Survivor Blood Vs Water: Rule in Chaos S27E02 (CBS)

Merissa arrives at Redemption Island and tells them that it was another blindside. It wasn’t. Candice tells her that she called out Culpepper and that’s why she was evicted.

At Galang, the favorites are giving themselves massages. Colton is getting miffed at their Zen attitude. The others aren’t interested in his attitude. His true personality emerges again.

We are a unit. We are unity. We are peace. We are zen. We are stupid.

At Tadhana, Culpepper is teaching some of the boys how to fish with the Hawaiian sling. The guys are running the show because the girls are in the minority. Ciera notices that Rachel and John have an alliance. She lets people know. They are heading to Redemption Island to see the duel.

Everyone arrives at Redemption. Merissa likes to rub it in and talk. No one cares. She says that she shouldn’t have been evicted. Gervase is given the opportunity to swap with his niece. He declines. They have to maneuver spools through a channel. They have to stack spools at the top of the structure, which rests on a spring that will wobble if they touch it. The first person who finishes gets to decide who gets the clue to the immunity idol. Rupert rushes and crashes. Candice gets her first. They start stacking. Candice and Rupert are tied at 7. Rupert’s stack is wobbly and it crashes. Candice is about to win. She wins. Merissa wins and just like that, Rupert is out. He didn’t last long this time. What a disappointment.

Candice gives the clue to her hubby. Candice and MerMer head back to their paltry camp.

At Tadhana, the boys talk about strategy and think that they should vote out Rachel so that Tyson switches with her. However, john would prefer to send weak players to Redemption to face Candice. John reads the clue by himself and looks for it for himself.

Is this a YMCA camping trip?

Colton starts some nasty whispers in order to get the zen out of Tadhana. It’s kind of working but then it implodes.

I can rule in chaos.

He is a gay Russell Hantz.
Aras about Colton

The rest of the tribe forms an alliance. Kat isn’t included. Laura isn’t either. It’s time for the immunity challenge. Three members of each tribe will be tied together rolling another tribe member in a barrel. They must grab bags of balls. At the end, the others have to throw the balls into targets. There is also some fishing gear as a reward. Kat sits this one out. This is going to be funny. The people in the barrels will be dizzy. Galang has a little lead. It gets smaller. Tadhana has a lead. Jayden has scored 2 balls for Tadhana. He’s got a 3rd. Galang has got 3 too. Gervase gets 4. Hayden is close behind. Gervase is ahead and they win again.

Culpepper is pissed at Gervase. The boys decide to get rid of Rachel but John argues against it. This raises doubts in his alliance. Ciera tries to see a web of deceit where there isn’t any. She starts to point it out when he goes looking for the idol. The men think that John should be evicted next because he’s going against the group.

It’s time for tribal. There’s nothing new, except that Jeff indicates why John might be worried but the others aren’t really listening.

Votes to Evict

Brad Rachel
Caleb Rachel
Ciera John
Hayden Rachel
John Rachel
Katie John
Rachel Ciera
Vytas Rachel

Rachel is voted out by a 4-2-1 vote (Rachel, John, Ciera). The previews show that Tyson does indeed take Rachel’s spot and that she rejoins the game with Galang. Colton has a fake breakdown or whatever that was. No one really cares. He’s a drama queen with no audience, which drives him crazy.

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Blood Vs Water: Rule in Chaos S27E02 (CBS)”

  1. I’m glad you made that last comment about Colton. I was just going to say that he’s the biggest bully around when he can hide in the shadows and whisper lies, but when they shine the light on him he crawls off in the corner and cries, as if he’s the one being victimized. Please, vote him off! I don’t think we can stand another season of his tantrums. At least it looks like the rest of the tribe feels the same way.

    I did see that preview of Tyson getting worked up about something. I think you called it, he’s going to switch places this week and resolve to get back into the game.

    It’s a shame that Rupert is gone, but he really didn’t do much the last time around so we’re probably not missing much. He accepted it without any regrets, so that’s the last of Rupert this season.

    1. The tantrums from an adult were a bit much. I don’t get that kind of behavior, which is usually corrected in childhood. Maybe he needs to move back in with his mommy. Bah, Rupert. He’s talked about quite a bit, but in the end, he didn’t do much or didn’t win much. Now Ozzie, he would have been fun.

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