Survivor Blood Vs Water Out On a Limb S27E13 (CBS)

Katie joins her mom at Redemption. Tina isn’t sure she will be able to compete in the duel.

Back at camp, the tribe talks it over.

Tribal council was insane.

Tyson says that you should never let the person at the bottom they are there, or it will let them do something crazy. Monica gets on Tyson’s nerves by constantly talking about strategy. He finally tells her that he’s got the idol. Now Monica feels out of the loop.

The next morning, Ciera and Hayden talk strategy. They need to find the immunity idol, win a challenge, and find a crack in the other alliance.

It’s time for the duel. They have to use sticks and ropes to make poles in order to retrieve some keys, which open some locks. All the way through, freaking Tina is giving advice to her daughter. Laura is in the lead. She’s got a key in advance of Katie. Tina is still making her pole. Laura wins. Katie drops her second key. She has to get it from the sand. Tina moves on. Katie is out. Ciera gets the clue.

Back at camp, Hayden and Ciera look for the idol. Hayden thinks that Tyson has it already.

The trust that Monica is giving us, you can’t buy it.

Monica and Gervase have a talk. She’s in their pocket. Hayden and Ciera think that they can crack Monica by saying that the other two were talking crap about her.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will dive in the water, dragging along a buoy on a rope. Once back at shore, they will have to assemble some puzzle ties. The winner will get some real food delivered to camp. Hayden and Tyson are in the lead. Ciera is at the rear. Tyson, Hayden and Monica are back at shore. Gervase is back too. Ciera comes from the rear and wins. She spelled “You are going to have to dig deep.” Ciera chooses Hayden.

At camp, Ciera is going to work hard on Monica. She tells her to vote for Gervase. It’s funny hoe Monica just takes it all in. Tyson knows something is up.

It’s time for tribal. It’s all about Monica. Ciera is still trying hard. It starts to piss Gervase off and he gets into Hayden’s face. So it’s basically true that they talked trash about her. No one is denying it anymore.

They fought hard.

Vote to Evict

Ciera Gervase
Hayden Gervase
Monica Hayden
Tyson Hayden
Gervase Hayden

Hayden is voted out by a 3-2 vote.

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5 thoughts on “Survivor Blood Vs Water Out On a Limb S27E13 (CBS)”

  1. This was another interesting mother/daughter incident. Tina kept saying how she was going to throw the competition to Katie, but when it came down to it, she had no qualms about winning it against her daughter. This one made me question Tina’s ego. I guess she was left with no choice because Katie really sucked at this challenge. Maybe there was nothing else Tina could do, so she might as well try to get back in the game and have a chance that one of them might win it.

    I don’t think Ciera had to make up things about what Tyson and Gervase were saying about Monica. They’ve been calling her crazy all along and Tyson hates Monica. One time they even considered getting rid of her. Ciera was telling Monica what was really going on behind her back.

    Monica is playing her way into third or fourth place, unless she continues to win challenges.

  2. Forgot to mention, as I said in an earlier comment, I can’t believe today, Sunday, is the finale. I have no idea who will win. I hope it’s Ciera because she’s the only one making some game-changing moves and isn’t lying to everyone’s face about it.

    She’s got the heart of a champion, but does she have the physical ability of one? I doubt she has a chance, but that would be some fantastic tv if she won it all.

    1. I think Tyson will win, if he makes it to the final. Gerv is just along for the ride. Ciera, she didn’t do that much. Tyson was the architect, he found two idols, with limited resources, maximized his strength and played hard all the way without making too many false moves. The best was the rustle feathers quote in my book. That was awesome.

  3. You called it! Tyson got it. I was happy with that. I was also surprised that Monica felt she even had a chance to win. Wonder what she’ll think when she watches the show.

    I’m happy Tyson won, and he did provide some entertainment this season. I’d forgotten about his girlfriend/wife? and how he stayed in the game when he could have taken her place at Redemption Island. At least he was able to redeem himself in her eyes by winning it all!

    See you next season. Thanks for these updates. They are fun to read and sometimes they are my only update if I miss an episode.

    1. Welcome. I enjoyed this season. I’m hoping for something new next season. The 3B situation isn’t something new, but it might be entertaining.

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