Survivor Cagayan Cops-R-Us S28E02 (CBS)

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Spencer is the odd man out at Luzon. He should have seen it coming but he didn’t. The girls are going to try and get him out next.

Me, myself, my idol and I.

Tony tells Sarah that he’s a cop.

I have a cop-dar.

We’ve got that blue-blood going.

The weather is pretty bad. It looks like a monsoon. Woo, Tony and Sarah are working on making the shelter slightly better.

This is what I envision Hell to be like.

Tony is manipulating Sarah to get her into his pocket.

At Beauty, the tribe is suffering as well. They don’t even have a fire anymore. Jefra is crying and complaining a lot. The boys are working on the shelter. The girls aren’t doing anything except looking pretty. LJ thinks that Morgan was looking for the hidden immunity idol when they first came to camp. He goes looking for it in the rain and finds it.

The tribes get treemail. The ones who win immunity will get a dryer shelter. Tasha is making Spencer and Kass practice tossing water because the clue said as much. She tells Spencer that he should want them to win, otherwise he’s going home.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will use a bucket to scoop water out of the ocean. They will work together by passing the bucket from tribemate to tribemate into a container. Once it’s full enough, they will need to use a big bering ball to solve a maze puzzle. They are playing for comfort and shelter in the form of blankets, pillows, mosquito nets, and a tarp. The second tribe gets a tarp. Brawn is sitting out Lindsay and Tony. Beauty is sitting out Jefra and Alexis.

First they need to toss the bucket, then the water. Morgan gets it in the face. Beauty is in the lead. Brain is last as usual. Beauty is pulling away. Morgan releases the ball. Brawn is behind them. JTia doesn’t pass much water to Kass. The ball releases for Brains. Brawn wins immunity. Beauty and Brains are very close. Brain pulls ahead and wins. Beauty is heading to tribal council. I think all of the Brawn tribe has got tattoos. I’m not completely certain.

Tony finds another clue in the reward kit. He hides it from everyone else. They are in better spirits.

At Beauty, it’s between Morgan and Brice, at least to LJ and his alliance. Brice talks with Jeremiah and says that they should vote for Alexis. Morgan says that they need to talk with Jefra about the vote. Morgan kind of spills the beans that the LJ alliance is not really in sync. She says that Jeremiah is basically working with two sides. Jeremiah decides to lie and says that Morgan isn’t speaking for him and that he’s not part of their vote.

Alexis says that the should split the vote to get a three-vote tie, for Morgan and Brice. The others will vote for someone else.

It’s time for tribal. Brice says that Morgan and himself are not in the main alliance. He implies that Alexis doesn’t do anything around camp.

I’m just flying around, looking pretty.

Votes to Evict

Alexis Brice
Brice Alexis
Jefra Brice
Jeremiah Morgan
LJ Morgan
Morgan Alexis

The vote is tied the first time around 2-2-2. LJ, Jefra, Jeremiah will revote.

Votes to Evict

Jefra Brice
Jeremiah Brice
LJ Brice

Brice got voted out unanimously in the second vote.





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