Month: May 2013

  • Ultimate Ears EU Boom Bluetooth Speaker Tries to Stand out from the Crowd

    I’ve become a convert of Bluetooth speakers, because of their usefulness and their multiple functions. Granted, I probably wouldn’t have bought myself one the first time out, but after reviewing a demo unit, I was sold on the concept. Streaming media from your mobile devices is just so easy. In the beginning, there were just […]

  • HTC One Review: iPhone 5 & Galaxy S4 Get Some Serious Competition

    HTC has been criticized for years for bringing out smartphones that were too thick, something that the company even admitted themselves. This has changed in the last two years, and HTC has just released one of the best-looking Android phones I’ve come across. How will the new HTC One fare when compared with the competition? […]

  • Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Finale Last Push & Reunion S26E14-15 (CBS)

    Back on the way to camp, Erik isn’t feeling well. He started to feel like this during tribal. Jeff arrives with the doctor. Erik had fainting or dizzy spells. He gets an IV. The docs are concerned that he’s entered a starvation state and that his body can’t compensate anymore. His blood pressure is too […]

  • Week 2 in Training

    This week was pretty good, but marred by an intake of carbs that pushed my weight back up to 93kg. These included bagels and whole wheat bread with raisins and nuts from Costco. Thankfully, with enough diligence and effort, it’s currently at 90.7kg, which is the lowest I’ve weighed in a long time. In hoping […]

  • Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Don’t Say Anything About My Mom S26E13 (CBS)

    Eddie feels like he’s a sitting duck unless he wins immunity. He tells Cochran that if he wins immunity, he thinks that his alliance will vote to evict him. That makes Cochran wonder. At the same time, Dawn is talking to Brenda. They think that they will vote for Cochran if Eddie wins immunity. They […]

  • Week 1 in Fitness

    It’s taken me a long time to get back to running, but I’ve finally managed it. I’m in my second week of running and I’ve already started to see some nice gains. I’m almost 4kg down from my starting weight 2 weeks ago. I also started my low carb diet again. I’m making my own […]

  • Luminair Tree Tent: The Architects’ Treehouse

    It’s always been fun to climb trees, and I guess that it’s cool to have some sort of high perch in your garden or in the wilderness to look out from. While you won’t be dragging this unwieldy tent around anytime soon, it’s certainly an interesting way of setting up a treehouse for adults. Read […]

  • SanDisk Cruzer Orbit Runs Circles Around Other Flash Drives

    Flash drives are useful, and I always keep one on me in case I need to transfer files, but they are getting so tiny these days that they are easy to lose. I’ve probably lost about four myself, just because they were so small. This flash drive uses a simple system so that you won’t […]

  • Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites The Beginning of the End S26E12 (CBS)

    Malcolm went home. Reynolds is happy he’s still in the game. He thinks he can win immunity challenges in a row. Cochran wants to take control of the game. The next day, they get tree mail and it’s about immunity. Erik wants Reynolds gone because he’s a threat.

  • Invisiplug Power Strips Hide in Plain Sight

    So, how about that power squid under your desk? Is it big enough yet? Well, if you’ve got the same problem that I have, then maybe a more discreet power strip would help. Or maybe it won’t. Needless to say, it might blend in, depending on your actual flooring. Read more @ Technabob