Survivor Blood & Water: Blood Is Thicker Than Anything S27E01(CBS)

We’ve heard quite a bit about this season. It’s finally time for it to begin. Returning players will be matched against their loved ones. Gervase, Kat, Rupert, Laura, Colton, Candice, Monica, Tina, Tyson, Aras are starting off with their loved ones at different spots on the island. They are spending the night alone in the jungle with their loved ones.

The next morning, none of the pairs seem to have any problems finding Jeff. The players are shocked to hear that they will be split up from their loved ones. Brad Culpepper gets some death stares for saying he would like his wife to be more comfortable than himself. Jeff says that each tribe will vote someone off.

The loved ones are voting for Laura. She’s voted out. The favorites are also voting for Laura. Candice gets 3 votes. Laura has got the same amount. Candice has 5. She’s out. Jeff tells them that they are not out of the game. He says that Redemption Island is back in play this season. They will be the first competitors. Jeff offers Rupert a chance to take Laura’s place. He immediately does so. Tina is annoyed. Candice gets the same opportunity. John lets her face Rupert. WTF?

At Galang, the returning players take stock of their supplies. Animosity is high against Laura. They start work on the shelter and fire. Tyson knows how to start it. They get it started in 15 minutes. Colton is the odd duck out. Monica dislikes him. They make fake friends.

At Tadhana, they are also working hard. Brad tries to make amends about his earlier comments. Brad wants to start a guy’s alliance. John thinks that this could make problems because Brad is stepping into a leader’s position. None of the guys is really interested, except Vytas. Brad demonstrates his inferior arithmetic skills by trying to sat that 4 will rule the 9-member Tadhana tribe. They haven’t got fire, so they can’t boil any water. Ciera was a teen mom, and also has another kid. Vytas reveals that he was a drug addict as a teenager. He spent a year in jail. He’s been clean for 14 years and he’s a yoga teacher.

At Galang, Colton opens up about being gay in the South. He has a cry and a “poor me” moment. I don’t care. It won’t take long for the nasty Colton to make his comeback.

At Redemption Island, Candice is pissed at being voted off. Rupert is chilling. Candice is annoyed with him because she’s doing all of the work while Rupert is lounging in the water and taking naps. Rupert wants to conserve his strength.

The next day, the tribes get tree mail. There are a few clues about the challenge. The moms and daughters are going to square off in the puzzle making.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The favorites say they have everything. The loved ones lie and say they also have fire. Six members of each tribe will race along pontoons to untie a boat and paddle back. They will retrieve puzzle pieces. The remaining players will assemble a puzzle. The returning players have the early lead but Tadhana surges ahead by working together. Galang is dragging Gervase along, who is struggling. He can’t even swim anymore. Why did he bother coming?

The favorites don’t know how to paddle so the loved ones are still ahead. They start working on the puzzles. They have to assemble a ship’s wheel. Ciera and Katie are losing Tadhana’s lead. The favorites are in the lead and have started on the second bag. Then they work on their third. Galang wins. Gervase the weakling is trash-talking. They also get flint. They didn’t need it but the new tribe did.

Brad has to give a pep talk to his tribe. They all laugh at Gervase. Now the boys think that they are strong but they haven’t figured out who to vote out. Brad puts out Marissa’s name because she’s related to Gervase. Katie was also weak. Caleb has got no problem voting either of them out. Vytas starts blabbing to the girls about the boys club.

It’s time for tribal. They admit that they don’t have fire. Ciera is starving. John has a cry about leaving his wife on Redemption. Gervase. Is the topic because he was gloating. Katie is worried about her performance in the challenge.

Votes to Evict

Brad Marissa
Caleb Marissa
Ciera Marissa
John Marissa
Katie Marissa
Hayden Marissa
Marissa Katie
Rachel Marissa
Vytas Marissa

Marissa is voted out by a 8-1 vote (Marisa, Katie). She’s heading to Redemption Island. Jeff gives them a flint. Marissa tells Rupert and Candice that she got blindsided. Sorry, that wasn’t a blindside. You knew it was coming.

* * * * *

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5 responses to “Survivor Blood & Water: Blood Is Thicker Than Anything S27E01(CBS)”

  1. mikidemillion Avatar

    I missed most of this episode so I’m glad you’ve recapped it so well. When they showed highlights for next week, I wondered why Rupert was on Redemption Island when the loved ones had just lost and voted someone out. Now I know. And it looks as if Colton is going back to his bad self. You called it.

    I will have to find this episode and watch it online. I don’t recognize some of the returning players’ names and I have no idea who the loved ones are. I can’t even remember if Marissa is Gervace’s loved one or Tina’s. I don’t even recall the race of the loved one voted out. See? I definitely have to find this one online and watch the full episode.

    I was laughing about the guy they showed at the end who kept holding up his fingers and saying nine and showing four fingers and then saying five and showing nine fingers. I figured out he was referencing the majority vote, but it was a convoluted way of expressing it.

    I haven’t been back here since last time to say I was so happy when Cochran won last season! That was the most satisfying Survivor ever! Finally.

    See you next week! Hopefully I’ll be able to watch the entire episode next week.

  2. mikidemillion Avatar

    ha! I just over to the cbs website and found this out about Cochran:

    Can you believe it? If you don’t want to follow the link, just look up and click on the Watch tab and it’s the video in the selection (for today, anyway).

  3. mikidemillion Avatar

    Back one more time. I just watched the complete first episode. They have them now on in their entirety and not just snippets. No commercials, even (at least on my system). I’ve forgotten about the gorgeous shots of scenery Survivor is able to capture. Now all of the names make sense and I know who is who. So, Gervace’s loved one, Marissa, was voted out.

    On the highlight for the next episode, everyone is crying. After that touching replacement Rupert did for his wife, I wonder if he’s the one who is leaving the game for good. That would be a shame. Rupert lost a bit of his game the last time he played Survivor, but this time it seems he is ready to play hard (except on Redemption Island). It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

    1. range Avatar

      The episode was good, not spectacular, but good. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Culpepper is definitely somewhat of an idiot. I don’t think he’ll last long. Survivors have a tendency to vote out people who don’t really need to win.

      Rupert’s move was touching, but he weakened his position. I’m not sure he’ll pull through Redemption Island. At least he’s facing off against Marissa and Candice. Hilarious how Candice is busting her ass off at camp and Rupert is just chilling, strengthening himself.

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