalabaw can start working on the puzzle. RC comes back with the last piece. Denise goes back for a third time for a piece. Malcolm comes back with the final piece. Everyone is working on the puzzle. Matsing are dead last again.

Matsing is catching up. Kalabaw finishes first and wins immunity as well as reward. Tandang finishes second. Matsing is heading back to tribal once again.

Penner thinks that Jeff is weary of him but he wants him on his side so he confides in him that he’s got the idol and that he found it two days ago.

In my book, unless it’s a manly handshake, it’s not going to count.

Jeff gives Penner a hand, but only a four-fingered hand, which isn’t a real handshake so Jeff can backstab Penner at any time. WTF?

At Tandang, Artis blames Mike for not winning the challenge because he dived with the mask head first into the water, after telling everyone not to do that. Abi and Pete start looking for the idol. Abi finally finds the idol after a couple of tries. She isn’t stupid.

I’m stuck out here with the goon-squad of tribes.

Both Denise and Malcolm can’t believe their shitty luck being stuck in a weak tribe. Angie follows them and tries to salvage her standing in the tribe. They all agree that Russ has got to go. Angie continues to talk Malcolm’s ear off later. Malcolm has talked strategy with Angie but not with Russ so he thinks she should stay. The fact that she’s got boobs, is a cute blonde, probably helps.

It’s time time for tribal. Malcolm is pissed and he tells Jeff. He actually says that it’s heartbreaking. Angie can barely defend herself. She does say that Russell gave up. Russell fights back and attacks Angie, saying that she couldn’t dive down 2 feet.

Votes to Evict

Malcolm Angie
Angie Russ
Russ Angie
Denise Angie

Angie is voted out. At the end of the day, she couldn’t do the challenge and they will have a better chance with Russ, even if he is a total git.

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