Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Finale Last Push & Reunion S26E14-15 (CBS)

Back on the way to camp, Erik isn’t feeling well. He started to feel like this during tribal. Jeff arrives with the doctor. Erik had fainting or dizzy spells. He gets an IV. The docs are concerned that he’s entered a starvation state and that his body can’t compensate anymore. His blood pressure is too low. The doc pulls Erik out of the game.

Back at camp, Cochran is already thinking of the game. He has to get close to Eddie because he will most likely win immunity next. They are talking about voting off Dawn.

They get tree mail the next day. It talks about a reward, Dawn immediately starts crying. This is getting very old.

I’ll be so relieved to get my brain back.

For the reward challenge, they will steady a balancing board while simultaneously building a house of cards. The first person to build their house high enough wins reward, which is an advantage for the final immunity challenge.

The challenge is on. The line is quite high. Cochran and Sherri are going pretty fast. Cochran’s tower collapses. Dawn is coming up. Sherri’s collapses. Dawn is in the lead, followed by Eddie. Cochran’s small tower falls down. Dawn is very close but her stack collapses. Eddie is in the lead. Eddie’s collapses. Everyone has started over. Sherri is in the lead. Cochran drops his stack again. Dawn and Eddie are trying to catch up on Sherri. Sherri loses half her stack. Dawn goes down again. Eddie is in the lead with Cochran. Eddie is close but half his stack collapses. It;s between Cochran and Sherri. Sherri collapses. Cochran is one card away. He wins. Dawn is right there to congratulate him. That took a few tries but it was good. It’s his third challenge win.

My great challenge streak, which was temporarily on hold, has come back roaring again.

I am the challenge beast.

Cochran is happy that both Dawn and Eddie didn’t get it. Sherri tells Eddie that she’d rather be sitting next to Eddie and Cochran than Dawn. She thinks that Dawn has played the sympathy card much too often with her adopted children, etc.

Dawn and Cochran are talking.

Every day, I get to see a new freakout from Dawn. Unfortunately today, she was leaning toward the catatonic breakdown.

Dawn feels like she automatically deserves a fast-pass to the finals.

The next day, they receive tree mail. They are waiting for some men on a boat. It’s the BS part of the show which I usually skip.

After that, they go to the final immunity challenge. They will race up a three story tower, untie a bag of puzzle pieces, launch themselves down a slide, and head back up to retrieve the other bags. They will use the pieces to build a fire puzzle. Cochran opens the note. He will not have to untie the puzzle bags. He can head back down immediately. That’s a good advantage.

Cochran is quite fast. Everyone else is working on the knots. He’s going for his second bag when the others are still untying their first. Cochran is coming down with his third bag and starts working on his puzzle. Eddie and Dawn are going back up for their third bag. Dawn looks exhausted. The others are all down. Sherri is still up there. Cochran hasn’t placed any pieces yet. His lead has evaporated. Dawn has her first piece on. Dawn has her second piece and her third. Sherri has her first piece. Dawn has four. Sherri has two. Cochran has his first. Cochran has 2, Sherri 3, and Dawn has 5. Eddie has none. Cochran has 5. Now he’s got 6. Now, he’s got 8. Sherri has 6. Dawn with 7. Eddie gets his first and another. Cochran is pulling ahead again. He’s got 5 pieces left. Dawn and Sherri are falling out of it. Cochran has 3 pieces left. Cochran wins immunity! This is Cochran’s third individual immunity win. Dawn is crying/bawling again. WTF. She needs some meds.

I have my, you know, pick of the litter.

A chauvinistic, 23-year-old, idiot.
Cochran on Eddie

I like dogs and I like bars.

Cochran hasn’t yet decided who is coming with him to the finals. He has already decided that Sherri is coming. He’s wondering between Dawn and Eddie.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff talks about Erik’s departure. Then, he talks about Cochran winning two challenges in a row. Dawn says that Eddie is lovable. She’s maligned everyone on the jury. Cochran doesn’t give any indications during tribal which way he’s going to vote. Eddie tells Cochran that he’s got the best chance to winning with him and Sherri.

Votes to Evict

Eddie Dawn
Dawn Eddie
Cochran Eddie
Sherri Eddie

Eddie is evicted by a 3-1 vote. Eddie is out. Hands down, Cochran is winning Survivor. There’s no competition actually. Dawn might get a few votes, but Cochran made all of the winning moves.

Back at camp, they get their Survivor breakfast the next day. They head out to the final tribal council later that night.

Dawn and Sherri’s opening statements aren’t really that interesting. Sherri reveals that she’s a business owner with 75 employees. Cochran’s is a bit more interesting.

Sherri, I don’t have a question for your.

If you fight for it, then I will vote for you
Malcolm to Dawn

I probably have a heightened level of insecurity than you.
Cochran to Malcolm

Eddie asks Sherri if she got carried to the final 3. She doesn’t think so. Eddie asks Dawn about playing a cold-hearted game, but she was always having daily mental breakdowns. Phillip rescinds Sherri’s membership of the Stealth R Us alliance. He tells Dawn that they had to deal with her breakdowns for more than a month. She made camp life disruptive. He tells Cochran that he’s a class act and that he’s a strategic player, but he never felt any malice from him.

Erik asks Dawn if she’s aware of the damage she caused by getting rid of Brenda.

You were a sea shell on the beach during this whole game.
Erik to Sherri

Sherri shushes Erik and tells him to sit down. She doesn’t need his vote. Dawn doesn’t really let Cochran answer.

If I hadn’t become your therapist, you wouldn’t still be in this game.

Reynolds thinks that Dawn is disingenuous. He asks her what she thinks about him. Dawn doesn’t really answer. She says that he’s chauvinistic, vulgar, and he’s got a good sense of humor. Cochran tells Andrea that he played the game like a chameleon. He had an adaptability and the timing of his adaptability that got him this far. Andrea doesn’t say much else. Brenda asks Cochran about why she should vote for him. Cochran says that he’s developed this sociopathic ability to separate emotion from the game. Brenda’s voice is cracking when she talks to Dawn. She mentions the loss of the retainer. She asks Dawn if she would have quit the game if she wouldn’t have gotten her teeth back. She tells Dawn to take out her teeth and show it to everyone. Dawn doesn’t want to. Dawn finally takes them out.

I wanted you to feel what I felt that day. A little bit of heartbreak.
Brenda to Dawn

Votes to Win

Mike Cochran
Phillip Cochran
Malcolm Cochran
Reynolds Cochran
Andrea Cochran
Brenda Cochran
Erik Cochran
Eddie Cochran

I’ve got Cochran winning by a majority. Cochran wins by a unanimous 8-0 vote. That wasn’t surprising.

Survivor Reunion S26E15

I don’t think I’m going to win, but I think that I’ll be able to get some new teeth.

It kind of helps that I resemble and 11-year-old.

Malcolm wins $100,000.

There is a promo for next season. It’s called Survivor: Blood Vs Water. Ok, so family members are playing against strangers.





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