Survivor Philippines Got My Swag Back S25E05 (CBS)

Matsing’s spirits are low after tribal. It’s another cold night for the two remaining tribemembers. They get treemail and it implies that they might merge with another tribe. They start looking for the idol. They find it after a while searching. Their spirits are back up for a while.

At the reward challenge, Malcolm and Denise are told that they will join the other tribes. Malcolm joins Tandang and Denise goes to Kalabaw. They have to wrestle while balancing an idol in their hand. The first one who makes the other tribe’s idol drop gets a point. It’s 1-1. Kalabaw leads 2-1. It’s Penner vs Scoop. Scoop throws his idol high up and lunges at Penner’s to make it drop. Best strategic move I’ve seen, it was pretty impressive. It’s 2-2. RC goes against Denise. Denise gets RC. It’s 3-2. They are playing until 5. Pete gets Carter. It’s tied at 3-3. Abi scores for Tandang. Malcolm uses Scoop’s technique to score against Jeff. Tandang wins reward.

Play like a man, don’t play like a bitch.
Abi to Dawson

The reward is some sugary foods.

All of Tandang is happy to have Malcolm there. Lisa also likes his attitude and his energy. RC doesn’t look happy though. She doesn’t like how quickly Malcolm is accepted by Pete and Abi. RC starts to flirt with Malcolm. Pete is happy that Malcolm is there. Pete tells Malcolm that he’s got an idol to get him on his side. Pete wants to get rid of Mike, who’s an annoyance.

At Kalabaw, the energy is different. Katie is happy to get Denise so that she joins her women’s alliance. Jeff doesn’t look that good. Dana also looks like she’s hurting. She’s got a cold. She pukes. She’s shaking all over. She’s got a fever. Penner takes over. Medical arrives.

Jeff takes a look at Dana. Appendicitis? The doc says that she needs to take in more fluids and that they can give her another 12 hours. Her life isn’t in danger. Dana says that she can’t keep going on. Jeff drapes his coat on her body. She tells Jeff that she wants to tell the tribe that she’s going home. The girl can barely walk.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Tandang sees that Dana is out of the game. They will race through a series of obstacles. They will release a drawbridge to release bamboo puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle.

Tandang is in the lead. Katie is slowing Kalabaw down. RC and Artis are working on the ropes. Katie is the last one over. Tandang is through their drawbridge 1st. Malcolm chops through the wood. The puzzle pieces are free. Kalabaw is through the drawbridge.

Jeff slows down for Tandang. Penner takes over. Penner makes up a little time. Abi has only participated in 2 challenges. She sits this one out as well. WTF.


Tandang wins by seconds. Kalabaw was really close behind. They lose because of Katie.

Back at camp, Kalabaw is licking their wounds. Katie is embarrassed.

You were not good.
Dawson to Katie

Jeff makes Denise part of his alliance. Jeff doesn’t like how weak Dawson and Katie are in the challenges. Jeff tells Carter. They’ve got four. Penner likes this as well. Katie or Dawson is going home.

Jeff is pissed at Dawson for messing up the puzzle pieces. Dawson enjoys making Jeff uncomfortable because she knows he was a pro baseball player. That’s definitely not going to help her.

It’s time for tribal. Katie feels like an idiot for losing the challenge. Dawson says that her added value is to keep tribe moral high.

Votes to Evict

Dawson Denise
Jeff Dawson
Denise Dawson
Penner Dawson
Carter Dawson
Katie Dawson

Dawson is voted out by a 5-1 vote. She gives Jeff a big hug before leaving. The blindside is always hard. In her video, Dawson says that if Jeff wins, he owes her so much. She wants a motorcycle and lots of shit from him. I think she’s an imbecile. She should have tried to use the information to weaken Jeff’s position but that’s the nature of the blindside, you don’t see it coming. I guess that Katie knew which way the wind was blowing as well.

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24 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines Got My Swag Back S25E05 (CBS)”

  1. I lost the trail to your posts about Survivor Philippines and thought you hadn’t been posting them. duh! I usually see them in my old comments to you and follow the ping back from there. I think I messed up the sequences, somehow. At least I was able to see your other posts and I see a lot of interesting things to read.

    As for Survivor, they blindsided Dawson and I thought it strange how she hugged Probst before she left. And, what you said about her interview comments, I thought them strange as well. I think it’s against Survivor rules to offer payment to other players to advance your own game. Football Jeff doesn’t owe her anything. She chose that way to play, without any interaction on his part. From her comments, it was time for her to go.

    I need to go back and read your comments about that cookie comment a few episodes back. I’d thought you were too busy and hadn’t posted it.

    See you next time.

    1. Hi, I was busy when Survivor, started, but I have been posting the recaps every week, usually a couple of days after the show. Dawson was odd, but now it’s getting interesting again. At least it’s not just one tribe being decimated.

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