Survivor Blood Vs Water One Armed Dude & Three Moms S27E04 (CBS)

John is going to face off against is wife at Redemption. That’s going to be fun. At Tadhana, the guys are happy. Brad is gloating.

It’s time for the duel. Candice gives Brad the finger.

Somebody I could hate like Brad Culpepper.

They get at it again. It’s kind of funny. They will race across a ladder bridge while maneuvering a key, which will unlock a complicated puzzle.

Merissa has the lead. John is following. John has a good start. Candice is falling behind. John has a good lead

You cut my baby I cut you.

John wins the duel. Candice has a little lead. Merissa is falling behind. Candice is second. Merissa is out. Candice tells john to give the clue to Monica, who puts the clue in the fire after Culpepper told her to.

At Galang, Monica has trouble with how they are treating Brad. She doesn’t know what he’s doing. Gervase tells her that she needs to open her eyes. At Tadhana Brad has already got his target on Caleb. The other realize that Rede,prion is turning into the Brad bashing hour.

He’s public enemy number one.

Tyson is taking a load off. He’s pretending a bit and then sneaking off with Gervase to drink coconuts in secret #coconutbandits. The others find them and then they blame the crabs.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will paddle to some crates, release them and bring them back to build a staircase. Then, they must solve a puzzle which will show them a combination to release their flag. The winning tribe also gets a reward in the form of tea and coffee supplies.

Tina and Kat are sitting this one out.

The thing is that I’m better than most if my tribe with one arm, and I want to win.

Galang is going the wrong way. Tadhana is in the lead. They’ve got their first crate. Galang has their 2nd. Brad has got Tadhana’s third. Galang has their 3rd. Tadhana has their 4th. Tadhana tips over their boat. Galang has all five. They are all working on the staircase. Ciera is facing off against her mom again. Galang is close to finishing. They’ve got it solved. They are working on their combination. Galang wins immunity and reward.

We lost to a one armed dude and three moms.

Brad tells the girls to vote for Caleb. The boys want to vote for Ciera but they all saw him talking to the girls. He says that he convinced them to vote for Caleb.

It’s time for tribal. Brad is on the offensive against Ciera. Then he’s on the defensive. He says that Caleb could be a good option because the other tribe wouldn’t be pissed off. Brad admits to campaigning against Caleb. Caleb says that he will vote for Brad. Interesting play. I wonder how it will go. Probably not the way that Caleb wants.

Votes to Evict

Brad Ciera
Caleb Brad
Ciera Brad
Hayden Ciera
Katie Brad
Vytas Ciera

It’s tied 3-3. They will revote. Brad and Ciera won’t vote. The others can only vote for Brad and Ciera.

Revote to Evict

Caleb Brad
Hayden Ciera
Katie Brad
Vytas Brad

Brad is gone. Brad is apologetic. The others are jubilant. In the previews, Monica asks Brad to take his place at the duel. It’s unclear whether he accepted. He’ll just get voted off again. The guy’s an asshole.






2 responses to “Survivor Blood Vs Water One Armed Dude & Three Moms S27E04 (CBS)”

  1. mikidemillion Avatar

    On Redemption Island, are they able to switch places with their loved one only once, before their first challenge? Then, they’re stuck.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Brad. If he does trade places with Monica, then isn’t he at risk anyway because he’ll be the first one to go at the other tribe?

    Good for Caleb for announcing he was voting off Brad, knowing the girls would go with him, and hoping one of the other guys would see the perfect opportunity to get rid of some tough competition.

    I agree with you. Brad is not a likable person so who cares if he leaves the game early? But, I wouldn’t mind if John left either. He’s a bit whipped by the wifey.

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