Survivor Blood Vs Water It’s My Night S27E14-15 (CBS)

Who actually watches these recaps?

The tribe is back and they are talking. Monica isn’t happy. Ciera wants her mom back in the game. We’ll see what happens. Tyson wants Monica and Gervase to go with him to the finals. He shows the idol to Monica and Gervase as a countermove in order to stop any dalliances with returning players. Monica wants to be on both sides, to maximize her chances of winning.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Out On a Limb S27E13 (CBS)

Katie joins her mom at Redemption. Tina isn’t sure she will be able to compete in the duel.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Rustle Feathers S27E12 (CBS)

Everyone is congratulating themselves. Hayden is scrambling because his best ally was evicted. He makes his point at camp. He says that everyone is playing for second place to Tyson. It puts a target on his back. Tyson talks to his alliance and they decide to vote for Hayden if he doesn’t win immunity. Otherwise, they vote for Katie.

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Polaris Sportsman ATV Will Never Get a Flat

If you’ve ever had a flat tire on your motorcycle, scooter, or ATV, you know how helpless you can feel. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no help coming, especially if you’re stuck somewhere without cell service. This can mean a trek back to civilization, or waiting for some help. This will never happen with this ATV.

polaris sportsman atv 620x324

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PanoPal Smartphone Stand: Take Perfect Panoramas Every Single Time

Taking panoramic photos using only your own hands can be problematic, as it’s tricky to keep steady and to turn around at just the right speed. That’s why RadiantModo Studio decided to make an accessory that will allow you to take perfect panoramas every single time.

radiantmodo panopal stand panorama 620x444

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Restoration Hardware’s Gramophone for iPad and iPhone: Retro Your iDevices

I love speakers, but I have to say that I’m impressed by some of the acoustic amplifiers that have been made for iPhones and iPads over the years. They certainly do amplify the sound, and it’s always surprising how loud the resulting sound can be. Check out this gramophone acoustic speaker, which will be a perfect contrast to your shiny new iDevice.

restoration hardware gramophone stand ipad iphone 620x604

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KANO KIT DIY Computer: A Computer So Simple, Anyone Can Assemble It

The Raspberry Pi computing platform definitely has some interesting applications. This project is no exception, because it will allow users of all ages and experience to assemble a DIY computer. A Raspberry Pi is used as the brains of the operation.

kano map kit diy computer kickstarter 620x416

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Africa’s Underwater Hotel The Manta Resort: Is That Captain Nemo out My Window?

I guess that if you’re not afraid of water, then underwater hotels can make for some fabulous sights. This new one will provide you with an amazing stay, thanks to being submerged more than 13 feet below the surface of the ocean.

manta resort africa underwater hotel designboom 620x387

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Gloves Come Off S27E11 (CBS)

I didn’t think that Ciera could vote off Laura, but she did.

I was surprised that Ciera choose water over blood.

Tyson thinks that Ciera is playing the game hard, and has been underestimated by some.
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Survivor Blood Vs Water Big Bad Wolf S27E10 (CBS)

Katie isn’t feeling that good about her prospects because it looks I like she’s the next one gone.

Laura thinks that she’s got the power in the game. That isn’t true. Ciera is giving her mom some advice. It’s a role reversal.

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