Survivor Blood Vs Water One-Man Wrecking Ball S27E06 (CBS)

It’s taken them 13 days, but Tadhana finally won an immunity challenge. It was stupid to send Laura to Redemption Island. We will see if Aras’ strategy pans out. Probably not. Unless, there’s a big puzzle in which Laura can smoke Brad’s ass.

At Galang, Annoying Laura is surprised to be back at camp. Laura M. looked Aras in the eyes and let him know that about his douchebag move. Aras realizes that he is the ringleader and he’s got no way out, yet.

Tyson talks with Gerv. He wants to take out Aras at the next tribal, before the merge, so that he can’t hook up with his brother Vytas.

I believe in magic, it’s awesome.

The power couple is me and Tyson.

It’s time for the duel at Redemption. Let’s see how pissed Laura M. is. Laura isn’t letting Ciera swap with her. They will race across a balance bean collecting bags of numbered tags. They must place the tiles in order. The first two move on. Laura has got better balance than the others. John is second. Brad is taking more time. John falls off, which lets Brad catch up. Drop is fumbling. Brad moves ahead. John falls off again. John is in last place. Laura is still in front. Laura is in her third bag. John is back in second. It’s a race for second. They are all working on the tiles. Laura wins. She had a commanding lead. Brad is catching up. John wins second. Brad is out. That’s good. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Laura gives the clue to Vytas. Vytas burns it up. No one wants the idol this season. He didn’t even think about it.

Jeff tells them that they will switch things up. They are going to draw for new tribes. Jeff gives them new covered buffs. Tyson takes the last one. Aras, Gerv and Tyson are switching over to Tadhana. Vytas and Katie are moving to Galang. Katie is playing with her mom. Vytas is the only guy on his tribe. Ciera is the only woman. Tadhana is going to be hard to beat in challenges, unless they are crap at puzzles.

At the new Tadhana, Tyson and Gerv are trying to figure out what was going on. They give up everything. They give up the clues to the immunity idol.

Stupid will be stupid.
Tyson about the new Tadhana

The new tribemates start eating the food, especially Tyson.

It’s definitely a goal to eat and steal as much as I can from this tribe.
Tyson as the #coconutbandit

You do have to do a certain amount of work or appear to be working so that people don’t paint you as the lazy guy.

I’m gonna hit all that food like a one-man wrecking ball.

Tina is pretty happy about having Katie in her tribe.

I’ve been playing water and now I can play blood.

When you have an alliance, don’t over-strategize. All that does is put heat on your back. You want to learn how to play Survivor? Shut it.
Kat on Monica’s game-playing

Tyson is trying to make it look like Aras is rocking the boat, and making him look like a douche.

Vytas opens up as part of his strategy to stay in the tribe. The women have obviously bonded and he’s the odd man out.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One pair from each tribe will race out to a cage at the bottom of the ocean. They will dive down, open the cage, and retrieve three fish cages. Once they’ve got all three, they can assemble a puzzle. They are playing for picnic food as well as immunity.

Gerv is actually swimming. The women forgot the fish trap. They come back all the way to the beach. Caleb and Tyson come in with the second one. Galang has their second gate. Hayden and Ciera have their third.

Tina and Monica are gaining on Tyson and Aras. The women think they have it, but they don’t. They think that they have it again, but they don’t. The men finish the puzzle and win immunity as well as reward. Galang is heading to tribal.

Vytas bites his tongue and doesn’t share his frustration with Tina and Laura’s performance at the challenge. There’s nothing he can do but get voted out by the women. Kat wants to get rid of Vytas, but Monica is doing her head in with her constant strategizing. Tina goes around and tells Monica. Vytas is right there when they talk about Kat. Monica is miffed.

I need to do what’s best for Monica.

Monica goes to talk with Kat. Kat lies and tries to dig herself out of a hole.

Do unto others before they do unto you.

Monica is trying to get the votes to get Kat out.

It’s time for tribal. Kat and Monica get into it. It’s kind of boring. Kat, as usual, has dug herself into a pitiful hole, confiding into Tina. Vytas makes an argument to get rid of Kat, because of her untrustworthiness. Kat is pleading, Vytas sees a glimmer of hope. Kat is about to cry. She always does stuff like that in Survivor.

Votes to Evict

Kat                  Vytas spelled Vetus
Katie               Kat
Laura              Kat
Monica            Kat
Tina                Kat
Vytas               Kat

Kat is voted out by a 5-1 vote. Kat has a little cry. Vytas breathes a sigh of relief.

On a scale of coolness of 1 to 10, I just got a negative 2.

* * * * *

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5 thoughts on “Survivor Blood Vs Water One-Man Wrecking Ball S27E06 (CBS)”

  1. I missed the Redemption Island part of this episode. Walked in the door just as they were switching up the tribes.

    I’m not a fan of Tyson, but at least he’s somewhat entertaining with his antics this season. It might get old soon, though.

    I was also surprised that Gervais (don’t know the spelling) not only went into the water, but that he swam as well. He came prepared this time around.

    I like that Tina told Monica what Kat said. Interesting that Kat lied to her face about it. That would be a big warning sign to get rid of her as soon as possible. Can’t build any trust on that. I’m glad they tossed Kat. She’s annoying.

    It’s too early, but I don’t a big favorite yet to win this thing. The format is strange now with so many puzzles taking up so much time on the episodes. First on Redemption Island then on the Immunity Challenges. There has to be something more exciting they can come up with than putting together a puzzle or untying a knot.

    1. Tyson isn’t that nice of a person, but he’s a good player. He exploits weaknesses and plays the game hard. I think Gervase did prepare, but he’s lacking cardio training, which was apparent earlier this season. Kat has always been annoying. She’s never been a good player. I agree that the format is a bit odd. It makes you think that it should be a 90 min show instead of 45. It’s also funny how no one has really gone out to find the immunity idol yet, which is stupid.

    1. Yes, busy. But I did just post last week’s episode and I will do this week’s today. It’s going as predicted, but ep 8 will be interesting. The merge and someone from Redemption is coming back.

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