Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Come Over to the Dark Side S26E11 (CBS)

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That was a great move by Malcolm last week. It couldn’t have been better planned. He saves all members of his alliance and gets rid of the leader of the other alliance. Now, the alliances can change once again. Erik, the flip-flopper, was the only one who changed his vote and didn’t vote like his alliance, but the Survivors expected this from him.

Malcolm’s plan was to fracture the Stealth R Us alliance and see what will happen next. Maybe one of the other members of Stealth R Us will join the Three Amigos.

The tribe had a rough night.

I’ve participated and certainly viewed hundreds of tribal councils. Never before have I seen anything quite like what happened at tribal council. It left me breathless, it left me terrified.

Brenda starts to cry. She’s terrified of losing control of the game. They get tree mail and $500 for the Survivor auction. Malcolm says that he can’t spend any money on food, just on something that will give him an edge in the game, considering his position.

The Survivor auction starts, and for $20, there is a beer and some peanuts up for grabs. Malcolm immediately bets and wins the auction before the others can react. He gets two more beers and some pretzels as well. He chugs a beer right away.

Reynolds gets the next item for $180. He has to choose between 3 different covered items. Cochran tells him that he should switch. Reynolds doesn’t listen and sticks with his initial choice. He paid $180 for a slice of pizza. One of the other dishes held the rest of the pizza. Sherri bets $500 and gets it. The next one is a roasted chicken. Dawn bets $500. Malcolm bets $480 on the next item, which is supposed to be some info on the game. No one bets on it. Holy shit, what a bunch of idiots. He looks at the clue. It’s naturally a clue to another hidden immunity idol. He has 60 seconds to read it. It’s buried. The next item remains covered and Andrea gets it for $280. Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and red wine. If she gives it up, she can get rice and beans for the tribe. Andrea gives it up. The next item is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Cochran gets it for $340.

Brenda gets the next one for $300. She gets pig brain. She doesn’t cry and even tries it. She takes it back. The next items are letters from their loved ones. Malcolm, Sherri, and Dawn can’t get them because they don’t have any money left. Dawn immediately starts to cry.

The next item remains covered. Eddie gets it for $200. The item will be shared by everyone. It’s a giant jar of peanut butter. That’s a good reward. They have 60 seconds to scarf it down.

-Cochran, how often does that happen?
-More often than you think.
Jeff and Cochran, after Sherri fed him some peanut butter on a finger.

Brenda is crying again. Cochran is also tearing up.

I’ve been trying hard to play this emotionless game this time. So just be this calm, cool, collected game ‘bot. Part of me is a little bit happy that I’m a person who values family and love and I guess the things that are really important.

Reynolds starts talking to Sherri. He wants her to join the Three Amigos. She’s ready, if they’ve got something planned. If they can get an immunity necklace and a hidden immunity idol, they can do the same thing again. Or pretty much, unless the alliance remains together.

Malcolm tells Reynolds to deal with Erik, he’ll deal with Sherri. Reynolds wants to knock out Cochran for some reason. That night, Malcolm goes idol hunting. Andrea is looking for him. He finds the spot very quickly. Cochran and Andrea arrive. Andrea decides to just sit there. I don’t know why Malcolm stopped digging. He should just continue. It makes no sense since if they know, it won’t change the strategy. It’s kind of a Mexican standoff. Malcolm says that he wasted his money.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will hold onto a rope that is connected to a rod. At regular intervals, they will lower the weight. The last person standing will win immunity. Cochran reads his clue. At any point, he can put up his hands two knots. Eddie isn’t worried. They have to use one hand to hold the rope. After 10 minutes, Cochran uses his advantage. That was a smart move. This restarts him while the others have to bear the full weight. After 25 minutes, they are onto the last knot. Brenda is the first one out. Erik is next. Dawn struggles. Everyone has no knots left. Sherri is immediately out. Cochran has still got some knots left. Malcolm stumbles and is out. Andrea is out. Dawn makes a lot of noise but is out. That comes as no surprise. It’s between Reynolds, Eddie, and Cochran. Reynolds is out. Eddie starts to slip and he’s out. Cochran wins immunity. It’s not looking good for the Three Amigos.

Malcolm tells his compadres that they need to make the others think that they are playing the idol. His plan will only work if the favorites split the vote. Sherri tells Malcolm that she will vote with them, but in her VT she’s not sure anymore. Malcolm tells Sherri that they will vote for Andrea. Erik and Reynolds are talking. He’s playing both sides. In the favorites’ camp, the girls will vote for Reynolds, the boys will vote for Malcolm. Cochran says that they should vote in a block against one person. If the Three Amigos don’t have an idol, then it could be disastrous if the split goes wrong. Cochran thinks that Erik flipped the vote and if he does it again, it could be problematic.

Sherri thinks that she’s got the power in the game. She’s just a tool.

It’s time for tribal council. Reynolds says that it’s no longer split 6-3. Andrea says that anyone voting with the Three Amigos, will doom their game. Sherri says that she’s at the bottom of the alliance, so she might do better elsewhere. Andrea thinks that Malcolm has the hidden idol. Cochran explains how splitting the vote might be problematic if anyone votes with the Three Amigos this time again.

I really hope that you don’t have the idol, because voting you off would be so delicious, it would be indescribably delicious.

Votes to Evict

Erik Malcolm
Brenda Reynolds
Dawn Reynolds
Andrea Malcolm
Cochran Malcolm
Sherri Reynolds
Eddie Andrea
Malcolm Andrea
Reynolds Andrea

Malcolm doesn’t have the idol and he doesn’t play anything. That surprises some of the favorites. The vote goes 3-3-3 (Reynolds, Malcolm, Andrea). It’s a three way tie. Holy shit. They will revote. Malcolm, Andrea, and Reynolds won’t vote. Malcolm is going home.

Erik Malcolm
Brenda Malcolm
Dawn Malcolm
Cochran Malcolm
Sherri Malcolm
Eddie Malcolm

Malcolm is evicted. Well, he should have gotten the idol instead of pussyfooting around because of Andrea. He should have told this alliance and gone digging together.

* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Come Over to the Dark Side S26E11 (CBS)”

  1. What you said about Malcolm is true. So what if Andrea was sitting there? I didn’t understand why he didn’t even try. Your idea would have been a solution. Instead, he did nothing. Even when he said it was a mistake and that it could cost him a million dollars.

    I wonder which Survivor will win the popularity vote at the end and get $100,000. No one has stood out this time. I’d give it to Cochran because I think it’s great he’s won two immunities so far and it’s something he never thought he’d experience. I have no idea who will win the game.

    1. Cochran is a nice character, and I wish him the best, but he hasn’t made any moves at all in this season. Most of the players haven’t. In the end, it’s a popularity contest. It also depends on who the jurors hate the least.

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