Survivor Blood Vs Water Big Bad Wolf S27E10 (CBS)

Katie isn’t feeling that good about her prospects because it looks I like she’s the next one gone.

Laura thinks that she’s got the power in the game. That isn’t true. Ciera is giving her mom some advice. It’s a role reversal.

If my mom needs to go in order for me to win the game, she needs to go because I have a better shot at wining this game.

It’s time for another duel. Aras and Vytas are facing off against Tina. They will use a grappling hook to retrieve some bags. One of the balls will be used in a ball maze. Tina is in the legal followed by Aras. Tina has got her three bags. Vytas starts getting bags. Vytas has got all three bags. Aras finally has his. Aras wipes out. Vytas and Tina are tied. Tina almost wins but has to start over. Vytas wins. Tina ets second place. Aras is out.

Aras and Vytas have a good little moment.

Vytas is giving the clue of the immunity idol to Katie. She’s the first one in a long time to keep it and not throw it into the fire. Back at camp, she reads the clue and tries to find the idol. Laura thinks that they should hide the sharp digging tools. Tyson doesn’t care and is planning his next move. Tyson tells Caleb that they will split the votes to get Laura out. Hayden isn’t sure of the move.

Ciera has to talk with her mom. She thinks that Laura has to go. They talk strategy. It’s obvious that Laura has to go so that she can go further. They’ve spent way too much time on this BS. Let’s move on. Katie leaves to search for the idol early in the morning. Laura follows her.

I’m like the big bad wolf out here.

Ciera says that she’s fine with voting out her mom, but honestly she’s not sure she’ll be able to do it.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be standing on a small tilting platform, holding onto a rope.every 5 minutes, they will let go of the rope, bit by bit. The winner also gets some burgers, sodas and fries. Hayden looks in trouble in th
beginning. He’s the first one out. Caleb is out next. Gervase is out. Ciera is gone. Katie is out. Laura is out of it. Ciera rolls her eyes at Hayden. Monica wins her second immunity. Monica wants to give up all of the food for her tribe. That’s pretty generous and a good social move.

Ciera talks with Katie about the votes. Katie says that she found the idol. Ciera doesn’t believe her and says that she’s got the idol. Ciera is just lying to see what she will do. Ciera talks it over with her mom and then tells Tyson that they should get rid of Katie. They decide to vote for Katie.

Tyson thinks that they had it until they told Ciera. He thinks they need to get rid of Laura because having a couple in the game is too dangerous. They could swing the vote by themselves.

It’s time for tribal. Aras is the first member of the jury. Caleb seems less concerned about Laura and Ciera than Katie. Laura is too loud because she knows her time is up. No one really cares.

Votes to Evict

Laura Katie
Ciera Laura
Tyson Laura
Katie Laura
Hayden Laura
Gervase Laura
Monica Laura
Caleb Laura

Laura is voted out by a 7-1 vote (Laura, Katie). Ciera voted for her mom.

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2 thoughts on “Survivor Blood Vs Water Big Bad Wolf S27E10 (CBS)”

  1. I actually thought it was interesting between Ciera and Laura. It’s a tough situation and how can one not feel hurt or resentful toward the other? Of course the tribe would take the skinny girl, new at the game, over a seasoned veteran such as her mother. Tyson and Gervase are playing it exactly right.

    1. Laura played hard, and her strength in mental challenges, like puzzles, made her a real threat. It was a smart move to take her out earlier than later.

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