Survivor Philippines Not the Only Actor on This Island S25E07 (CBS)

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Back at camp, Denise is still reeling from her 6th tribal. Jeff wanted to keep Penner around to take him further in the game. Penner is annoyed that Katie wrote his name down.

A ship comes to see Tandang. The tribes are merging. The boat will take them to their new beach. At Kalabaw, the same thing happens. I wonder where the new beach is. The tribes have 10 minutes to gather their belongings.

The new merged tribe gets a feast. Jeff is concerned about keeping his identity secret. Scoop thinks that along with RC, they are free agents. Abi is trying to make RC find out more about their new tribemembers. Lisa snoops and finds Malcolm’s idol. Immediately, Malcolm notices something is up and talks with Denise. He asks her to talk with Lisa so that she doesn’t spill the beans.

Malcolm takes Lisa aside and he has to make her part of his involuntary alliance.

Penner recognizes Lisa immediately. They bond while snorkeling. Later, Penner talks with Scoop about what will happen next. As veterans, they have targets on their backs. Then, Scoop talks with RC. If they combine with Penner, they would have 6 votes.

Jeff tells Pete, Arlis and Malcolm that he wants Penner gone. They think that he’s got an idol. Artis says that RC is dangerous. Malcolm says that if they split the vote 4-4, revote and send Penner home. If he uses the idol, this wouldn’t work. They plan on splitting the vote between RC and Penner to flush the idol out. If he uses it, RC goes home and if he doesn’t, then they will revote and send Penner home. The only wrinkle is if Jeff, Carter and Denise don’t vote with the Tandang.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. There are two immunity necklaces up for grabs. That’s interesting. They will hold on onto a rope bucket filled with 25% of their body weight. If they let go, they are out. Last man and last woman standing get immunity.

After 5 minutes, Scoop is out. Pete is next. That’s surprising. Penner is the next one out. Lisa is the next one out. Malcolm is out. RC is out. Abi gives out. Denise wins immunity. Artis winds his pail back up. After 15 minutes, Artis is out. It’s between Jeff and Carter. After 25 minutes, Jeff tells Carter that if he abandons, he owes him one. Carter says that’s fine. Jeff lets it drop. Carter wins immunity.

They named the new tribe Dangrayne. RC thinks that she’s with Kalabaw and that she’s safe. Scoop feels in danger. Scoop talks with Jeff about aligning with them.

Jeff talks with Carter. Carter thinks that the new 6 sounds good. Oddly enough, Penner walks up on them talking strategy. Penner tells them to flip it and vote for Pete.

Jeff tells Pete and company that they are all good. Jeff doesn’t like going with Tandang because they will be at the bottom. With Penner and Scoop, they won’t be at the bottom.

RC and Abi duke it out a bit. Abi says that she can’t trust RC because of the immunity idol debacle. Lisa are talking a lot. Pete thinks that there are two idols in play tonight. The Matsing idol is probably gone. Malcolm smirks.

Votes to Evict

Denise Penner NA
Carter RC
Penner Pete
Lisa Penner NA
Artis RC
Jeff RC
Malcolm Penner NA
RC Pete
Abi Penner NA
Pete RC
Scoop Penner NA

Penner plays the idol. RC is voted out by a 4-2 vote. She’s the first member of the jury. Abi is very happy.

* * * * *

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