Survivor Blood Vs Water Rustle Feathers S27E12 (CBS)

Everyone is congratulating themselves. Hayden is scrambling because his best ally was evicted. He makes his point at camp. He says that everyone is playing for second place to Tyson. It puts a target on his back. Tyson talks to his alliance and they decide to vote for Hayden if he doesn’t win immunity. Otherwise, they vote for Katie.

It’s time for the duel. Caleb thinks that the tribemates screwed him over, except for Katie and Hayden. He’s talking about Tyson and Gervase.

That’s sore loser status right there.
Gervase about Caleb

They have to build a house of cards eight feet tall. Or the two with the highest stacks after 30 minutes will win. After 24 min, Laura has a commanding lead. She’s at 7 feet. She should just sit back and wait. She manages to win. With 3 minutes left, Caleb’s and Tina’s stacks are very low. Tina’s stack is unsteady. Caleb’s is crooked. It collapses. Tina is a bit of a bitch. She counts down the last few seconds. Laura gives the clue of the immunity idol to Ciera, who keeps it. Laura tells her to find the idol.

Ciera takes the clue to her alliance and they try to find it together. Katie and Hayden decide to spy on them. The clue says that the idol is in a tree, or above ground. Hayden walks right by it. Tyson wants to find it to take it out of the other tribemembers. Tyson is on the right tree, but looking up the wrong branch. He finds it. He stashes it in his crotch because he doesn’t have any pockets and decides to keep it to himself.

Hayden wants to work with Gervase to blindside Tyson. Hayden needs Ciera to get the numbers. If he does, Gervase will vote with them.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race through obstacles while balancing a ball on a pole. At the end of each obstacle, they will get another length of pole to add, making the balancing act more difficult. At the end, they will get a key. They will unlock a chest and have to knock down 9 bamboo targets. The winner will enjoy a Survivor ice cream cart back at camp. Monica is the first one through the first section, followed by Gervase and Tyson. Hayden gets through. Monica is through first again. Gervase and Tyson are right behind her. Monica is in the lead and Gervase isn’t far behind. Gervase and Monica have both released their keys. Tyson is through. Katie keeps dropping the ball on her noggin’. Gervase is in the lead. Tyson starts throwing. Gervase wins immunity.

Gervase chooses Monica for the reward. He also chooses Tyson.

I got to go with my left hand man Tyson.

Hayden takes the opportunity of them enjoying ice cream to talk with Ciera.

Part of my strategy is to make Hayden and Katie feel like they gave a glimmer of hope but I have no intention of doing anything with Hayden and Katie.

Hayden talks some more with Ciera and Gervase. They aren’t really going with what he is saying. Tyson walks in and Hayden says what he was up to.

Second place is the first loser.

It’s time for tribal. It’s all about Hayden’s opinion on Tyson. Then it’s about Ciera and her swing vote. Gervase makes a comment about how on their side, they have honest people who keep their word. That makes the jury laugh.

They are being controlled by Tyson.

You’re going on the jury believe dat.

-Ciera, it was to rustle feathers.
-It’s ruffle feathers. You said Russell feathers.
(Aras frowns, and makes a WTF face)
-Rustle, ruffle, I don’t care.
-Russell is a first name.
-Rustle, R-U-S-T-L-E, rustling leaves, you can also rustle feathers.
(Jeff laughs)
-That was the craziest conversation before a potential million-dollar-vote I have ever heard.

Vote to Evict

Hayden Monica
Katie Monica
Gervase Hay done everyone hears Gervase speaking to the camera.
Tyson Hayden
Monica Hayden
Ciera Monica

The vote is tied 3-3. Monica and Hayden aren’t voting. They are only voting for those two. The jury is all smiles.

Second Vote to Evict

Katie Monica
Gervase Hayden
Tyson Hayden
Ciera Monica

The vote is tied again. They decide on drawing rocks. Katie, Ciera, and Tyson are drawing rocks. The white rock is evicted. Katie is going to Redemption. That was a close one. It’s the second time in 27 seasons that they have had to draw rocks.

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2 thoughts on “Survivor Blood Vs Water Rustle Feathers S27E12 (CBS)”

  1. The interesting part of this tie-breaker is that the two nominated for eviction are saved and the others have take a chance.

    Can’t believe it’s been 27 seasons. I guess it sounds longer because there are two seasons of Survivor every year. Still, it’s been some time now that we’ve been watching this show.

    Remember when Jeff was dating one of the contestants, Julie? And, she was later diagnosed with cancer? I think they are no longer together and I haven’t heard anything about how Julie is doing.

    Jeff is getting old. You can tell by his greased hair, how he has to slick it back. He used to look a bit sexy but now he’s looking old. See? It happens to guys, too.

    1. lol. I haven’t really checked Jeff out in all that detail. I do like the bikinis the women wear, especially the young and fit ones. Drawing stone was definitely a milestone. I think that Tyson gambled 1 million dollars on that stone. I’ll know later if he won because the finale just aired.

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