Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites The Beginning of the End S26E12 (CBS)

Malcolm went home. Reynolds is happy he’s still in the game. He thinks he can win immunity challenges in a row. Cochran wants to take control of the game. The next day, they get tree mail and it’s about immunity. Erik wants Reynolds gone because he’s a threat.

For today’s immunity challenge, they will balance on a triangular platform on the water. At regular intervals, they will move their feet upwards. The winner also gets information about the game.

Jeff pulls out a plate filled with donuts and a glass of milk for the ones who abandon. Erik and Eddie step out of the challenge. That’s stupid. After they move, Jeff offers up three hotdogs. Cochran didn’t think he would have been able to last much longer. Reynolds falters but is back on. After 30 minutes, everyone is still in it. They move up to the top of the platform. Dawn is off. Sherri is shaking a lot and she’s off. It’s between Andrea, Brenda and Reynolds. Reynolds falters again, but recovers. Reynolds does it again. He’s still on. Reynolds is finally out. Brenda is smiling. It’s between her and Andrea. They decide to stay on. It’s been 3 hours. The girls are still on it. They decide to lift up their left leg as part of the last part of their own immunity challenge. Brenda is off. Andrea wins immunity and reward.

Andrea promised to share the reward with Brenda. It’s a clue to the hidden immunity alliance. Andrea told her whole alliance, and they go looking for it together. Erik finds it.

I come from a family of diggers

Erik hands the idol over to Andrea immediately. Cochran thinks this is a stupid move. Andrea is contemplating blindsides. Andrea thinks that Brenda is a serious threat and that she needs to go. Cochran thinks that this is a good move because Brenda is one of the more capable players. She could easily win challenges. However, he thinks that the game is all about timing. Andrea starts talking with Dawn. They talk about getting rid of Brenda.

The biggest obstacle out here has been my mind.

It’s time for tribal. Cochran says that making a move is always about timing, and making the move the second before a move is going to be made.

Your paranoia comes because you know that you’re not trustworthy.
Jeff Probst

Votes to Evict

Andrea Reynolds
Brenda Reynolds
Cochran Eddie
Dawn Reynolds
Erik Eddie
Sherri Reynolds
Eddie Sherri
Reynolds Erik

The votes are all over the place. Reynolds is voted out by a 4-2-1-1 vote (Reynolds, Eddie, Erik, Sherri).

We’re down to one amigo left.

Andrea is happy that Reynolds went home. Andrea wants to blindside someone in her alliance. She’s talking about getting rid of Dawn or Brenda. She’s talking it over with Cochran. Andrea wants to get rid of Brenda. Dawn, Brenda, and Cochran are talking. They think that Reynolds should go. Cochran says that Andrea will vote off either Dawn or Brenda. Brenda now wants Andrea out of the game. The problem is the idol. Brenda wants to marshall everyone’s vote to get rid of Andrea.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. It looks like a big one. They will push a buoy through a series of obstacles to a post holding a key, which unlocks a chest holding ladder rungs. They will need to assemble it and raise their flag. Erik is in the early lead. Sherri is falling behind quickly. Erik is out of the water first. He’s got to untie some knots. Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, and Andrea are through. Erik is through first, followed by Andrea. Eddie and Brenda follow. Dawn arrives at the ladders. Sherri and Cochran follow. Andrea is in the lead. Brenda has got 3. Erik has got 2. Sherri is struggling again. Erik has 3 and another. Andrea hasn’t got one. Erik is flying through it. He’s got 6. Erik has got them all and he wins immunity.

A lot of the survivors have got Adidas shoes. I wonder if they were sponsored. Andrea tells Dawn that Brenda needs to go home. Andrea tells Eddie that it’s Brenda.

After Andrea has another talk with Cochran about Eddie, Cochran realizes that she has been planning on taking Eddie to the finals all along. He shares this insight with Dawn and Brenda before tribal.

I want to be part of everybody’s plan, and if I’m not part of yours Andrea, then you’re not part of mine.

Cochran thinks that they should split the vote between Andrea and Cochran so that in case she plays the idol, Eddie will be going. He tells Erik. Andrea tells Erik that Brenda is going home. She also tells him that she wants him to go the finals. Erik is thinking about doing something with his vote. He feels in control of the game.

It’s time for tribal. Reynolds is sporting a nice 3 Amigos mustache. Andrea blurts out that she has the hidden immunity idol. Cochran mentions that she can play it until the final five.

Votes to Evict

Andrea Brenda
Brenda Andrea
Cochran Eddie
Dawn Eddie
Erik Andrea
Sherri Andrea
Eddie Brenda

Andrea doesn’t play the idol. Andrea is voted out by a 3-2-2 vote (Andrea, Brenda, Eddie). Andrea can’t believe that she was voted out. Outplayed, that’s the short of it. It’s the stupidest thing, having an idol and being evicted and not having played it.

5 Responses to “Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites The Beginning of the End S26E12 (CBS)”

  1. 1 mikidemillion May 8, 2013 at 12:28

    I can’t believe we’re at the end already! I have no idea who will win. I hope it’s not Brenda. She was such a snot the last time she played. Don’t want someone like that winning. I would love for Cochran to go all of the way but I don’t know if he can pull it off.

    I’m glad they tossed Andrea out of there.

    We’ll see what happens tomorrow…

  2. 2 mikidemillion May 8, 2013 at 12:32

    I have to mention this – unrelated to Survivor. I have Dancing With the Stars on in the background and there’s a 16 yr. old girl from the Disney Channel who’s on the version I’m watching. They’re handing out dance styles for them to compete next week and one of the dance styles is Disco. The 16 yr. old said, “Disco? What is Disco? I’ve never heard of that.”

    I feel old…

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