Month: December 2012

  • SmithFly Digi Pouch: Your Gadgets Can Go Fishing!

    I’m a bit paranoid about getting my tech gear wet. I don’t mind using my phone in a light drizzle, but after a while, you have to pocket it. Have you ever been worried about getting your precious electronics wet? Then check out the this carrying pouch, which is supposed to keep all of your…

  • Cherenkov Radiation Effect in a Line of Point Charges

    A newly published study suggests that the interaction between a surface and a charge packet moving parallel to it can become repulsive above a critical relativistic energy. These findings could potentially impact fundamental electrodynamics, accelerator physics and electron spectroscopy. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Darcin in Mice Urine Attracts Other Mice

    Mice seem to be addicted to the scent of urine and repeatedly go back to spots where they found the excretions. Researchers have discovered that this behavior is triggered by a single protein in the urine of male mice. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • The Amazon Rainforest Could Be Drying Out

    In the past few years, the Amazon rainforest in Peru’s Ucayali region has been hit by two severe droughts, one in 2005 and another in 2010. These dry spells could become more frequent as temperatures in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean continue to rise and as thousands of square kilometers of forest are burnt to…

  • Pitcher Plant’s Ingenious Way of Trapping Ants

    The carnivorous pitcher plant lures insects to their doom with drops of nectar. South American pitcher plants have developed an ingenious insect-trapping mechanism to keep insects from escaping their grasp. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Samsung ESP-30B Music Dock: Docking All Your Galaxies

    Even though wireless speakers have come a long way, there’s still a need for audio docks. I’m guessing that this spherical dock from Samsung will most likely be announced at CES 2013. It’s already been spotted for sale on Amazon Germany. Read more @ Technabob

  • Banana-Shaped Radiation-Proof Handset for Conducting All Your Monkey Business

    I’ve rarely had to use a handset with my smartphone, maybe that’s because I don’t talk much on it, and most earphones tend to have built-in microphones, so they are perfectly capable of acting like handsets. However, if you talk a lot on your phone, and like the feeling of an old-school handset, check out…

  • Trygger Camera Clip Aims to Improve iPhone Photos in a Snap

    Smartphones make reasonably adequate cameras, especially if all you want is to capture some photos of your family and daily life. However, one thing that iPhonetographers will quickly find limiting are the optics included in their cameras. There’s not much you can do about improving them, unless you use some sort of add-on lens or…

  • Garbled Text Messages Could Indicate Stroke

    Dystextia is when a person sends garbled messages, it could simply be that the auto-correct is turned off or that there is something else is going on. Scientists have discovered that dystextia could indicate some kind of a stroke, if taken in context with other symptoms. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Flying Squirrels Can Adjust Speed and Flight Dynamically

    Flying squirrels, a tribe of 44 species of the family Sciuridae, might look reckless as they fling themselves through the air, but scientists have reported that there is a certain measure of finesse involved. The squirrels are able to actively manipulate the furry membrane that stretches between their wrists and ankles to control the speed…