Survivor Blood Vs Water My Brother’s Keeper S27E09 (CBS)

As soon as they get back to camp, the arguments start. Tina is pissed off. Tyson doesn’t care. Tina tells Katie that she needs her own game plan.

If everyone played the game like you do, I would win 100% of the time.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will take part in a food eating contest. The first five have to eat 40 mealworms. Tyson is the first one through. Monica is next. Vytas moves on after spitting them up and eating them all up. Ciera gives up. Hayden is though. Gervase is though. Tina is out. Caleb moves on. Next up, it’s pig intestines.

-How were they prepared?
Tyson and Jeff about the pig intestines

Monica moves on. Gervase moves on. Vytas was close. They have to eat two grubs. Monica wins immunity. The new tribe’s name is Kasama. Laura says that the plan is to send 4 votes Vytas’ way, and Katie gets 3. Hayden tells vita that it’s either him or Katie that will be going home tonight. Monica is nervous because she sees people scrambling. Vytas is trying hard to stay. The main concern is that if the girls wise up, they could form an all-girl alliance. Tyson wants Katie gone.

Tribal gets a bit nasty between Vytas and Monica, but ultimately he’s on a sinking ship, so there’s not much he can do, unless they decide to vote off Katie.

Votes to Evict

Caleb Vytas
Monica Vytas
Tina Vytas
Katie Vytas
Gervase Vytas
Tyson Vytas
Ciera Katie
Laura Vytas
Hayden Vytas
Vytas Tyson

Vytas is voted out by a 8-1-1 vote (Vytas, Tyson, Katie).

Monica switched her vote to Vytas because of the way that he attacked her in the last tribal. She’s boasting about this, but Gervase isn’t happy. He’s annoyed. He wants her gone.

Vytas joins his brother Aras at Redemption.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They will balance some coins on my staff. Monica is the first one out. Ciera is close behind. Tins is out. Gervase is out. Laura is the next one out. Caleb is out. Tina is really annoying. She keeps giving advice to her daughter Katie. Tyson and Hayden drop their stacks, and Katie wins immunity.

Winning immunity feels like winning the lottery.

They don’t let Tina look for the idol. She just starts digging randomly. She gave the slip to the boys. They find her again. She’s actually at the spot where the idol was.

Tyson thinks that Monica is very paranoid, paranoid enough to spoil the plans of the alliance.

It’s time for another tribal. Tina tells Monica that she’s on the bottom. This tribal is all about Monica being at the bottom of her alliance. Tina tries hard but no one believes she has the idol.

I had babysitters all day.

I like to know what my hand looks like all of the time.

Votes to Evict

Laura Tina
Caleb Tina
Ciera Tina
Tyson Tina
Tina Tyson
Katie Monica
Gervase Tina
Monica Tina
Hayden Tina

Tina is voted out by a 7-1-1 vote (Tina, Tyson, Monica).

1 Response to “Survivor Blood Vs Water My Brother’s Keeper S27E09 (CBS)”

  1. 1 mikidemillion December 16, 2013 at 01:53

    I hate when these shows have people eating food that makes them vomit. Why do these producers think we want to watch that?

    Is this a hidden, funny innuendo?: They will balance some coins on my staff.

    ha ha. I had a good laugh at that one.

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