Survivor Philippines Create A Little Chaos S25E04 (CBS)

So Matsing voted Angie out unanimously. The Matsing tribe is dwindling away, mostly due to Russell’s incompetence.

The next day, the Matsing three are cold. They can’t restart the fire. At Tandang, they are also suffering. It’s raining a lot. They also try to start a fire but are successful. For some reason, the tribe uncovers the clue. Abi thinks that RC took it out of the spot that they had buried it and it dropped out of her bag. RC doesn’t know what’s going on. Peter put it there. He planted it.

At Kalabaw, they fish and get work done. Jeff is going to adjust his strategy for the time being and include Penner because of his experience. Carter joins up with them. The girls are on the chopping block. The girls talk strategy back at camp.

Back at Matsing, Russell is talking shit about the evicted tribemates.

Russell has met my low expectations.

Russell starts looking for the idol. Denise overhears him talking to himself about the idol. Malcolm and Denise go through his things to check if he’s got an idol.

Peter wants to send RC home. Abi tells her that she’s moved on. She doesn’t want to talk about it. They go at it at camp. RC talks to Lisa instead. Then Abi talks to Lisa. Who cares. I don’t. RC is hot. Abi is mental. It makes for good TV.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Both Kalabaw and Tandang are sitting out 3 tribemates. They will have to carry pots of rice on bamboo pole through obstacles. They need to place them on some stands. Once all six are placed, they will use a wrecking ball to break them. The first tribe to finish gets food in the form of steaks, vegetables, and everything they need. The second placed tribe gets some veg and a pot. The tribes are sitting out all of the women.

Malcolm is in the lead. Carter breaks a pot and has to restart. Scoop has slowed down. Carter falls. Russell is on the course. Artis is on and he takes his time. Denise is out for Matsing. They are still in the lead but not by much. Pete is in the lead for Tandang. Pete is heading back. Jeff is about to catch Denise. Tandang is back. They are heading out for the final part. Matsing is out. Kalabaw is trying to catch up. Tandang wins immunity and reward. Kalabaw catches up and wins second place. Matsing loses again. Russell is freaking out. Malcolm had trouble getting the last pot.

I am perfect!
A paraphrase from Russell’s statement at the end of the immunity challenge

I’m supposed to live my life in excellence.

Kalabaw grabs a tarp instead of the veg and pot.

At Matsing, Malcolm tells Russell that they are voting out Denise. Malcolm tells Denise that Russell is going home. Malcolm just wants Russell to feel comfortable. Denise tells Russell that Malcolm is going home. He’s too much of a physical threat. They succeeded in making Russell think that he’s the swing vote.

It’s time for tribal. Malcolm accepts that he blew the challenge at the end. Both of the men say that they haven’t got a bad thing to say about Denise. Put her in front of a jury, and they might even give her some extra money to deal with the taxes.

Votes to Evict

Denise Russell
Russell Malcolm
Malcolm Russell

Russell is evicted.

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