Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Blindside Time S26E08 (CBS)

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Bikal went along with Corinne’s plan and supported Michael in the vote last week.

I made sure I got the gay.

Philip tells Dawn and Corinne that he threw the last challenge. Corinne knows that he didn’t throw the challenge. He’s just a deluded git. Phil says that he decided to throw the challenge at the challenge. Both Dawn and Corinne don’t believe him.

But he’s so cuckoo for CoCo Puffs that there’s no question that Philip has to go.

Bikal is anticipating a merge soon. There are only 12 players left. Dawn remembers that back in her original season, this was when things went wrong. Cochran flipped and her game went down the tube. Dawn makes some VT about how much a million dollars would change her life and the life of her 6 kids. Whatever.

A boat is coming ashore. The boat will take the Gota to the Bikal beach for the merge. They have a feast. Brenda is wearing a bandage on her knee. Malcolm comes up with the name Enil Edam, which he says means new beginning. In fact, it’s his mom name backwards.

Phil meets with Andrea. He says that they’ve got a strong 4 with Cochran and Dawn. They need to get rid of the strong men of the fans.

Malcolm and Corinne talk about getting rid of Philip. Malcolm says that he’s got Reynolds and Eddie in his pocket. Erik floats around, but he’ll vote with the boys. Corinne says that she’s got Michael. So they’ve got 6 votes. They talk about getting rid of Sherri first because she’s a bit weird and it’s awkward being around her. That will make everyone happy. Then, they’ll get rid of Philip.

It’s time. It’s blindside time.

Tree mail implies that they will be eating gross stuff. Excellent. Reynolds says that it is one of his weaknesses.

Eddie was worried that this might damage his dating prospects. That he’s going to be seen as someone who’s partaken in something very gross, potentially alienating women. For me, I need some sort of image rehabilitation. This would add a little bit of a wild streak to me and might make me seem a bit more dangerous. I think this is exactly what my love life needs.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will have a disgusting food competition. Andrea, Sherri, Corinne, Eddie, Erik and Malcolm face off. They are eating beetle larvae. Andrea is first. Malcolm is second. Eddie is third. The others are out.

Reynolds, Brenda, Cochran, Philip, Michael, and Dawn are eating the same thing. Cochran is first. Philip is second. Michael is third. Dawn, Brenda, and Reynolds are out.

Andrea, Cochran, Philip, Michael, Eddie and Michael are eating ship worms. They are some kind of clam. Malcolm is first, followed very closely by Eddie. Cochran is third.

You got a ship worm mustache, Andrea.

Eddie, Cochran and Malcolm face off. They will eat duck embryos. The first two will move on. Cochran is first. Malcolm is second. Eddie keeps spitting it out because it’s too disgusting. Eddie pukes it out.

It’s between Cochran and Malcolm.

He’s ginger Kobayashi, what am I supposed to do about it?

They are eating some kind of brains. They are eating pig brains. I think Cochran will win. He wins it. He wins immunity. That was impressive. He had beaten them all without any problems.

Back at camp, everyone seems happy for Cochran. Malcolm is miffed. He doesn’t really see him as a threat. Malcolm talks with Eddie about what will happen at tribal.

Philip tells Corinne that they should split the vote between Eddie and Reynolds. Corinne says that the fans don’t like Sherri and that they want her gone. Philip says that he wants a big fish to go home. He also wants to flush out an idol. He doesn’t listen to Corinne.

Corinne talks with Cochran, Dawn and Andrea. She says that they should just disregard or strongarm Philip into voting their way, which is what he always does to them.

Corinne was adamant that we not target Reynolds or Eddie, which I don’t fully understand, but if Sherri goes, it’s no sweat off my back. Sherri’s an easy vote, and her elimination would lock the favorites numbers in a way that would be irreversible.

What doesn’t bode well is the fact that Corinne and Philip hate each other and they have a suspicion of each other that’s unhealthy. If the favorites don’t come together, that’s basically admitting to the world, fans included, that’s we’re a dysfunctional group that doesn’t completely trust each other, there are openings for them to enter, and that we are apt to fall apart given the right catalyst.

Now, Corinne talks with Eddie and Reynolds.

I’ve hitched my wagon to this Malcolm and Corinne counter-alliance. They are receptive to the idea of bringing in some of the fans and to overthrowing the tyranny of Lord Philip of the High Shelter.

That’s one of the first good quotes that I remember of Reynolds.

I wanna throat punch him everyday.
Corinne about Philip

Eddie and I have been delusionally optimistic about this game every day.

Corinne tells Dawn that after this vote for Sherri, they should get rid of Philip. Dawn has got flashbacks about what happened the last time she played. She talks with Cochran.

Corinne let it be known that she’s rallied this group of troops together that gives her the numbers and gives her post-merge control of the game.

Cochran and Dawn talk about getting rid of Corinne.

Corinne, who I thought didn’t have a strategic bone in her body, she’s positioned herself in a way that we’ve been acquiescing to every single demand she’s made. It’s a sobering situation. If we don’t come up with a plan, it would be devastating to my game and the game of my allies.

Cochran tells Andrea that Corinne has got Reynolds, Eddie, Malcolm, Erik and Michael’s votes. Cochran tells her that if they are on the wrong side of the vote, they would be dead. He says that Corinne is calling all of the shots. Andrea says that if they could get Sherri and maybe Erik to vote for Corinne.

He’s a huge question mark because he doesn’t talk strategy with anyone.
Andrea about Erik

Andrea tells Philip what Corinne is planning on doing. He’s on board to vote out Corinne. He approaches Sherri about voting for Corinne.

Andrea tells Erik the way that they will vote.

It’s disconcerting that my fate in the game rests in the hands of Sherri, who’s desperate for some kind of footing in this game, and Erik the Ice Cream Scooper, a guy who doesn’t like strategy, and who has proven himself previously to be incompetent at playing this game.

Malcolm tells Erik to vote for Sherri. Erik isn’t sure which way to vote yet.

Michael thinks that another fan will be voted out next. Corinne says that she’s open to ideas. Cochran says that she’s very honest about it. Erik says that there is always someone at the bottom, desperate enough. Sherri thinks that the fans don’t have a shot.

Votes to Evict

Corinne Sherri
Michael Sherri
Eddie Sherri
Reynolds Sherri
Malcolm Sherri
Philip Corinne
Dawn Corinne
Andrea Corinne
Cochran Corinne
Sherri Corinne
Brenda Corinne
Erik Corinne

No one plays an idol. Corinne by a vote of 7-5. She’s shocked when she starts to see her name on the votes. She’s really dumbfounded. Malcolm looks like he’s out of the loop.

* * * * *

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7 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Blindside Time S26E08 (CBS)”

  1. In your last comment you said Corinne was pissed off. Now, you can add voted off to that.

    ha ha, just reading your commentary and I see Corinne’s quote about blindside time. I suspected she was the one going when they played that clip near the beginning of the show. After watching so many years, you can watch how it’s edited in the first ten minutes of the episode and pretty much know what’s going to happen. Then, you just watch to see how it all unfolds.

    I will have to go back and watch last week’s episode online. I love Cochran’s deprecating wit.

    I liked that Dawn assessed her strategy from last time and decided her downfall was not telling others things she’d learned. If it wasn’t for Dawn, Corinne would still be there. huh. I just thought of something. Her ‘gay’ didn’t say one word about her leaving. Not even a, “oh, no, the idiot is gone. They got the idiot.”

    1. Yep, Corinne thought she was the super-Survivor player and she simply got outwitted by the others. Cochran has got the best quotes and analysis about what is happening on the show.

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