Survivor Blood Vs Water Gloves Come Off S27E11 (CBS)

I didn’t think that Ciera could vote off Laura, but she did.

I was surprised that Ciera choose water over blood.

Tyson thinks that Ciera is playing the game hard, and has been underestimated by some.

Laura joins Tina and Vytas at Redemption. It’s time for the next duel. Jeff brings up the fact that Ciera had to vote her mom out. Jeez, let’s move on WTF. We don’t care. They will move four cubes through a netted tunnel. The cubes need to be assembled into a column puzzle. Vytas and Laura are in the lead. Laura wins the duel. Laura helps Tina. Tina wins. Vytas is out. Laura gives the clue to Ciera, who burns it.

This is the first time I’ve seen anyone being helped to this extent in a duel. Tyson thinks that the next few votes are the most important. Tyson tells his alliance that Katie is the most dangerous player with three sealed up jury votes. Hayden talks with Caleb. They talk about blindsiding him. Caleb talks with Katie. She’s on board. They talk with Ciera.

We can so outsmart these veterans.

Ciera says that she’s on board, but she isn’t. She goes blabbing to Tyson, who is now on his guard. Tyson says that they will have to vote for Hayden or Caleb. Tyson tells Gervase. They will vote for Caleb.

The next morning, both Caleb and Hayden know that the game is up. They could tell that Ciera didn’t go with their plan and that something is up but it’s almost too late now.

Hayden thinks that Ciera flipped on them. Katie and Hayden talk about their suspicions.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s an endurance task. They will hold onto a rope tied to a bucket. If they feel secure, they can feast on a BBQ feast. Tyson and Gervase are going to eat as well as Ciera. The buckets have 25% of their body weight in them. Katie’s bucket is dropping. She’s out. After 20 minutes, everyone wrenches their buckets back up. Caleb is out because his hands have started to bleed. Monica will win this. She’s really good at endurance tasks. Hayden is out. Monica wins her third immunity.

Back at camp, they talk about the food. Katie and Hayden don’t think they can trust Ciera. They no longer have enough votes. They decide to target Ciera by talking directly with Tyson. It works pretty well. They say that Ciera is playing both sides at the same time. It works with Tyson’s paranoia. He thinks he might have to play his idol just in case.

Meanwhile, Ciera is sleeping. Tyson talks with Gervase. One of them is lying, either Ciera or Caleb. They’re not sure which way to go.

It’s time for tribal. Hayden is all about his blisters. Jeff is a bit surprised that Ciera sat out.

I tried to enjoy the food as best I could, which was a lot.

I come into tribal hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Tyson decides to play his idol. He has to rummage through his bag.

Votes to Evict

Hayden Ciera
Caleb Ciera
Katie Ciera
Ciera Caleb
Gervase Caleb
Tyson Caleb
Monica Caleb

Caleb is voted out by a 4-3 vote (Caleb, Ciera). Tyson wasted the idol but I think he wanted to make a point.

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2 thoughts on “Survivor Blood Vs Water Gloves Come Off S27E11 (CBS)”

  1. I like that Ciera is playing the game and not blindly following someone. She wants to increase her odds and it is getting close to the end. Good for her.

    I think what Ciera said at tribal convinced Tyson and Gervase to trust her, because she said something about being truthful about what happened so she doesn’t have to lie about it. Not that – I forget exactly what she said – but it left no doubt she was with Tyson and Gervase. So, I was somewhat surprised Tyson used the Idol. But, he’s played Survivor before and knows anything can happen.

    1. I think that he tried to make a point and put the idol back into play. They suspected he had it, and it was time to get rid of it. He didn’t feel in danger, of that I’m pretty sure. It was a smart move, which he’ll probably elucidate during the final tribal council, if he makes it that far.

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