Survivor Philippines Gouge My Eyes Out S25E13 (CBS)

Survivor Philippines intertitle, via Wikipedia

Back at camp, Lisa says that the game isn’t fair and that she wants to sit next to someone she can beat. Lisa’s words aroused Malcolm’s suspicion. He thinks that she’s dangerous because she revealed her true intentions.

The next morning, no one believes that Abi has an idol. Abi wants Denise gone next, because she’s dangerous if she continues to work with Malcolm. Abi starts working on Lisa. Lisa doesn’t believe a word. She plans on using Abi as long as possible, she could potentially be a vote to win.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will race into the ocean to get a bundle. They must land one ring on each of the five pegs. The winners will be picked up by helicopter to eat pizza, drink soft drinks and go whale watching.

Scoop and Malcolm are in the lead. Lisa is behind. Denise is keeping pace with the leaders. Scoop and Malcolm have got one ring on. Scoop gets 2 more. He’s got 3. Scoop has got his 4th. Malcolm has got 2. Malcolm has got another. It’s between Malcolm and Scoop. Scoop wins reward. He picks Malcolm and Lisa. Abi is crushed that she wasn’t picked. WTF? That girl is delusional.

It’s like the first date with the kid who pulled your hair in Kindergarten.
Denise about Abi

If I could have needles to gouge my eyes out or pierce my eardrums…

Scoop hasn’t eaten any sugar in three decades. He’s on a sugar rush on the boat. Malcolm shows his ignorant side by referring to whale sharks as fish. They get to swim with the whale shark. Malcolm tells Lisa and Scoop that they need to get rid of Denise if they want to get into the final three. If Denise makes it to the final three, she will win.

The next day, Denise isn’t feeling well. She looks in pain. She’s got bite marks on her neck. Abi says that it could be poison. The God club starts praying. Abi is relieved that Denise won’t win immunity.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The will use planks to cross a rope bridge, collection pieces to a maze. They will assemble the maze and use a ball to go through it. Denise doesn’t seem too hampered by her injury. Malcolm is in the lead but falls off. He has to start over. This opens the door for the others. Scoop is in the lead. Denise and Lisa are next. Abi is also across. They start assembling the maze. Malcolm is still crossing the bridge. Denise is in the lead.

Abi and Scoop are falling behind Denise and Lisa. Denise thinks she has it but a piece isn’t right. Malcolm is making up some serious time. He has completed it first. Holy shit. Malcolm wins immunity. It’s a decisive win. He’s also got an immunity idol. Tonight is the last time he can play it.

Abi is feeling depressed, but she starts to work on Scoop and Lisa. Lisa likes the idea. Denise asks Malcolm if he will give her his immunity idol. He says that if it warrants it, he will do so. However, he doesn’t think that anything will happen. He thinks that Lisa, Scoop and himself are voting for Abi.

It’s time for tribal. Carter looks pissed. Abi says that they cannot win Denise. She could win the game. Abi says that Scoop and Lisa won’t win. Then she starts insulting Scoop.

Because you are an idiot.
You are a moron. x2

She’s here to make friends.
Abi about Denise

Votes to Evict

Scoop Abi
Lisa Abi
Abi Denise
Malcolm Abi
Denise Abi

Abi is voted out by a 4-1 vote. Scoop does a dance while going home, because the witch is gone.

* * * * *

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