Survivor Philippines Down and Dirty S25E06 (CBS)

Survivor Philippines intertitle, via Wikipedia

I just saw a tarsier during the IR camera shooting at Kalabaw. Katie knows she’s the weakest link. The next day, she talks with Denise about the idol. They both think that Penner has got it.

At Tandang, the tribe realizes that Mike has been eating rice raw. He believes that it will cook in his stomach. The tribe has got now food because of Mike. Both Pete and Arlis want to get rid of him.

It’s time for the reward challenge. 3 tribemembers will race to push a large ball through a goal. The other tribe will try and stop them. The winners get to go to a dry hut and get some much needed food. RC and Arlis sit this challenge out. Immediately, the players start getting physical. Lisa is going after Denise, Pete after Carter.

It’s a very intimate way of playing the game but completely legal.
Jeff Probst about Penner & Scoop

The play dies down and they are playing a waiting game. I didn’t expect this. After 1 hour, the ball hasn’t move. Penner starts to talk taking about trades. Kalabaw says that they want the victory and they will give Tandang the rest of the rice. Jeff agrees. That sucks. I’ve never heard of this happening before. They should have fought it out, even if it would have taken days.

Giving up the rice was stupid. Penner discovers some envelopes. They are the letters from home. Now the tribe thinks that they got a good deal.

Artis thinks that this was a brilliant move by Penner. Artis is bothered that Scoop make the decision.

When we got back, it was worse than a loss. It was a double loss.

They get another day of rice out of Kalabaw. That’s it. That was really stupid. Abi voices her disappointment. RC tells Scoop that Artis was bitching about him.

Artis is like a little teenage girl.

Penner is very confident about catching fish, but they haven’t caught anything yet. Carter is worried. He comes back with two tiny fish.

We’re playing the starving game.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One tribemember will launch balls out of a sling and the others will try to catch them. It doesn’t matter which ball color they catch. Tandang sits out Scoop and Abi. She’s participated in 2 out of 8 challenges. Penner scores for Kalabaw. Pete and RC catch for Tandang. Jeff catches for Kalabaw. It’s tied. Jeff catches again for Kalabaw. It’s 3-2. Jeff gets it again. I guess it helps being a retired MLB player. Malcolm scores for Tandang. It’s 4-3 for Kalabaw. Malcolm catches it again, even though Carter tries to stop him. It’s tied 4-4. Carter switches out for Jeff, after Penner makes the decision. Malcolm beats Jeff and Tandang wins immunity.

At Tandang, Carter and Jeff want to get rid of Katie because she doesn’t do anything, but they are still considering voting for Penner. They think that if they go into the merge with a veteran, he will have a bullseye on him, and they can slip under the radar. That’s not a bad strategy.

Carter is so out of it that he asks Penner if he wants to vote for Katie or Penner. That’s just dumb. Penner agrees that Katie has got to go. They tell Katie that Denise has got to go. When Penner goes fishing, Katie asks them what’s up. They tell her to vote for Penner. Carter is getting confused again. Penner is voting for Katie and Katie is voting for Penner.

It’s time for tribal. There is a lot of talk about blindside. Penner is no fool. I think he might play the idol. I would if I was in his shoes. Actually, I don’t think he will play it. He’s overconfident.

There’s not going to be a vote that’s not going to be a blindside.
Baseball Jeff

This game sucks.
Baseball Jeff

Everyone knows a blindside is coming.
Jeff Probst

Votes to Evict

Carter Katie
Denise Katie
Jeff Katie
Katie Penner
Penner Katie

Katie got voted out by a 4-1 vote. This vote was a no brainer in reality. Katie didn’t do anything and she added no strategic value, so she got voted out. Keeping Penner around adds value in a lot of ways, in terms of experience, and strategy.

* * * * *

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