Survivor Philippines Million Dollar Question S25E14 (CBS)

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It feels like having a tumor removed.

The tribe is jubilant at having Abi gone. She apparently sucked the life out of them. Malcolm is annoyed that she said that he would win Survivor. It creates problems and has to do damage control. Scoop thinks that he’s got a chance at winning against Malcolm. Lisa and Abi didn’t.

They get tree mail the next morning. The clue talks about the dragon and how they could win some clues for the immunity challenge. Denise is worried that she’ll get evicted.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They have to race through some imposing obstacles, collecting bags along the way. Then, they have to solve a dragon puzzle. They are playing for the biggest reward yet. The winner of today gets an advantage for the final immunity challenge.

Malcolm is in the lead. Everyone is going fast. Lisa is last. Malcolm falls off again but he makes up time on the balance beam. Scoop is in the lead. He starts on his puzzle. Denise is right behind, as is Malcolm. Lisa isn’t that far behind. Denise is in the lead on the puzzle. Lisa starts picking up the pace. Scoop isn’t doing well. Malcolm is catching up. It’s between Malcolm and Denise. Malcolm has the lead. Malcolm wins reward and the advantage in the final challenge. Jeff hands him a scroll and tells him to keep it sealed until the challenge tomorrow.

Lisa says that Malcolm didn’t need to win this to be a threat. Denise wants Malcolm to commit about a final three. Malcolm is hesitant about committing. Denise is leery. Denise talks with Lisa. Denise is willing to betray Malcolm and go to the final three with Scoop and Lisa. Lisa didn’t give her word or shake her hand. Denise starts talking with Scoop. Lisa then talks with Scoop.

Depending on who wins immunity, Lisa and Scoop have made a pact with both parties so they think that they will be going to the final three.

Lisa tells Scoop that they have to let Denise win, but they can’t let Malcolm win. They can beat Denise in the final three, but they can’t beat Malcolm. Scoop says that they can’t let either of them win.

They get tree mail and have to do the BS ceremony about saying goodbye to their “fallen” comrades. I fast forwarded. That’s the boring part.

It’s time for the final immunity challenge. They have a wooden cylinder that has been cut into parts. They have to balance a steel ball on it. Every couple of minutes, more parts will be added to the cylinder. Malcolm is allowed a second chance during the challenge. It doesn’t look easy but I’m a disappointed that it is such a challenge. After 5 minutes, everyone is still in it.

They have to add 2 more pieces of wood. Malcolm drops his ball. He’s not out yet. They have to reset for him. I don’t think he will win. If he loses, he might be evicted. Malcolm is shaking. The others look very stable. Malcolm is out. Denise is out with 30 seconds left. The control of the game now shifts to Lisa and Scoop. They will decide who they will take to the final three.

They add 2 more pieces. They don’t move much. Lisa starts to wobble with 30 seconds left. After another 5 minutes, they add 2 more pieces. Scoop’s cylinder looks unstable. Lisa’s looks good. Lisa loses and Scoop wins final immunity.

Back at camp, Malcolm says that he had no chance. He starts shaking when he gets nervous. Lisa and Scoop can’t believe they beat Malcolm. Malcolm talks with Lisa and Scoop. He wants to know if he will go further. They says yes. They tell her that either way, she needs to vote for Malcolm. Denise realizes that she needs to make a case for herself with Scoop because he wants to take Malcolm. The logical course for Scoop is to take Denise, but he’s not sure. Denise says that they will not be able to beat Malcolm if he gets into the final three.

Scoop talks with Malcolm afterwards. Later, Lisa talks with Scoop. Scoop says that he wants to take Malcolm. Lisa thinks that this is stupid. She wants to take Denise. She wants to ensure that Malcolm doesn’t make it into the final three, because he would be a shoe-in for the title of Sole Survivor.

It’s time for tribal council. Abi looks royally pissed. There isn’t much being said in the beginning of tribal. Denise says that she is concerned. Lisa says that she hadn’t had an alliance with Scoop all the way through. Carter rolls his eyes when Malcolm talks about Scoop and Lisa’s relationship. Lisa says that there are no favors left because it’s for the title of Sole Survivor. Malcolm thinks that Denise is way more dangerous than him because of her relationships. When asked if Lisa has a reason to take Malcolm to the final three, she says that there is no reason for her to take Malcolm to the final.

Votes to Evict

Scoop Malcolm
Lisa Malcolm
Malcolm Denise
Denise Malcolm

Malcolm is voted out. As he was leaving the council, he told Denise congratulations for her million dollars.

The next day, they get supplies for the final breakfast.

It’s time for the final tribal council. Malcolm looks pissed. Denise starts her opening statement. She says that she adapted to life in three different tribes, and survived every single tribal council in this season. Lisa says that her strategy wasn’t very clean. She made a lot of mistakes. I think that the jury doesn’t really care. I can see Artis and a couple of others shaking their heads, rolling their eyes.

Scoop says that he did things with a lot of fire because he thinks that he was a returning player and that his back was against the wall.

It’s the jury’s turn. Artis is annoyed. He says that no one of them held true to their word. He says that karma is a bitch. Carter congratulates Lisa and Scoop. Scoop makes a good plea and Carter looks teary-eyed. Denise says that she went into a bigger tribe and managed to stay in.

RC congratulates Lisa. She’s kind of annoying and she’s got an annoying nervous laugh. It’s Malcolm’s turn. Malcolm tells Dense that she needs to stop appeasing everyone and stop nodding at everyone because that’s her job as a therapist. He wants to know how she outplayed the others. Malcolm says that she didn’t answer his question. Malcolm looks visibly upset.

Jeff wants to know what Scoop did to outwit the others. He says that he had to play hard while the others floated along. Jeff wants to know how Lisa played the game. She kind of proves his point, that she’s a floater. She asks the survivors why she should vote for them. Denise apologizes for her comments but they didn’t mesh.

[…] Smart people acting hard questions.

He tells Lisa that she is seen as a bitch. He tells Scoop that his name was never written down. Penner says that his name was written down at least 15 times. Penner tells everyone that Lisa was a TV star and that she was playing on The Facts of Life. A lot of people are shocked. Lisa hasn’t got much to say.

Penner’s speech was awesome. He compares the survivors to oxen carried to the slaughter. They hear the applause, and think that they will get the million dollars, but in actuality, the applause is only for the one who didn’t ride anyone’s coattails.

Votes to Win

Artis Denise
Penner Denise
Abi Denise
Malcolm Denise
Carter Scoop
Jeff Denise
RC Lisa
Pete Denise

Denise wins the title of Sole Survivor (6/1/1). It wasn’t even close.

* * * * *

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  1. I can’t believe it’s a new season of Survivor already! See you on the comment section! Fans vs. Favorites. This should be fun. I’m commenting here so I get a pingback when you post your new stuff.

    I’ll be talking to you later.

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