Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Honey Badger S26E02 (CBS)

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At Bikal, Dawn comes up to Brandon to fess up. Brandon is pissed. He tells her that this move will cost her the game. She goes to have a cry.

If he treats other people like that it’s pollution.

Brandon wants to pull a Russell Hantz and make camp life miserable. That’s kind of weird.

At Gota, Shamar isn’t doing much. He’s conserving his energy for the challenges. He’s kind of lazy, but it’s a smart move. It won’t last long. The camp is already talking about getting rid of him next because he’s so lazy. Sherri invites him into a six-fold alliance. They are going against the couple alliance. She wants him to stir up some conflict.

The next day, Brandon feels bad about his intentions and talks with Cochran. Cochran compares Brandon to a murderer who’s got remorse. Philip walks by. They talk with him about alliances and votes. Philip thinks that Brandon is a narcissist and that he doesn’t have any empathy towards others. He’s weary of him. Brandon goes to others and says that Philip told him that he was the CEO of the tribe. Erik, Brenda, and Korin are listening.

It’s special agent Pink Panther!
Brandon about Philip

He’s starting to Boston Rob us a bit.
Brandon about Philip

Dawn and Korin tell him that Philip isn’t the leader.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Corin looks hot in a bikini. The fans are surprised that Frannie got evicted again. Philip drops the tribe flag. Three members of each tribe will race to a raft. Three other members will pull that raft out to a platform. They will dive down to a cage to remove bamboo rings. The three remaining tribemembers will use the rings to land them on some posts. There is also a fishing kit up for grabs. A blonde chick sits out the challenge. I don’t really care which one it is.

Erik, Andrea, and Brenda are on the raft. Sherri, Hope and Julia are on the raft for the fans. Brandon, Korin, and Cochron are pulling. Eddie, Shamar, and Matt are pulling for the fans. Favorites have got 2 rings. They quickly have 3. Fans are having trouble. Favorites have 4. They have another. They have 6. The fans have 1. The favorites have 8. They get all and head back. The fans are struggling. The favorites are back. The fans have got 8 rings. Malcolm lands 2 rings. He just needs another. Fans land a ring. Philip tries. He lands it after 2 attempts. That was a decisive win by the favorites. The initial thoughts at Gota is to get rid of Shamar.

Philip goes on with some of his nicknames for his alliance. He gives Malcolm the name ‘The Enforcer”. He calls it Stealth R Us.

It’s so great to be here as The Specialist.

If it’s Stealth R Us for the entire game, I might hang myself.

The fans try to analyze why they failed. Reynold calls out Shamar. He makes a good impression of Shamar. Allie also doesn’t like him. She prays that Shamar goes home. Reynold says that he will vote for Shamar tonight. Their argument goes on.

Do I look like Boo Boo the Fool to you?
Shamar to Reynolds

Matt, Eddie, and Reynolds are talking about getting rid of Shamar. Matt still isn’t sure which way he will go. Matt talks to his alliance about the upcoming vote. He wants to get rid of Shamar. Sherri doesn’t agree with this strategy. The others want to get rid of Allie. Reynolds is out looking for an immunity idol. Naturally, he finds one. Let’s see what he does with it. The power of the immunity idol is if no one knows about it.

Laura notices a bulge in Reynolds’ pocket before tribal. She thinks he has an idol. She doesn’t have time to talk to her alliance about it.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff talks about alliances and the foursome. Shamar reveals that he’s a vet of Iraq. Eddie says that Shamar was in the hut for 19 out of the last 24 hours. Laura reveals that she saw a bulge in someone’s pocket, implying that Reynolds has got an immunity idol. Reynolds pulls it out. WTF. He’s a total idiot.

Votes to Evict

Allie Shamar
Eddie Shamar
Hope Shamar
Julia Allie
Laura Allie
Matt Allie
Michael Allie
Reynolds Shamar
Shamar Allie
Sherri Allie

Reynolds doesn’t play the idol. Allie gets voted out by a 6-4 vote. That’s what happens when you isolate yourself. Apparently, the foursome was sleeping on the beach, away from the shelter and the others. That was a bonehead maneuver.

* * * * *

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13 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Honey Badger S26E02 (CBS)”

  1. It’s interesting that the young ones seem to assume because they are young that they have an advantage. Yes, young is an advantage but only if you have the numbers. These kids don’t understand math and how you can use it in life or how it might come in handy playing a game like Survivor.

    I think Brandon should not be playing. He needs to stay on his meds. It’s interesting to watch him disintegrate once again into whatever mental hole he is going down this time around. It’s not as noticeable, though, when Philip is there with him. But I think Philip is fun to watch. It’s only a few episodes in and already Brandon is hard to watch. It’s a bit sad.

    1. Yeah I know, Brandon is getting funny, but not in a good way. Philip is entertaining. It’s hilarious to see people make alliances but that don’t lead anywhere.

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