Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest S26E10 (CBS)

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Back at camp, everyone has a meeting except the tribe members at the bottom. Stealth R Us have an executive meeting. They think that Malcolm, Reynolds and Eddie don’t have an idol anymore, so they will split the vote. After they make a S-R-Us cheer, Cochran motions to the camera that they are all insane. I agree.

Dawn is having a breakdown. She’s crying hysterically. She lost a retainer and she’s freaking out. Someone hit her and she lost some teeth. She doesn’t want anyone else to know. She calls for Brenda, who dives down to try and find the retainer. She finds it. So this was the breakdown? It was quite short.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will be divided into two teams of five. They will race through a series of obstacles, into a muddy pit where they will search for some balls. They will go through some rice, drop them off and the next person goes. Once they have collected all five bags, they will shoot them into their basket. First team to 12 wins. The winning team will be taken to a resort with a pool and a nice lunch.

Reynolds, Erik, Dawn, Cochran and Philip are in purple. In orange, Eddie, Malcolm, Sherri, Andrea and Brenda. Erik has the lead over Malcolm. Erik digs a trench to do through the rice. Malcolm is digging up all of the bags for his teammates. The teams have different strategies. Malcolm is about to be lapped by Reynolds. Reynolds starts to dig for bags. Reynolds has all of the bags uncovered and leaves. Malcolm is still digging.

Malcolm has all the bags. Dawn is almost through with Dawn. Purple has 3 people on the matt. Andrea comes over. Orange has 2. Sherri is very slow. Purple has got 4. Sherri cost her team a lot of time. Orange is 1.5 players behind. Orange has got 3. Brenda is on the course. Purple is untying the bags. Purple has one ball in. And another. They have 4 balls in. And another, followed by 2 others. Eddie is through the rice. Purple has 10 balls. Purple wins. Orange didn’t have time to take out their balls.

The winning team enjoys their food.

Apparently protein is important in one’s diet. And this is a sort of energy I needed to go into challenges and continue being the challenge monster that I think that I’ve proven myself to be.

Dawn is really happy about the shower and soap. Instead of washing off in the shower, Philip plunges into the pool and washes off there. It’s disgusting. Erik is really annoyed.

Dawn is exhausted. She hasn’t slept much and she’s paranoid about being blindsided. She’s paranoid that Andrea will target her. Philip thinks that Dawn needs to go because she’s going crazy.

How Dawn is so confident that she’s the person that will be at the receiving end of this vote is baffling to me, and it’s making me suspicious of Dawn quite frankly.

Andrea tells Philip that Dawn is losing it. He agrees that she’s out of control.

She’s living in a world of total paranoia.
Philip about Dawn

I feel unstable.

Dawn continues to cry.

I cry more than a baby.

We had one that flew over the cuckoo’s nest this game, Brandon Hantz, he’s gone. But it looks like there’s another hummingbird zipping over the cuckoo’s nest, and its name is Dawn.

The next day, Dawn slept the whole night. She feels better.

After my meltdown tornado, I felt like myself.

SRUs wants Reynolds out first. It was between Reynolds and Malcolm. They will throw 4 votes towards Reynolds and 3 towards Malcolm, just in case they have another idol.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race across a platform, jump into the ocean, and swim under the platform, grab a ring and move on to the final round. Jeff warns them that the challenge will be exhausting. Reynolds, Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and Sherri are in the first heat. Reynolds is the lead, followed by Dawn. Andrea is 3rd. Reynolds is in the lead. Andrea is second. They move on.

Philip decides not to participate in the challenge because there was an incident when he was a boy. It’s Brenda, Malcolm, Eddie, and Erik facing off. Malcolm is in the lead. Everyone is in this. Malcolm is in the lead and he moves on. Eddie didn’t put his ring on the post. Brenda moves on. That was a stupid mistake by Eddie.

It’s the final round. They have 5 rings to move. It’s Reynolds, Andrea, Brenda and Malcolm. Malcolm and Reynolds are in the lead. The second time they are still close together. Reynolds has a slight lead for the third ring. Reynolds has a lead. There’s one ring left. Reynolds is first. He wins immunity. The women weren’t close. Malcolm was exhausted.

Malcolm should play the idol and have his alliance vote for Andrea or something like that. Or even Philip. That would be very interesting. Of course, they won’t actually do this.

Philip tells Andrea that they will split the vote between Eddie and Malcolm. Instead of strategizing, Malcolm, Eddie and Reynolds start looking for another idol. Andrea has the same idea. Instead, their alliance is just sitting around. Only Dawn and Andrea go look. Malcolm finds another idol. Holy shit. That’s incredible. Is it another idol or the same one?

Andrea tells her alliance that they will vote the same way.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff brings in the juror, Michael. The smart play would be if Malcolm and his buddies vote for Philip. If there is a tie and a revote, then other people might vote for Philip over Eddie. Philip explains why he sat out the challenge. Malcolm pulls out his other idol and gives it to Eddie. Holy shit! Everyone is freaking out. Cochran is speaking to Erik. Philip whispers “Andrea” to Brenda, she nods. and passes it on.

Except the three amigos.

I’m the fainting sheep.

Malcolm states that the three of them are voting for Philip.

Philip is the fun sponge, he sucks it all out of the group.

The SRUs alliance is still scrambling. I’m not sure that Dawn knows what to do. Philip tells them that they should vote the way that they had planned.

Voting plans are changing, which is extremely rare at tribal council.

Erik mentions that the three amigos might not play the idols.

Votes to Evict
Philip Malcolm
Brenda Eddie
Dawn Eddie
Cochran Malcolm
Andrea Eddie
Erik Phillip and he spells it Fillup
Sherri Eddie
Malcolm Philip
Eddie Philip and he spells it Phillup
Reynolds Philip

Eddie and Malcolm play the idols. The vote is split 2-4-4 (Malcolm, Eddie, Philip) and Philip goes home by a 4-0-0 vote because the votes cast for Malcolm and Eddie don’t count.

* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest S26E10 (CBS)”

  1. I’m watching the beginning of the next episode now. Brenda is crying. boo hoo! The game changed. I don’t know what to do.

    I haven’t read your recap on this episode yet, the one where Philip was voted off. That was one crazy tribal. Ok, gotta go. The new episode is coming back on is a few seconds!

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