Survivor Blood Vs Water It’s My Night S27E14-15 (CBS)

Who actually watches these recaps?

The tribe is back and they are talking. Monica isn’t happy. Ciera wants her mom back in the game. We’ll see what happens. Tyson wants Monica and Gervase to go with him to the finals. He shows the idol to Monica and Gervase as a countermove in order to stop any dalliances with returning players. Monica wants to be on both sides, to maximize her chances of winning.

Hayden arrives at Redemption. He gives the moms the lowdown on what happened at Kasama. Hayden still thinks that an idol is in play.

I get to compete against two grandmas, and I like my chances.

It’s time for the final duel. They will place a foot on a balancing board. On the other side, there will be a vase. The winner is the one who will last the longest. It’s an endurance task. After 15 minutes, Laura almost drops it but it’s Hayden who’s out. Laura asks Tina if she will drop out. Tina says no and Laura drops her vase after 30 minutes.

There is some fake BS between Laura and Ciera. It’s a freaking game. Get over it. Tina elects to keep the clue to the taken immunity idol for herself. She is happy to be back in the game but as previous returns have shown, probably not for long.

Tina shows the clue to the immunity idol to Ciera. They go search. Ciera didn’t want Tina back but she’ll try to work with Monica. Tina says that the whole jury is pissed off at Monica. Ciera didn’t agree with this strategy. Ciera tries to calm things down. She tries to appeal to her ego.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will pull on a rope, leveling out an unbalanced table. They will race out collecting blocks, attempting to place them on their table. The challenge has a learning curve. Ciera, Monica and Tina have 2. Tyson and Gervase have 2. The women have 4. Tyson as well. Monica drops them all. As does Tina. Ciera is right behind. Monica and Ciera have 5. Tyson has 6. Now he has 7. Ciera has to reset. Monica has 7 as does Gervase. Tina keeps dumping them. Tyson has 9. Monica and Gervase have 8. They dump them all. Tyson wins immunity. He has a guaranteed spot in the final four.

That was an impressive win. He’s also got the idol. He talks with his alliance. Gervase thinks that Ciera should leave. Tyson will let them decide. Monica thinks that Tina should go. She could get a lot of votes. He lets Monica and Gervase talk it over. It gets kind of aggressive. Monica isn’t backing down. In her VT, she has a little cry. Gervase is a bit of an ass. It could push Monica toward Tina and Ciera.

The women talk. Monica doesn’t think that Tyson will play the idol. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who goes against Tyson. He will win.

It’s time for tribal. Tina says that she didn’t have a choice. Ciera was the only one left for her. Monica says that she found herself on the middle again. Tyson should think about using the idol, if he wants to sit in the finals with Gervase. Ciera starts saying that the boys said that Monica was their lapdog. Both Tina and Ciera say that Gervase is the villain in the game.

Arguments are continually breaking down Monica.
Monica, talking in the third person about herself

I think she’s used to talking like that. Warning sirens should have sounded for Tyson. Tyson hands the idol over to Gervase. Any votes cast

Votes to Evict

Tyson Ciera
Monica Ciera
Gervase Ciera
Tina Gervase
Ciera Gervase

Ciera is voted off by a 3-0 vote. The two votes cast for Gervase didn’t count. Tyson didn’t have to play the idol, but it was the right move. He has shown the jury that he had found both idols.

The final immunity challenge beckons on day 38. Why does Jeff Probst always look down when he shouts “Come on in guys!”? They will race through obstacles collecting puzzle bags. They need to get six, two at a time. Once they solve it, they can open a combination lock and release their flags. Monica and Gervase have two bags. Tina is bringing up the rear. Gervase has a slight lead but Monica is close and Tyson isn’t far behind. Monica is still in the lead. Tyson is right behind her. Tyson is in the lead. Gervase is behind him. Monica is right behind.

They are on the puzzle. It’s between Monica and Tyson. Tyson solves it first. He heads down the slide to count the steps. He comes back up and wins final immunity. Just when he needed it the most. While they were sprinting up the stairs, Monica cross checked Gervase. Monica is rolling her eyes when she hears Gervase talking about his strategy for the jury.

Tina is making her last play to Monica, who needs to vote for Gervase. This would tie the vote and Tina thinks she can beat Gervase at fire making.

It’s time for tribal. Monica thinks she was in pole position in the last few tribals. The jury rolls their eyes. The jury also rolls their eyes at the big move speech from Gervase.

Votes to Evict

Tyson Tina
Gervase Tina
Monica Tina
Tina Gervase

Tina was voted out by a 3-1 vote. Monica was worried that she couldn’t beat Tina in the jury votes.

The next day, the three finalists get the final breakfast. Jeez, Monica continues to talk about herself in the third person. She isn’t going to win.

It’s time for the final tribal council. Gervase starts his opening speech. It’s not that impressive. Monica is even less impressive. It’s boring. I’m not sure that Tyson’s tears are genuine when he talks about Rachel. However his speech is the best.

Vytas tells Tyson that he won’t vote for Tyson because he threatened to. He’s not impressed by either Gervase or Monica. Katie didn’t like how Tyson talked to her after they drew rocks. He apologizes to her for his statement. Caleb wants to know what Gervase’s big move were. He says that some of the big moves were from him. Monica starts to cry. I don’t care.

Everything I did was pure strategy.

Monica is so boring. Oh my God, time to move on. She keeps going on about herself in the third person.

-Tyson, did you have the idol when you drew rocks?
-Where was it?
-I found it in a bird’s nest up in the tree, one step ahead of you again.
-Perfect. (Jeff Probst)
Hayden and Tyson

Aras’ question was insightful. He asked all three who should he vote for if he couldn’t vote for the person who was asked the question.

Votes to Win

Tina Tyson
Ciera Tyson
Laura Tyson
Hayden Tyson
Katie Tyson
Caleb Tyson
Vytas Monica
Aras Tyson

Tyson wins the title of Sole Survivor by a vote of 5-1. Tyson is in tears, real ones.

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