Survivor Cagayan Hot Girl with a Grudge S28E01-02 (CBS)

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We’re back for another season of Survivor. This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen this on television, but it will be interesting to see what will happen and how long the tribes will stay distinct. There are three groups, brains, beauty and brawn.

Cliff Robinson is playing the game as part of the brawn tribe.

I don’t win, I don’t eat!

The three tribes assemble. LJ gets elected leader. Brawn elects Sarah as the leader. David is the leader for Brains.

The leaders have to decide who is the weakest of their respective groups. LJ picks Morgan. Trish gets picked. David picks Garett.

I trust cute more than I trust hot.

Jeff says that the weakest tribemates that they will go ahead to the camps and make some important decision.

Solana, Aparri, Luzon are the names of the tribes. Garrett chooses to look for the immunity idol instead of getting an extra bag of rice for his tribe. He’s in shape and a professional poker player. Trish decides to help the tribe. Morgan decides to look for the idol as well. She’s not happy with LJ for picking her.

Garrett struggles and finds the idol. Garrett also wants to get rid of his leader. Morgan is showing off her ass, which I like. She’s still looking for the idol when her tribe arrives. They find it suspicious. Morgan is an ex-NFL cheerleader. She tells them that she picked rice, shelter, and fishing over something else. LJ feels that Morgan is a hot girl with a grudge. Brice feels like this is an opportunity to get in with her. Morgan is smoking hot. Beauty has got fire, I’m impressed.

At Brawns, Trish tells them about her decision to go for the rice. Brawns is really happy, but Tony, the other cop, says that he would have gone for the idol. They start building shelter.

We have the biggest man on our tribe, he’s like 8 feet tall.
Lindsay about Cliff Robinson

Cliff says that he works in sports marketing. Woo immediately recognized Cliff but he didn’t spill the beans. Cliff is nonchalant about it, and it looks like his tribe accepts it. Tony and Sarah start on making fire.

Sarah recognized Tony as a cop, but he lies about and says that he’s in construction. Sarah says that she is a cop. Now Sarah feels uneasy about Tony. She knows he is lying and he should go next.

At Brains, Spencer says that David made a mistake by choosing Garrett, because he’s the most physical of the tribe, so he can help them win challenges. He already ostracized him. JTia is a nuclear engineer, and she’s got a plan for a shelter already. She tells everyone what to do.

Already, JTia is coming off as bossy. Kass the undefeated attorney doesn’t appreciate it either. The structure collapses as soon as they put weight on it.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will maneuver a cart through an obstacle course. At each tower, they will retrieve a key, unlock a chest and put it on the cart. Once they have collected all three chests, they must disassemble their cart, slide it through a barricade, and assemble it again. At the end, two tribemates will assemble a puzzle, which is quite large. The first two tribes will win immunity. The first tribe gets a fire-making kit. The second tribe gets flint.

Beauty is in the early lead. Brawn moves into the lead. They have a bigger lead. Brains keeps getting caught in the chain which holds the chest. Brawn is already taking their cart apart. Brawn is working well together. Beauty is also doing well. Brains is taking the longest.

Brawn is in the lead by a large amount. Brains keeps spilling their puzzle pieces all over the place. Beauty is at the end.

Whatever brains they have have clearly evaporated 72 hours into this game.
Jeff Probst

Lindsay and Sarah are doing well in the puzzle. Brawn and Beauty are working on their second section in the puzzle. Beauty wins immunity! Brawn is second. Brains is going to tribal.

It’s probably a questions of there being too many cooks in the Brains tribe. JTia is analyzing their failure. Kass and David talk about who should be going home. David is scared of Garrett because he hasn’t told them yet why he is on the Brains tribe. Kass says that JTia needs to go. Even though David says that he is looking at the long game, his immediate choice of Garrett betrays the fact that he is looking at the short game because Garrett can help them win challenges, since he’s the most physical of them all.

