Survivor Blood Vs Water The Dead Can Still Talk S27E05 (CBS)

It’s going to be awkward at Redemption. Candice is very happy that Brad is there. Candice has no love lost for him. She’d be happy to see him leave.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water One Armed Dude & Three Moms S27E04 (CBS)

John is going to face off against is wife at Redemption. That’s going to be fun. At Tadhana, the guys are happy. Brad is gloating.

It’s time for the duel. Candice gives Brad the finger.

Somebody I could hate like Brad Culpepper.

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Ark Nova: The Inflatable Building That Fits in Your Pocket (Not!)

Inflatable buildings are definitely an interesting way of creating temporary structures, like for concerts, weddings, etc. This particular blow-up building concept has been in the works for at least a year and it looks pretty impressive.

ark nova 1 620x386

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Ducati 899 Panigale Motorcycle: In the Sock-Blowing-Away Business

There’s something awesome about a crotch rocket that will beat most supercars. Ducatis are no exception, and the new 899 will not only blow your socks off, but other parts of your clothing as well.

ducati 899 panigale motorcycle 620x464

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Nissan Robot Car Acquires License: Skynet Is Just Around The Corner

Nissan seems keen to give Google a run for their money in the autonomous vehicle technology category, and the Japanese giant is working hard at creating functional robot vehicles for 2020 and beyond.

nissan robot car 620x413

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SOOT Electropack: Never Run out of Juice

Having lots of devices can be fun, but it’s a pain when you run out of juice. I’ve had to scramble to find a power plug more than once, and the external battery that I have usually doesn’t last that long. Lugging around a large battery in your backpack makes sense if you’re heading outdoors.

soot electropack battery backpack commuter 620x465

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Opening Pandora’s Box S27E03 (CBS)

So Rachel was voted out last time in hopes that Tyson would take her place on Redemption Island.

At Galang, Colton continues to be frustrated with his tribe. They have also noticed that he’s basically the same.

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