Survivor Philippines Shot to Smithereens S25E12 (CBS)

Survivor Philippines intertitle, via Wikipedia

Abi finally realizes that Lisa, Scoop, Malcolm and Denise have an alliance. Abi talks with Carter. He tells her that she’s got nothing to worry about because she’s got an immunity idol. That was her lie from last week.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will be paired up with a loved one. The survivors will toss a muddy bag to their loved ones, who will toss them to knock down a target. The first team to knock down all of their targets wins. The winning team will take their loved ones back to camp and they will spend the night. Malcolm and Brad start out in the lead but everyone quickly joins us. Lisa, Denise and Carter as well as Malcolm have 2 left. Malcolm and Carter are down to one. Malcolm wins. Malcolm picks Lisa to join in his reward. Malcolm picks Scoop.

Malcolm’s brother Miles is running his mouth and Malcolm is concerned. Just like his dad, Scoop Jr is all bloody from trying to get a coconut. Lisa talks about Malcolm with her brother. His name is Justice? WTF?

Scoop and Lisa talk about taking out Malcolm as well as the idol in one move tonight. Lisa is worried. Lisa and Justice count up the votes and decide that if Abi and Carter vote with them, they can take out Malcolm.

Now, Malcolm is concerned about Lisa and her brother.

Gimme your shirt.
Scoop to Scoop Jr

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race across a bamboo balance beam to a platform, where they will use a hook to retrieve three bags. They will use these to fashion a pole to hit a target. Carter and Denise struggle. Malcolm and Lisa are in the lead. Denise joins them. Everyone has their first bag. Carter is in the lead. He’s heading back. Scoop heads back as Lisa. Malcolm is also going back. Denise is going too. Everybody is heading back. Abi is taking her time.

They use the rope and sticks inside the bags to make a pole. Lisa’s pole isn’t strong enough. Scoop’s isn’t long enough. Carter also has to readjust. Malcolm tries it. It’s between Carter and Malcolm. Malcolm wins it. He’s safe. Malcolm is assured a spot in the final four.

Malcolm and Scoop talk about who to vote out. Strategically, they need to get rid of Carter because everyone hates Abi.

Abi starts making a fuss because she knows that she might get voted out. She also talks blazingly about the hidden immunity idol that she has. At this point, I’m not sure that anyone believes her.

She’s like a soul-sucker, she’s a Dementor from Harry Potter.
Malcolm about Abi

It’s the culture of Abi.

It’s time for tribal. Carter and Abi feel the pressure. Carter thinks that Abi needs to go. Abi talks about the idol she has. No one believes that she’s got it because no one has seen it. Malcolm thinks that if she had it, she would have leveraged it more.

Votes to Evict

Carter Abi
Abi Carter
Scoop Carter
Lisa Carter
Denise Carter
Malcolm Carter

Carter is voted out by a 5-1 vote.

* * * * *

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17 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines Shot to Smithereens S25E12 (CBS)”

  1. I can’t believe it’s the end of Survivor on Sunday! I saw the episode tonight but I won’t say anything about it since you haven’t watched it yet.

    It’s funny how everyone kept saying how nice Carter is and I have no idea who he is. I’ve seen him over the season but really don’t remember anything about him. It didn’t bother me at all when he was voted out. Had no connection to him at all.

    Last time I was here I commented that some tribe members will start thinking about bringing Abi to the final now that it’s close to the end. Lisa is now saying that aloud at tribal. I like Lisa but I hope Malcolm wins. I’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out!

    1. Carter was a bit of a ghost. He didn’t do much, so it’s not surprising he got voted out. Abi is a good person to take to the finals, because many people dislike her, so she wouldn’t win.

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