Strategic Napping Allows Workers to Perform Better at Arduous Tasks


Roughly 41 million people in the USA, nearly a third of all working adults, get six hours or fewer of sleep a night, according to a recent report from the CDC. Sleep deprivation affects everyone, and it’s an affliction that crosses economic lines. 42% of the workers in the mining industry are sleep-deprived, while about 27% in finance share the same complaint.

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Japanese Researchers Claim Success In Creating Element 113


The Japanese have claimed that they have been able to create a third atom of element 113, known by its temporary name Ununtrium. It took them nine years of painstaking experiments, but this success implies that the element could finally be added to the periodic table. It would be the first artificial element discovered in East Asia, giving the Japanese the right to name it.

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Catalog of Moon’s Craters May Reveal Ice beyond Moon’s Poles

Yellow spots indicate best guesses for volatiles

There might be more ice on the Moon than was previously thought. There are permanent shadows far from the lunar poles, which has expanded the number of sites that would be good candidates for exploration by robotic rovers or even possible locations of future moon bases.

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Sediment-Bound Fossil Specimens Suggest Effects of Ocean Acidification

Scanning electron microscope image of rock surfaces collected from the Bass River core in New Jersey.

Palentologists have discovered micrometer-scale fossils of plankton from the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, a period of rapid ocean warming and acidification that occurred 55 million years ago, during the Paleogene Period. The tiny plankton will allow researchers to study how the marine organisms coped with the rising acidity of the oceans.

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5 Ways to Silence Your iPhone, But Stay Connected

092812-shhhh.jpgOne of the best new features of Apple’s iOS 6 that came out last week is the Do Not Disturb function. Admittedly, with enough practice and fiddling, you can get the same result without this option, but the ease of toggling it on, coupled with the available options is welcomed. Here’s a quick exploration of some different options you have to keep your phone from disturbing you.

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Survivor Philippines Don’t Be Blinded By the Headlights S25E02 (CBS)

Religious girl isn’t happy that Angie and Malcolm are cuddling for warmth. She wants one of them evicted. Previously, Russ said that he will step back from the leader role because he almost got evicted tonight. Where have I heard that before?

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