Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Don’t Say Anything About My Mom S26E13 (CBS)

Eddie feels like he’s a sitting duck unless he wins immunity. He tells Cochran that if he wins immunity, he thinks that his alliance will vote to evict him. That makes Cochran wonder.

At the same time, Dawn is talking to Brenda. They think that they will vote for Cochran if Eddie wins immunity. They have Erik with them and talk about going to the final three. They decide on Cochran. Erik has played Survivor for 70 days. He says that today was one of the hardest days.

I feel like I’m in prison right now.

He’s miserable.

This is the most beautiful prison I have ever been in.

So basically, this means that Erik has been to prison. He wants to climb a coconut tree to get the coconuts, who have been secretly laughing at him all this time. He’s starving. The women are waiting for him. He didn’t manage to get any coconuts. It’s a bit too high.

In tree mail, they get a Sprint smartphone. Dawn starts bawling. They are playing for video letters from home.

I don’t know why God gave me the opportunity to be your father, but I’ll take it.
Eddie’s dad

They go to the reward challenge. The loved ones arrive and everyone cries. Then everyone is ecstatic. They will be competing with their loved ones. They will be swirling around unscrewing rails. Once they have finished, they will be tossing bolos at some other rails. The winning pair will go back to camp with their loved one onto a floating backyard BBQ. Erik and his brother are the favorites in my book. They are the fittest pair. Brenda and her dad are close behind. Cochran and his mom are last. Brenda and her dad are in the lead. Erik and his bro are close behind. They are working on their 3rd rail. They are matched well. Erik and his brother start tossing bolos. Erik/Richard get one. Brenda gets one. Sherri/Jared get one. Dave/Dawn have one. Ed/Eddie have one. Jared has a second. Brenda has another. Dave has a second. Raymond tosses it and scores. Brenda/Raymond win.

You try daddy.

Brenda chooses Dawn to join them. Jeff hands Brenda another smartphone. On it, she sees a message. The second loved ones are here too. Sherri is on her knees. Brenda can choose one other survivor and their loved one, or she can give up her loved one and Dawn’s loved one. Then, the other four survivors will get both of their loved ones for the BBQ. Brenda gives it to the rest of the survivors. That’s amazing. Dawn is bawling again.

My dad’s a neurologist, a bookish kind of guy. He’s wearing sunglasses all of a sudden, and working the grill like an old pro. I think he was putting up kind of an act to look like a cool dude when he’s anything but. I mean, he’s basically me in 40 years.

Erik gives Brenda and Dawn the love sign from the pontoon.

It makes me want to spit.

Dawn is breaking down and bawling. This is getting old.

This is a game-winning move.
Cochran about Brenda

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be standing on a ledge over water while holding onto a handle tied to a rope on their backs. The rope is connected to a winch. Every time Jeff cranks it, it brings them closer to the water.

Brenda has got the best balance of the group. She’s demonstrated this before. I think she’s got a good chance of winning. The others might be complacent because of the reward they just had. After 15 minutes, Cochran starts to slip. He falls into the water. He’s out. After 25 minutes, Eddie struggles and falls into the water. Erik drops out. Sherri is about to drop. It’s between Dawn and Brenda. Brenda doesn’t go for Dawn’s deal. It would be stupid to abandon the challenge at this point of the game. Brenda cannot hold on and falls into the water. It was really close. I didn’t think that Dawn would win it. It looks like Brenda dropped out. She didn’t seem to be struggling that much.

Later Brenda explains that she gave up immunity for Dawn. It was a strategic move on her part. Hopefully, she won’t get voted out because of this.

Brenda think that the vote will be straightforward. However, Cochran is thinking that Brenda should go. It would be more beneficial for his game. He starts talking with Sherri. Sherri already knows that blindsiding Brenda is what he would like to see. Cochran talks with Dawn. She’s aware of Brenda’s threat to her gameplay. Dawn is worried that in the end, Cochran will outplay her.

Brenda tells that because it was Dawn, it was OK to drop off. Cochran talks about long-term strategy versus short-term gratification.

Votes to Evict

Dawn Brenda
Cochran Brenda
Sherri Brenda
Brenda Eddie
Eddie Erik
Erik Eddie

Brenda is voted out by a 3-2-1 (Brenda, Eddie, Erik) vote.

I was honest with you guys. I was genuine with you guys. It hurts.

Brenda is crying during her VT.

It just hurts so much right now.

Dawn is bawling again. This is getting really old.





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