Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites She Annoys Me Greatly S26E01 (CBS)

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It’s time for another season of Survivor. This time around, it’s another Fans vs Favorites. The fans are already immediately suspicious of themselves. They are arriving in boats. The others are arriving in helicopters. They include Malcolm, Cochrane, Dawn, Brenda, Eric, Brandon, Andrea, Karin, Philip, and Francesca. Philip is going to be fun to watch.

The fans don’t know what they will be facing. They are oddly jubilant. There’s an immediate challenge for fire and beans. Two members from each tribe will race to retrieve a ring. They will race back while the other members try to stop them.

Erik is first up but then launches it when he faces the veteran. The veteran scores. The fans are in the lead. In the next round, everyone has a hand on the ring. Nothing’s budging. Brandon is powering through. Andrea manages to score. That’s impressive. 1-1. Philip goes against Michael. The veteran is screaming “Break her wrist!” Jeff is like WTF?. Philip pulls them all towards the goal and scores for the favorites. Francesca grabs the ring from Matt in a decisive manner, and he falls into the water. Cochrane is going against a blonde girl. All of them are on the ring. Cochrane takes down Lara. Francesca easily pulls it towards the goal. 3-1 for the favorites. Malcolm and Reynolds sprint for the ring, Reynolds is there first and tries to throw it, but Malcolm tackles him. Reynolds is stronger. Karin takes down Allie. Everyone has got a hand on the ring.

Go naked!
Erik to his team

Malcolm’s shorts are down. Malcolm scores for the favorites. They win the challenge.

Gota is the fans’ team name. They start working on shelter and fire. The veteran isn’t happy about the amount of energy that Matt and Michael are putting into it. Wow, the veteran is a loose cannon. He’s demoralizing.

Bikal arrives at their beach. Philip brought Adidas basketball shoes to the island. WTF. They start building their shelter.

I stand by my initial assessment of him as a crazy person.
Francesca about Philip

The girls start an alliance. It’s Dawn, Francesca, and Andrea. Francesca has a talk with Philip, who’s busy making a shelter orientated towards the ocean because he likes it.

She’s stuck in a time warp.
She annoys me greatly.
Philip about Francesca

Fatty Shamar hasn’t done much. He just looks at the people working. He sees people starting the fire, and then swoops in with some suggestions so that he can take some credit. They start fire, which is impressive. Shamar doesn’t waste time rubbing it in.

The BR “Boston Rob” Rules
1. Get an alliance
2. Get an alliance within the alliance
3. Get rid of your alliance before it gets rid of you.
4. It’s all about family

Philip talks with Korin and Andrea to start an alliance. He says that he recruited 6 people. He gave everyone some nicknames. He talks with Erik, but comes on too strong. Erik sees Boston Rob in Philip.

He’s a combative, idiot loser, who makes everybody crazy.
Erik about Philip

At Gota, Reynolds starts talking alliances. He’s got Allie and some dudes. I like calling him Reynolds, like the aluminum foil. Eddie and Hope start talking about an alliance because they think they are the only two good looking people on their tribe. Laura notices that Reynolds and Allie are cuddling up in the night. She thinks that this isn’t a smart move because romantic alliances are targeted right away in Survivor.

My toes are sunburned.

Cochrane is like a little red tomato.

Back at Gota, Reynolds talks with Allie, Eddie, and Hope about their alliance. Back at camp, the others are talking about the cuddling. They are talking about getting rid of the couples. Michael has bonded with Matt and tells him about the alliances happening at camp.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race out in pairs to the four-story tower. At each floor, there are three crates filled with sandbags. They will toss them down, and race down. The next pair will go. When all 12 crates are broken, the remaining pair needs to launch the sandbags into some targets. The tribes are even. Erik and Brenda make up the lost time for the favorites. The favorites are in the lead. Malcolm is tossing. Reynolds is making up some serious time. The fans are in the lead. Fans win immunity. That’s cool. I wonder who will leave first. Corin has got a great smile. She reminds me of Karen Allen in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Back at camp, Francesca is already scrambling. Will she be the first one to go? She talks with Cochrane. Andrea has grown suspicious of Francesca, because she has noticed that she is playing the field. She shares her concerns with Philip. Andrea says that Francesca needs to go. Philip likes how this sounds like.

Erik talks with Brandon. They want Philip out. Brandon talks with Francesca about Philip. She’s surprised to hear that Philip has got the numbers. Cochrane and Dawn talk. Dawn doesn’t mind taking out Frannie.

Dawn thinks that with Cochrane, they are swing votes that could go either way. Frannie is talking about splitting the votes because she thinks that Philip has got an idol. He’s being too quiet. Brandon doesn’t trust Andrea. Everyone is scrambling.

It’s time for tribal. Philip reveals that he has always been able to saw Francesca’s name, but he mispronounced her name instead of using expletives. Most of the players reveal that they were feeling paranoid earlier today.

Votes to Evict
Andrea Francesca
Brandon Andrea
Brenda Andrea
Cochrane Francesca
Dawn Francesca
Erik Andrea
Francesca Andrea
Karin Francesca
Malcolm Francesca
Philip Francesca

Francesca got voted out by a (6-4). Francesca got voted out first… again! That’s pretty funny. She didn’t get voted out because she was a threat. I guess she sucks at playing Survivor.

* * * * *

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14 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites She Annoys Me Greatly S26E01 (CBS)”

  1. This is a great write-up. There were so many ‘moments’ in this first episode that it’s hard to recall them all. I laughed all through your recap as I remembered each incident.

    I wonder why the Favorites had to wear the same clothes they’d worn on previous seasons. I can understand why they’d make Philip wear pink underwear again, it’s great fun to watch – just not while eating dinner. Especially a few weeks into the season…

    This will be a fun season. I’m don’t recognize some of the favorites, but there are a couple of my favorites in there – Cochran, Malcolm, and, I hate to say it, Philip for the entertainment value. Oh, and Brandon left Jesus at home this time around. From the previews, it looks likes he’s going to become a monster. Can’t wait ’til next week.

  2. I have to say that it looks like a good season. I can’t remember all of the fans, but it will be an interesting couple of weeks to see who gets voted off. I was surprised that a favorite got voted out immediately, but it was kind of funny.

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