Week 3 in Fitness

My third week in training started well but midway through, I had some rough nights and the lack of sleep really got to me. I managed to stay on point with the diet and go out for a single 6km run. However, I did cover a total of 25.3km thanks to brisk walks.

I tried out the scientific seven minute workout and I was impressed at ow intense it was, but after a couple of days, my wrists were hurting and I was extremely sore. I haven’t done it since last Friday because I caught a cold. I actually went on a run with the cold and felt great afterwards.

My weight is 90.1kg and I hope to drop below 90 kg this week. My recovery after running has improved a lot and I’m running somewhat faster and longer. Hopefully the trend will continue this week, as I have scheduled another run tomorrow night. I plan on going for a long run on Sunday, for at least 8-10km.

I’ve noticed the looseness of many of my usual clothes, which is nice.

6.01 km in 43:58 min at an average pace of 7:19 min/km

* * * * *


weekly km count: 25.3
monthly km count: 66.6
yearly km count: 89.3





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