Augmented Reality Glasses Are The New Interface: The Matrix Is Here

Augmented reality systems promise to populate the world with information, viewable through special glasses. While most people are waiting to see what pops out of Google Glass, there are many other companies working on these systems.

meta ar glasses virtual tracking camera photo

Meta was recently demonstrated at a meeting of augmented reality enthusiasts in New York City. It combines a pair of Epson Moverio personal display glasses along with a finger-tracking camera, that the user wears, to allow direct interaction with virtual objects. Meta combines a wearable computer with controllers. The concept video looks interesting, but there’s still a need for more detail before users rush to buy these.

The current device is in beta developmental mode, and it looks like developers will get it first so that a library of apps can be made. Later, a commercial version will be released.

[via DVice]





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