Survivor Blood Vs Water The Dead Can Still Talk S27E05 (CBS)

It’s going to be awkward at Redemption. Candice is very happy that Brad is there. Candice has no love lost for him. She’d be happy to see him leave.

At Tadhana, Ciera learns that Caleb didn’t plan what happened. She thinks that if he shifts his votes, the girls would have the numbers. Hayden is worried.

At Galang, Laura is giving Aras a massage. Aras isn’t phased. He’s got his core alliance and both Lauras aren’t part of it.

It’s time for the duel. Some BS between Monica and Brad. They have to take apart a crate to make a bridge. Then, they’ll take it apart again and finish a puzzle. Candice has got a small lead. John is close behind. Brad moves ahead of John. They are almost even. John finishes the bridge first. Brad is second. Candice is last. John is first. Brad wins by a hair. John gives the clue to Monica. Brad tells her to burn it again.

Tina is worried about Monica. This might lead to another blindside.

He’s not just a dumb jock, he’s a lawyer too.
Monica about Brad

Tadhana is beat up. Katie’s feet are in bad shape. Ciera is covered in mosquito bites. Some of the boys have scrapes and cuts. Vytas is sounding out Caleb because he can’t be trusted anymore due to his shifting alliances.

It’s good to be the swing vote.

Vytas is enjoying the island and the quiet. Brad spoiled it.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One member will slide down a giant slide. They will retrieve a ring and toss it. The first tribe to 5 wins. The winners also get reward in steaks and cooking supplies. They could also trade this for fishing supplies. Tadhana is up 1 pt thanks to Caleb. Tyson scores for Galang. Katie scores for Tadhana. It’s 2-1. Vytas scores for Tadhana, beating his bro. It’s 3-1. Tina scores for Galang. It’s 3-2. Caleb scores for Tadhana against Tyson. It’s 4-2. Hayden scores for Tadhana and they win immunity.

Thank you Jesus.

They choose steaks as a reward.

At Galang, Laura is talking way too much. She’s scrambling. She starts shit stirring, trying to use Kat. Kat doesn’t give a shit. Everyone is annoyed with Laura, so she might be going home. Aras tells Laura vote for Laura B.

Easy votes are often dumb votes.

Aras and Tyson want to send Laura M. to Redemption to take out Brad.

It’s time for tribal. The older players from early seasons say that the game has changed a lot. The blood Vs water twist adds another element.

I’m a big part of this tribe. I take part in the decisions.
Laura B. while everyone rolls their eyes

Votes to Evict

Aras Laura M.
Gervase Laura M.
Kat Laura M.
Laura B. Laura M.
Laura M. Laura B.
Monica Laura M.
Tina Laura M.
Tyson Laura M.

Laura M. is sent to Redemption by a 7-1 vote.

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Blood Vs Water The Dead Can Still Talk S27E05 (CBS)”

  1. I’d forgotten about Katie’s feet until I read it here. Two of her toenails fell off. If a toenail falls off, will it grow back? It sounds so strange. I was thinking the same thing when one of her tribe-mates told her, I don’t want to see it.

    So, Candice is gone. I don’t really care. Don’t care much for the hubby, either.

    I was so confused at this vote, not sure which one was Laura M. or Laura B. Now I know Laura B. is Rupert’s wife. I think her tribe treats her like dirt, and she hasn’t done anything except marry Rupert. Even when she tries to say something to make her feel like part of the tribe, the others roll their eyes. I hope she gets treated better when they either merge or change up the tribes this week. I saw in the preview that something is going to happen. Seems early for a merge, doesn’t it?

  2. Toe-nails do grow back, but it takes time. Well, it wasn’t a merge, but just a tribe swap. Ah well. Laura B sounds like an annoying woman. That’s why everyone keeps rolling their eyes. She’ll be the first to go, or they will keep her around because she’s no threat.

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