Kass tells JTia that she is the one she’s looking at. She tells JTia that it’s time to scramble. The other girl Tosh tells JTia that her bossiness rubbed the other tribemates the wrong way. Garrett comes up and tells them to vote for David. Garrett tells Spencer that they should vote for David. Spencer is concerned about the immunity idol. Spencer says that they should vote for JTia, because she clearly doesn’t have the idol.

It’s time for tribal council. JTia feels like she’s in the hot seat. She’s digging her own hole. JTia says that David should be the one to go. It’s pouring.

Votes to Evict

David JTia
Garrett David
JTia David
Kass JTia
Tosh David
Spencer David

David is voted out by a 4-2 vote. It was unsurprising and a blindside.

The next day, Garrett isn’t having fun.

Manual labor isn’t fun.
I want to play Survivor to outwit peopl I don’t want to play Survivor to survive in the wild.

Garrett tells Spencer that tonight they should vote off one of the girls next. Kass knows that she is the swing vote.

At Brawn, Woo and Cliff are going fishing. They tip over the boat. They use Tony to tip over the water.

Cliff has Woo.

At Beauty, people are playing dumb. Alexis is playing the sexy one. The beauty queen is talking about pooping and peeing, because she ain’t peeing. At least that’s what she says.

All of her crayons in her crayon box aren’t bright.
Brice about the teen beauty queen.

Jeremiah is drooling over Morgan. Brice thinks that he can facilitate this. They talk alliances.

At Brawn, I’m liking Lindsay’s tattoo. She’s also smoking hot. She’s having issues with Trish. Tony decides to build a spyshack so that he can spy on Cliff, Woo, Sarah, and Lindsay. Tony thinks that Cliff is the lion of the pride.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Each tribe will swim out to a large bamboo cage. They will climb into it and retrieve four crab traps. They must untie the cage doors and move the traps to shore. The tribes will then assemble a complicated fish puzzle. The winning tribe wins a large fish kit. The second tribe wins a smaller fishing kit. Cliff sits this one out. Brice sits this one out for Beauty.

JTia is the slowest swimmer. Brawn is in the lead, followed by Beauty. They start untying knots. Brawn is ready to swimming the fish traps out. Woo is good under water. Beauty is also out. Brains move into the lead. Tony has the trap stuck on his foot and he’s bleeding.

Brains starts assembling the puzzle. Beauty is still stuck back at the cage. Sarah’s finger is cut as well as Tony’s foot. Sarah is bleeding all over the puzzle. Sarah is leading the nuclear engineer. She’s got 6 in and 2 left. Now 7. JTia has got 1. Brawn wins immunity and reward. LJ has the first and second piece. JTia is panicking. Beauty is pulling away. LJ has got 6. Now 7. Beauty wins second place. Brains is going back to tribal. Garrett looks quite despondent.

That’s the Brawn tribe for ya, blood, sweat, and tears, but we get the job done.

I’m liking Sarah, she’s got a great attitude.

Tony rummages through the basket and finds a clue to an immunity idol. It’s in the pond behind camp. Tony thinks that he knows where it is. He finds it immediately. Gone are the days where tribemembers would look for the idol for days.

At Brains, it’s clear that JTia is going home. Kass agrees with Garrett. So does Spencer. Tasha has a meltdown because Garrett doesn’t want to scheme. He wants it all in the open.

Spencer thinks that Garrett screwed the game by having an open forum. Tasha tries to scramble, and talks with Kass. Tasha thinks that today is the only day that they will have the numbers. JTia tosses the rice out. It;s because they left her alone.

They discovers the rice has been tossed. Kass no longer thinks that keeping JTia is a viable option.

It’s time for tribal council. Garrett is to blame for what went down with JTia. Garrett is screwing it up for everyone. His slip of a tongue lets everyone know that Kass and Spencer are part of his alliance to get rid of JTia.

Votes to Evict

Garrett JTia
JTia Garrett
Kass Garrett
Spencer JTia
Tasha Garrett

The fact that you’re a nuclear engineer is genuinely scary.

Garrett is voted out by a 3-2 vote. It was another blindside and the idol went with Garrett. He actually left it at camp.





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