Survivor Blood Vs Water Opening Pandora’s Box S27E03 (CBS)

So Rachel was voted out last time in hopes that Tyson would take her place on Redemption Island.

At Galang, Colton continues to be frustrated with his tribe. They have also noticed that he’s basically the same.

Colton is a poison out here.

It’s time for the duel. Tyson almost immediately realized what Tadhana is up to. He talks it over with Rachel. She tells him that he needs to stay on his tribe. Tyson calls out Culpepper for using this strategy. Merissa gets involved. It’s true that this strategy won’t do well in the long run. Colton starts to fake cry. He says that he no longer wants to be here. It’s just another cry for attention because he knows that his gig is up.

A very selfish move.
Jeff about Colton

Caleb doesn’t understand why Colton is quitting

We brought a quitter back and we got to quit again.

Colton walks out of the game. That was pathetic. For the duel, they will stack some blocks that should fall like dominos when triggered. The winner gets to decide who gets the clue to the immunity idol. Candice is close to finishing. She wins her second duel. Merissa trips her stacks and it stops. Rachel trips her stack and has to start over. Merissa tries again and fails. Rachel and Merissa are close but it’s blocked. Merissa wins second place. Rachel is going home. John gets the second clue to the idol.

Kat still doesn’t know why Colton.

All he’s doing is creating a larger target on his back.
Tyson about Culpepper

Culpepper is on damage control but he’s unaware if how the others are strategizing. John shares the clue with Culpepper. That was really stupid. The power of the idol resides in the fact that no one knows about it. John tells Culpepper that he’ll go look by himself. Brad is weary.

At Galang, the tribe gets a clue to the challenge. Both Aras and Vytas want to go up against each other.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They are going to square off, sumo style, using padded gloves. They are also playing for comfort in the form of comfort including a tarp, pillows etc. they can also trade it for some fishing gear. It’s Culpepper Vs Gervase. It was a good fight but Gervase is gone. Next, it’s Laura Vs Katie. Katie’s is gone. It’s 1-1. John Vs Aras. Aras wins. Tadhana leads 2-1. Ciera Vs Kat. Kat wins with one push. It’s tied 2-2. Hayden Vs Tyson. Tyson is gone quickly. His shoulder popped and he can’t lift it. He has to sit the challenge out. It’s Katie Vs her mom Tina. It’s a good fight but Katie loses. It’s 3-3. Aras Vs Vytas. Vytas tries to take advantage of Aras’ sportsmanship behavior but Aras won. It’s Laura Vs her daughter Ciera. Laura wins and Galang wins immunity.

There are teams of moms and grandmothers.

John thinks that it’s between Katie and Ciera. John thinks that it’s time for lazy Ciera to go home. Then, John goes looking for the idol. After he leaves, Culpepper says that they need to get rid of John ASAP because Candice is kicking ass at Redemption Island. Culpepper tells the other guys about the clue and what it says. He talks with the girls and tries to force the issue. Culpepper wants everyone to vote for John except him. Hayden, Katie, Ciera and Vytas talk about Brad’s move. They talk about getting rid of Brad. Ciera is on board. So it’s either Ciera, John or Brad.

It’s time for tribal. Culpepper has the blinds on so he isn’t that worried. Jeff talks about Candice’s move about giving her hubbie the clues.

We can’t tell the truth all of the time.

Votes to Evict

Brad John
Caleb John
Ciera John
Hayden John
John Ciera
Katie John
Vytas John

John is voted out by a 6-1 vote (John, Ciera). From the previews, it looks like Candice is royally pissed at Brad.






3 responses to “Survivor Blood Vs Water Opening Pandora’s Box S27E03 (CBS)”

  1. mikidemillion Avatar

    So glad Colton is gone! Maybe his BF will see the light and vote Colton out of his life as well. I was surprised that Colton is a two-time quitter, didn’t realize the last time he faked being sick. I thought he really had a medical emergency. Interesting that it was never mentioned by Jeff once they found out except for now when he quit again.

    The next Redemption Island competition will be the first one a loved one has to battle the person who brought them on Survivor. John will compete against his wife.

    The loved ones have a weak tribe, made weaker by that last tribal. It doesn’t matter that Brad has control of the tribe now because once there’s a merge he’ll be the first one to go. No numbers on his side because his tribe will be losing members faster than the former players’ tribe.

    1. range Avatar

      Yeah, I didn’t remember that he had faked being sick. He’s a drama queen, and the game will change now that he’s gone. That will be funny, John vs Candice. I hope Candice will smoke his ass. Brad is playing a losing game. He’s coming on too strong too early in the game. My guess is that he won’t last long.

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