Survivor Philippines Whiners Are Wieners S25E10 (CBS)

Survivor Philippines intertitle, via Wikipedia

Scoop voted against his alliance. Lisa voted with them. Abi is pissed off. Denise tells Scoop and Jonathan that she is with them for the long term. Scoop wants to become a player.

Abi and Lisa are talking. Abi realizes that Lisa is allying with the other side.

[I am] Is someone who feels comfortable to be used.

You chances are lean.
Abi to Lisa

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will be divided into teams. They have to flip their drum up while the other team tries to flip it down. The team that flips over their 3 drums at the same time scores a point. First team to 3 wins. The winners will be going to a different island for a spa day and lots of food.

Carter and Penner square off. Carter is faster and he wins for his team. It’s a question of speed. Malcolm forgets to turn over yellow drums so Scoop wins. Abi flips over the drum of the other team. The yellows lead 2-1. Pete scores against Denise. It’s 2-2. Malcolm vs Scoop. Scoop flips over the wrong drum so the red team wins. Malcolm, Pete, Carter and Abi are heading for reward. Carter doesn’t know what a pedicure is.

The reward is pretty sweet. Malcolm tells the others that they should enjoy the day and not talk about the game. That’s because his alliance is back at camp.

They come back and Abi starts boasting about the reward. It pissed off most of the tribemates.

Abi has all the social grace of a Mack truck.

Abi hears her name in a discussion, so she says that she won’t cook anymore. She starts to argue.

Malcolm talks with Scoop and tells him that he wants to take Lisa and him to the final four. Scoop and Lisa talk. She says that she’d rather go with Penner and Carter. Penner thinks that it’s too early to talk about this. He wants to keep them all together. Lisa senses his reticence. So Lisa and Scoop tells Malcolm and Denise that they are going to the final four.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They have to maneuver a buoy through a tangled rope. The first 5 move on. Then, they will race to move a buoy along a balance beam. The first 3 move on. In the final heat, where they will navigate their buoy through a series of obstacles in the water.

Malcolm and Penner are close to the end. Malcolm is 1st. Penner is 2nd. Denise is 3rd. Scoop is 4th. Carter is 5th. Denise is in front. Penner is out. Scoop is 1st. Carter is 2nd. Denise is 3rd.

Denise is in the lead in the final heat. Carter is close. Carter is in the lead. Scoop catches up to Carter. Denise isn’t far behind. Scoop is in the lead. Carter catches up and wins immunity. Scoop was close, but the last knot was too much.

Penner tells Malcolm and Scoop that they should split the vote on Abi and Pete. If she doesn’t play the idol, then they should vote on her on a re-vote. But that’s not how this works. There is a tie-breaker before the re-vote.

Abi and Pete think that they should try and vote with them to evict Malcolm because he is a threat. They unsuccessfully pitch the idea to Lisa, Carter, Penner, and Scoop. Pete thinks that Scoop is the weak link because he’s flaky. Scoop is thinking about it. Pete tells him that Abi and himself are voting for Malcolm no matter what. It would be a bad move because Scoop would be on the chopping block next.

Penner tells Malcolm about Abi’s plan. He’s now thinking about using the idol, but doesn’t want to because it would damage his position to move on.

It’s time for tribal. Malcolm lets it known that he’s aware that his name has been tossed around. Scoop says that they are always thinking about the idol. Pete says that he has been trying to get another vote on their side to get Malcolm out. Ab is made to realize that she’s full of shit and no one likes her. She doesn’t feel good now. She starts to cry. I don’t care. Denise tries to explain the situation to her, but Abi doesn’t let her.

Votes to Evict

Carter Pete
Malcolm Pete
Penner Pete
Denise Abi
Lisa Abi
Scoop Abi
Pete Malcolm
Abi Malcolm

Abi plays the idol. Votes against her don’t count. The vote is split 3-3-2 (Abi/Pete/Malcolm). Pete is evicted.

* * * * *

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19 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines Whiners Are Wieners S25E10 (CBS)”

  1. I missed a week or two for the holidays. Saw the shows but didn’t get here to comment. This week’s show is playing in the background as I type this so this will be short. Sounds like either Abi or Jonathan are the targets this weeks. Please, people, get rid of Abi! I liked Lisa’s conversation with Penner last week – even if he’s playing her for a vote, it was a decent talk that meant something to Lisa. I hope Malcolm stays for awhile. I like that guy. Okay, show’s on and I gotta go. See you next time!

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