Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Kill or Be Killed S26E04 (CBS)

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So another blond chick got evicted last week. I wasn’t surprised. Back at camp, Eddie is annoyed. He takes it up with his tribe. He gets into Sherri’s face, and she isn’t happy about it. Reynolds blames Laura for making him look like a fool.

Philip wants to contain the threat of Brandon. He makes him part of Stealth ‘R’ Us. He calls him the Conqueror. He names Erik The Silent One. Andrea is annoyed that Philip is giving other people names. He tells Brenda that she is Serenity. WTF. I guess that’s what’s keeping him sane.

It’s time for the reward challenge. Two tribe members will be placed on platforms. They will use planks to transfer them to another platform. They will swim to a final, small platform. The first tribe with all 8 members on the platform will win reward. A local bushman will come to their camp with supplies and he will improve their camp. The favorites are sitting out Cochran.

They need to untie their planks. The fans are working quickly. The favorites aren’t far behind. The tribes are even. They are now transporting two people each. The favorites are inching ahead. The fans are piling on top of Shemar. The favorites are close to winning. They win. Shemar thought that they had won when they didn’t. Reynolds blames Laura for being weak. He wants her gone.

At Bikal, the bushman arrives.

He’s like the Filipino Jesus.

He shows them how to cook rice in bamboo. He’s about 60 years old, 4 feet tall, and muscled. He cooks some food, they have a feast, then gives them some home improvement hands-on advice.

He’s like the Filipino Gollum

He’s this bizarre woodland creature.

Back at camp, Shamar goes to sleep in the shelter.

He’s pure laziness.

The other people in the tribe are getting annoyed with him. Sherri serves him some rice.

Shamar is a big baby.

Shamar scratched his eyeball and he’s complaining. Jeff comes to the camp with medical the next day. He’s got a scratch on his cornea, or even two. The docs think that they need to pull him out of the game and have a specialist look at it. Reynolds doesn’t feel bad. Most of them are happy that he is gone.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will swim out to a platform, climb to the top, smash a tile, retrieve a key and come back. Once they have retrieved all 5 keys, the other members will open a chest. Then, they will use sandbags to knock off blocks from a ledge and drop their flag.

Corinne and Dawn sit this one out. Erik gives the favorites an early lead. Sherri has to break the tile again because she didn’t get the key. Brandon gets to the plaform and gets his key back a few moments after Sherri. Brenda laps Matt. Andrea loses some time on Eddie. Malcolm laps Julia. The favorites have their chest open and they start throwing at the bricks. Laura has a tough time with the locks. Reynolds is making good time. He’s got a good arm. Philip is at his last one. The fans have 6. Philip connects. The favorites win.

Matt wants to get rid of Laura because she’s the weak link. Matt tells Reynolds about what he feels. Reynolds doesn’t believe in what he is saying.

She was breathing heavy after having to unlock some locks.

Matt tells his plan to Sherri. She isn’t happy about this, because if they are voting off the weak, she’ll probably end up getting voted off next.

It’s time for tribal. Reynolds thinks that they need to keep the strong to win. Sherri says that even though they performed well, they still lost.

Votes to Evict

Eddie Laura
Julia Laura
Laura Reynolds/NA
Matt Laura
Michael Laura
Reynolds Laura
Sherri Laura

Reynolds plays the idol. The vote goes 6-1 (Laura, Reynolds) and Laura is sent packing. The sole vote for Reynolds doesn’t count, so it was “unanimous”. With all the talk about loyalty, they kicked out the weakest player on the tribe.

* * * * *

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14 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Kill or Be Killed S26E04 (CBS)”

  1. Now that Shamar’s gone, maybe they will focus more on Cochran, Brandon and Philip. I cringed when Sherri actually brought rice to Shamar. She will be a weak player, letting others control her like that. And, I like Sherri. Aside from that Shamar rice moment, I thought she was playing a good game. Now, she’s vulnerable. I hope she finds a way to wiggle out of it.

    I like Philip’s little Stealth-R-Us gang. It makes his tribe feel like a cohesive unit, that they are all in this together. That’s what they need for now at this stage in the game. Later, they can crack. Brandon is not loyal, but even he grinned from ear to ear when Philip bestowed him with a flattering name. Philip is setting himself up to go far, again, in the game. This time he is less annoying and crazy. The crazy gig went to Brandon this time around, I guess.

    Which reminds me, didn’t the preview for the next episode show Brandon losing it? That will be fun to watch. Never know what’s really crazy with him or if it’s an act.

    1. Brandon is dangerous. We saw that from the previews, but that’s something that’s been an undercurrent ever since he started playing the game. We won’t know if it’s an act until we see the show. Philip is entertaining, as always. The fans tribe isn’t going to last long. I’m expecting them to mix up the tribes soon.

      1. You might be right, in that. The previews for the coming week show Jeff telling them it’s time to mix up the tribes. I’m unsure if they are going individual play now or will have separate tribes. Going over to look at your write-up for the Brandon melt-down.

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